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Ray Rice
Okay, I'll start this off....I'm against violence against women. But if someone (color, gender, sexual orientation, or just plain stupidi...

'A Matter of Faith" movie coming to Jonesville...
Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that I am sponsoring the movie "A Matter of Faith" to the Jonesville area (Starmount Cro...

Eraly to bed, early to rise!!!
It's early to bed and early to rise, the weekend is drawing to a end and back hot rock relocating tomorrow....

Southern Justice
It's on the air again, showing the world the fine up standing citizens of Ashe county, NC.

I need help finding something in Ashe
Many years ago while out riding in the county I saw a house that had a hobby train that circle the homeowners house. He had a garage that...

Missing App-state Student

olde towne jokery
how is this place still open? they started out great,we went twice and food was great and service was ok,but understandable,seeing how th...

Go Huskies!
Congrats to the ACHS Varsity football team for the win against Watauga on Friday night! Great game, great defense! First time in 12 years...

I am in the market for a rental out in the creston area.
I have been told that the crime rate out that way is very low except for a county commissioner that likes to break in government owned pr...

August morning fogs and winter snows - how many beans in your jar?
I have three beans so far - well not beans, but thumb tacks.

Old North West Ashe High School
Hi guys can someone tell me where this school is located and how to get there from Wilkes? My daughter has a volleyball game up there thi...

Criminal/Superior Court last week
Anyone know if there were any cases heard last week. People who were called for jury duty were dismissed and did not hear any cases. Have...

Winter Is Coming!
What do you think of this? http://empirenews.net/meteo...d-to-soar/

ACSO Booking Report
No more frequent than this thing is updated, the inmates will be booked and served their sentences before their booking is even posted......

All must be well....
With no new post or complaints about anything in the county, am I to assume all is well? Finally everyone has reached their pleasant goal...

Tony Stewart
What are some of the opinions floating around about Tony Stewart being given a waiver to get into the Chase if he can win one of the next...

Southern Justice episode
Hey, are any more episodes of Southern Justice going to air here in Ashe County?

accident in info
Any information on the accident about 1 today near the Parkway? I saw the ambulance on the way to Jefferson today after hearing the siren...

Farmer's market!!
We visited your great town last week-end and had a great time! The shops were packed with good memories, antiques, and friendly folks. Th...

The county has now put a full time gurard at family central. Now they need a part time gurad at the
court house because they moved the one there to family central. This has resulted in another 15K for a part time guard at the court house...


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