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Charlotte Protest
Black cop kills black civilian, how does that make white people the F'ing devil and white cops the F'ing devils?

Beer in Lansing
I'm surprised the thumpers ain't already raising hello about beer coming to Lansing.

North Carolina reins in local governments, transgender rule
North Carolina legislators decided to rein in local governments by approving a bill that prevents cities and counties from passing their ...

Where can we get gas in Ashe county. I heard none at Walmart, ingles?

Jon Benet
Has anyone been watching the interviews Dr. Phil has done with Jon Benet's older brother and father. I always felt like the family had no...

Citing HB2, NBA pulls 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte
https://twitter.com/WojVert...0744568832 http://www.wralsportsfan.co.../15867961/ he NBA is pulling the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte...

Congrats to the ACSO on their newest hire

Budget Question
Does anyone have any info pertaining to the County cutting the budget at Animal Control?

FBI closes books on legendary D.B. Cooper skyjacking of 1971

Ambulance contract to be extended
I watched the commissioners meeting Monday but have not read anything about this in the paper the commissioners are considering extendi...

Does anyone know when the lady that sells pumpkins beside the blue ridge theater will be there.. would love to know. thanks in advance

What's up with Tamales. Went by the other night, closed and it appears to have changed names.

Lansing VFD
When are these guys going to take some responsibility for their finances. You at least have to ask for the money to get it. http://ashemo...

Black Diamond victims suing CommunityOne Bank
I missed this about a year ago when this case was apparently filed. Does anyone know the status of the case? I couldn't find any updates....

Shatley Springs
It doesn't seem to be hurting business but what's up with the 84 sanitation grade?

Protesting the National Anthem..
Right or wrong, what's your opinion?

Terry Williams
Has Dr. Williams left the area?

Boondocks service
Has anyone else noticed the high over turn in the wait staff at boondocks? We are regulars there and I have to say there are very few people

Is beer now being sold at ASU foot ball games?
I have a friend that told me you can now buy a beer at ASU football games and you can sit in the stands and drink it. Dont know how much ...

Good to see the Boss Ldy still drives like an idiot
Boss Ldy (license tag) tailgated me through Wilbar this morning. We were following a slower vehicle. I passed the slow car near the Fire ...


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