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Per everyone's statements, the are within the rules!! SHUT UP THE WHINING!!!!

NC Budget
http://www.wral.com/lawmake.../14851748/ It is amazing how incompetent our elected officials are.

Southern Justice
it is back starts wed7/15/20 haaaa

football or homework
I think it is cruel and bad coaching to hold practice up to 8:00 at night!! The poor kids have no time for important things now that scho...

Man killed in Ashe grader accident
http://www.goblueridge.net/...r-accident Anyone know who it was?

Starkist tuna may own you money
Have you bought and Starkist products since 2009 if so they may own you money. https://www.tunalaws.../Home.aspx

No YMCA in Jefferson Station..
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...e for ymca

I guess those hard working teachers will have to go back to work tomorrow.
Its just a shame they had the summer off to rest up for all the long 6 hour days they are about to put in. They will feel so safe knowing...

And Now The Astonishing History of 🍙 Democratic Parties Racism 🍙
Two Centuries of Racism - Brought to You by the Democrat Party (Another Inconvenient Truth) People's perception of freedom never ceases t...

Official Highway To Nowhere Thread
Express your thoughts, complaints, compliments, progress reports, or lack of progress reports, here. I'll kick it off by saying it's a wa...

Wilkes Community College in big trouble. I hope they do a complete audit of the entire school including MF. Their are many in what is cal...

Wilkes County Redneck
The dummy that was on Southern Justice tonight was not from Ashe County. He was from Wilkes County.I really hope this man gets some serio...

Looks like Jarad from Subway
Will be getting his foot long after all.

What is the status of the ATT wireless towers that were constructed
Just wondering if anyone has info on the ATT towers that were constructed at various places across the county Doesn't appear like any cel...

New 221 Highway
Bids open September 15th at the DOT in Raleigh for the Deep Gap to the bottom of Lemly Hill section.

Shooting last night
Any details? Happened on Shatley Rd. at the D.S. Residence, heard it was an officer that fired on the suspect and suspect was transported...

Need a haircut!!
How do you get in touch with the cosmetology school at Family Central?

Seatbelt laws
Can someone explain to me how even in 2015, a representive of the local sherif's department can ride around without a seatbelt?

August Fogs / Winter Snows
Anyone else counting August fogs in preparation for winter snows. So far I have 9, 5 big and 4 small.

A second amendment question
Does the 2nd amendment apply to stun guns? This is a question that the US Supreme Court is being ask to answer however there is no word y...


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