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Jefferson & West Jefferson salaries
Jefferson West Jefferson Mayor Mayor Bluferd Eldreth, $0 Dale Baldwin, $2,400 Aldermen Aldermen Charles Caudill, $0 Calvin Green, $1,500 ...

The New Quality Plus Gas Station
I would have thought they would have made it at lease somewhat big truck and RV friendly. But if you can get to it there's a diesel hose ...

Mack Brown dealership is gone
I bet old Mack is spinning in his grave. http://www.goblueridge.net/...rated-sold

Boondocks Management
Boondocks is a great place to eat and socialize. I have been there several times. They do, however, need a change in management. I don't ...

2015 Fourth of July river bash.
This year with the fourth falling on Saturday we are going to have 3 days of bashing. I will be getting the Dog hotel on wheels in positi...

Vendor Selling Illegal Products at Farmers' Market?
There's a vendor at the WJ Farmers' Market selling corn hole boards featuring colors and using team decals (ordered off the internet acco...

Asphalt Plant
I agree there should be limits on where they are placed but people that make comments like this???? " I think if we need that much p...

Rep. Foxx To Have GOP Primary Challenger in 2016 - FINALLY!
http://wfdd.org/post/foxx-h...enger-2016 Representative Virginia Foxx will face a primary challenge in 2016. Pattie Curran announced this...

Construction at the cattle place on 163
Anyone know what they are building at the cattle market on #163? Looks like a road or race track of some kind being built with gravel, pi...

Local artisans can't compete with imports
One of the best stores in town is under new ownership. This store was dedicated to supporting local crafters from the high country and he...

Teacher salaries
It appears that the local teachers were targeted next and informed their salaries were going to appear in the paper and given the email a...

I saw a beautiful woman in Lowe's yesterday
Then I looked down and her legs were covered with hideous tattoos...

Salvation Army.
Just a suggestion. The managers should check out the Salvation Army in linville. It's the best one I ever seen.

Ashe County Board of Commissioners held, in essence, an illegal meeting Monday???
Its good to see that our County Board of Commissioners are at it again, according to the news article the Ashe County Board of Commission...

Closing It Up
Remember this? I hear she's shutting her doors. Whoops! http://www.goashe.com/voice...1231214003

I am hearing & seeing lots of small planes flying around this area all morning, so what is happening at "our expensive" air...

Overcharged at Winners Circle?
Just wondering if anyone else ever gets overcharged at wienners circle? Was your food good? Mime wasn't fit to eat ( I ended up just thro...

Hill billy grill
Anyone know why the only really good waitress at the hill billy grill has quit? She was the only one got things done and knew her job. Bu...

Salvation Army
I would just like to say that the new salvation army store in town was not what I expected when I first walked in. I noticed one of the m...

Passed a likercycle on 16 mtn earlier today, thought he was doing real good climbing the mountain. Got caught in traffic and had to slow ...


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