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this topic will get a lot of attention
Donald for president? Donidnt think much of him at first but at leeway he streams by what he says even if it's not politicaly correct. Ev...

How do you contact Ashe Park for lost items?
I'm pretty sure I have lost my car keys at Ashe Park today. Is there someone to contact?

political contributions
Should all political contributions be banned? It appears that large contributions purchase undue influence within the political process t...

The New Quality Plus Gas Station
I would have thought they would have made it at lease somewhat big truck and RV friendly. But if you can get to it there's a diesel hose ...

Then there's Huckabee
So the Huckster would use troops and the FBI to stop abortions. Where do these idiots come from? http://www.huffingtonpost.c...lp0000592 ...

Maybe Sheriff Williams could jump in on this also....

Local Trucker on the television series Gold Rush!!
Go Terry, Keep on Truckin!! https://youtu.be/-b2mKiRCExc

Southern Justice
it is back starts wed7/15/20 haaaa

shattley shooting
Nevertheless, they could have done a lot of other things to get the situation under control, rather than take his life!!! They should nev...

Wants happening with the helicopter hovering in Jefferson?

Confederate Flag..
With all the daily news articles floating around about the Confederate flag issues. I'm shocked that this board hasn't lit up with all th...

alcoholic coach
Warning all you parents who have children in sports in Ashe County!! Your children are being coached by an abusive alcoholic! Watch!! Not...

I'm back.
I overheard a conversation this morning that I am no longer here. I was gone and MIA for over a month, yes. And I do appreciate the Dog a...

Bring back crusin one night,
OK, I want everyone who loved to cruse back in the day to get up and lets do it again, Even todays teens need to do this. Lets all show t...

Guys at 221/163
Anyone know who these guys are? I heard they were collecting money but I also heard they were handing out literature or something....anyo...

Does anyone know if DVOs are a matter of public record,and if so is there a link somewhere to check on one?

planned parenthood
Here are the 41 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.per the daly sentinal Adobe American Cancer Society American Expre...

fire hoppy
Everyone should be asking for the firing of that smug arrogant pos deputy josh "to fat to run" kill em all Hopkins. He is the m...

Lansing beatin
people is a talking about some buddy a gettin beat up in lansing. What is at about?

Is there any report of an accident on 221 Saturday night involving a head on collision


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