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Blue Ridge Electric
Can you actual believe Blue Ridge is helping us with giving us a $9 break on our January 2015 bill really???? Here you have a CEO who mak...

Paralegal arrested with 24 counts of fraud and embezzlement
Another attorney office scandal, the paralegal in a local attorneys office arrested on 24 counts of embezzlement, over $50,000 in theft. ...

New Hotel

Ashe Football Coach awards Coaches trophy to player that urinated on another player
Yes – that's a true story – it is the JV Team. Earlier in the year a freshman QB entered the showers and urinated on another player The p...

The old lowes building is going to be a disco and club called the electric banana. This will be a private members only club. Set to open ...

Is Kohl's Coming To Town?
A source told me a Kohl's store was moving into the old Lowes Food building. Can anyone confirm this?

Property owners be aware
Early today I caught someone driving a bluish green Chevy Astro van at my neighbors house. When I ask the person what they were doing the...

So true....
So true and we keep voting CRAZY back in.... http://www.newsobserver.com.../100/&rh=1

Have they found this guy?

'Driving While Black' App Give Tips for Racist Police Stops
'Driving While Black' The app describes how people can assert their civil rights with Racist officers, enables drivers to alert friends a...

Kiss 800 more acres good-bye from the tax collectiing books.

ISIS Kills Kids for Refusing Islam
Four Christian children were beheaded by ISIS militants in Iraq for refusing to denounce Jesus and convert to Islam, according to the lea...

Looks like Cassa Bella's moved to boone
I was in Boone today and saw a sign at the old Joes Italian that said "Cassa Bella's coming soon".

Jonathon Jordon
Does anyone know what if anything Jordon has done to help out the county of Ashe?

BET Exclusive: Obama Talks Race, Racism and How Far America Has to Go
Peaceful protests, he said, remind the public of the progress still to be made. Barack Obama – not the president, but the man – has a dre...

Missing Linville woman found...

Brother Dufus and the Ferguson Follies
It appears another fine citizen learned the hard way not to come to a gun fight without a gun. Nighty, night, brol Dufus, a well deserved...

Changes at East Jefferson Dollar Mart
I'm glad to see the changes taking place. The old Shell colors were looking rather shabby. The Valero colors are really shaping the place...

Anyone see the ACSO article in the Ashe Mountain Times?

73 years ago today, the greatest generation was born
December 7, 1941, the day that will always live in infamy. The day America was attacked by a foreign mitary, the day we entered WWII. The...


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