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Gas pumps at Ingles?
I've heard that Ingles is considering installing gas pumps? Anyone know if there's any truth to this? I hope it's true, it would be much ...

Hot Spot WJ
What's the deal with the Hot Spot business across from the Presbyterian church in downtown WJ? Obnoxious looking remodel of a building th...

Family sues Ashe deputies for wrongful death
Here's the link: http://www.jeffersonpost.co...gful-death

Understanding the 1/4 cent sales tax increase...

Huskies win again !
The Huskies played another great game and won their first game of the playoffs. Go Huskies!!

Ky water issues. We can learn from this. Mining must be watched.

Drunken bicyclist arrested at Taco Bell drive-through
This wasn't local, but it still made me laugh. Then it kind of made me mad. An intoxicated Smyrna Beach man wanted Taco Bell , but employ...

Pop's place
Has anyone tried this place yet? If so, how is it?

Christmas Parade 2014
Anyone attend the Christmas Parade yesterday in West Jefferson? Was it worth the time and effort to attend, or just another ho hum event?

Southern Justice
It's on the air again, showing the world the fine up standing citizens of Ashe county, NC.

School delay
Ashe county schools will be operating on a 3 hour delay today. They will be doing a mid morning reassement. Hope everyone has a safe, won...

Good morning Ashe Countians
Are you all set for the Polar Vortex to bring in the big chill?

Wheeeew, it's so cold!!!!
HOLY COW IT'S COLD!!!! I hope all you guys stay warm tonight! Now, for a cup of hot chocolate by the warm fire!

: Was Michelle Obama really born as a man?
Conspiracy Review: Was Michelle Obama really born as a man? A conspiracy theory going around the internet says Michelle Obama was really ...

Harvick Wins Sprint Cup Championship
After Harvick made the final four for the Chase Cup, it was almost a given he would go on to win it. Sometimes I begin to think the new N...

Well guys, I'm not going to be on here anymore. GOASHE deletes all of my post, because they say I'm "trolling". So in the words...

What's going in at the oldLowe's Food location?!!
Word has come to me that there are two groups looking into this location. Locals like Vannoy want to put in a YMCA there- and then I also...

The Honor Guard is retarded
I don't want to derail the other topic, so I figured this should be a seperate thread. Being that some think the honor guard is such an i...

Petition against Everything Has A Story and The Honey Hole
We are petitioning Ashe County Commissioners and the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce to not allow Ashe County businesses to talk negative...

Emergency fuel/utility assistance
DSS will have it sign ups for fuel/utility assistance tomorrow at family central. Better get there early or you might miss out.


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