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Ashe Memorial Hospital
Very impressed! I was recently a patient in the emergency room and the nursing staff were awesome! I can't say a bad thing about this hos...

Teacher salaries
It appears that the local teachers were targeted next and informed their salaries were going to appear in the paper and given the email a...

say no to higher tax
Say no to a Ashe county tax increase and yes to reduced spending,,,, it can be done

County Salaries
http://www.jeffersonpost.co...-2014-2015 ;

Memorial Day
Let's Remember all who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and may we never forget!

sheriffs empire is crumbling
Losing 600,000k a year. Waited to long to get those federal prisioners in. Should have listen to his opponent long time ago. But I guess ...

Boone pursing intake easements
The intake would draw as much as 4 million gallons of water per day from the South Fork New River near Todd . Here is the article from th...

Blue Ridge Bistro
Any guesses on how long before the doors close on this one?

Salvation Army
I would just like to say that the new salvation army store in town was not what I expected when I first walked in. I noticed one of the m...

The New Quality Plus Gas Station
I would have thought they would have made it at lease somewhat big truck and RV friendly. But if you can get to it there's a diesel hose ...

Wild fire?
...lots of smoke in the air along Idlewild Road( the NC 163 end)....who would dare attempt outdoor burning on a windy day like this?...an...

Whats the construction going on in the Ingles parking lot?
New business?

Unexplained light spoted
So last night I am sitting on my front porch enjoying the quite noise of living in the woods when I see this bright red light in or near ...

wsateful county spending
Fins used to ask people to list one thing they would change or do away with that would save the county money. Today I can make a suggesti...

Just another reason why people don't repesct cops.
http://boingboing.net/2015/...-to-s.html As for the judge someone should smack him in the face with the Constitution and show him the 5th...

Much needed and way over due..
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...refighters I hope the commissioners take this request serious. It is something that has been needed for yea...

Bandito Be Gone...

If I were to be in the market for some legal services (family law), whom would I contact if I wanted to make sure that they were on "...

Good For Citizens of Gaston County
http://m.wbtv.com/wbtv/db/3...t/Ff0WZtVc Worth watching how their next election goes.

Can't wait to see what they do today
Since watching the last few commission meetings I can't wait to see what stupidity oozes out today. It's been great entertainment albeit ...


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