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DSS Board

WJ has a butcher shop
I hope they do well. http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...-jefferson

Halloween Events
Are there any haunted houses or haunted trails events going on in Ashe County this month?

What has Yearick done for this county?
When he was hired, he talked about being aggressive with economic development and that he had a strategy - well where are the jobs? Where...

Ashe county manger
Can someone please tell me who the Ashe county manger is now?

Just in case some of the basement dwellers had not noticed... Now that's what's known as being helpful.

The ADHD is out of hand

What happened to Hoppy?
I understand that Hippo is no longer employed by the county. Anyone know if the decision was his or the sheriff's? Rumor is he's now work...

School Shootings
Still difficult to understand people that complain about the cost of School Resource Officers. Putting deputies in the schools was a good...

How many school nurses does the county employ?
Can anyone tell me how many nurses the county school system has on staff? And are they full time? Also, what's the number of school resou...

Burger King re-opening

Real Republican Party is Dead
We are enter dangerous times. The speaker leaving is the final sign that the old GOP is dead. In it's place is an ideological, anti-gover...

Paralegal arrested
Does anyone know what circumstances surround the paralegal/assistant being arrested for obtaining property by false pretense. I don't wan...

Thumbs up to Pond Mountain VFD
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...and-rescue Congrats on the new tanker, i'm sure it will be a asset and serve the community well...

Bogus Tax Collection Talk
I truly disappointed to read the pablum in the Jefferson Post regarding past due taxes and comment that "no business would run this ...

What happened to COBRA?
Or was it VIPER? Sorry, but I'm a bit past being able to remember the name the state gave us, but they told us we would have an emergency...

Ashe County 50 lb bag Potatoes and Cabbage
Does anyone know if they are selling these at Sheets bridge in Ashe this weekend? What time are they there? Thanks for your help.

Commission Chair Facebook Pic Calls for Troops to Overthrow Obama
Nice that the chair of our board of commissioners posts a FB pic calling for troops to overthrow the president and "save the USA&quo...

Cop of the year arrested for child porn
Yep, looks like another of those fine examples has been caught again. http://www.copblock.org/141737/ Btw, this is a good site to bookmark.

Skyline give 25,000 dollars to Hospital
How nice of them to over charge the members so they can give money away.


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