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Why is a retired Johnny trooper given a special license plate?
I saw this new tag on a car yesterday and came home and looked it up and the state will let them have a license plate with the highway pa...

Animal Protest
Just wondering what your thoughts are on this http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...-not-right

Animal rights terrorist
Now that miss Fitz**** has been arrested does anyone think you'll see her mug shot on the front page, of course not she has the Jefferson...

former WJ manager
I saw in the Jefferson Post that the old West Jefferson town manager was in court for obtaining property by false pretenses with $100,000...

what's the problem at Deep Gap fire department
Just wondering if anyone knows what is up this time at the Deep Gap fire department, we received a letter of invation to a meeting at the...

NC Bond
http://ashemountaintimes.co...7d4bb.html I am surprised with the Tea Nuts in the county that they would publicly support the Bond.

Rabid dog....Fleetwood are
Rabid dog found in Fleetwood area.... https://mobile.twitter.com/...6778979329 Why can't people take care of their pets?

I believe we have been somewhat negligent in the goings on around us! While making my usual check of local "talent" as referenc...

Churches days of not paying property taxes are numbered.
The churches have forever gotten away with paying no property taxes on church owned property. That may soon end according to law makers i...

We had a meeting with the govenor today who was here at AEV
4 of us had a private meeting with the governor this morning. I can assure you that none of the mouth breathers were among us. I asked hi...

called out for a facebook post
I have an acquaintance who recently posted their thoughts on Facebook about how they were treated by a local business. Pretty typical res...

http://ashemountaintimes.co...3f25f.html Wonder if they serve refreshments?

Middle School

Piss poor here
So much for journalistic integrity. Up in Smoke? Really? http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...p-in-smoke

Need help finding new mechanic
This is my second attempt at this post. My first one got flagged for some reason. Anyways, I was having some work done on my Subaru at ...

Fire Training Facility
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...-than-ever It's about time for this to move forward....

Still guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier
Give me a break, forcing these men to guard what at this point and time----a rotten box of dust? Who is going to steal a box of dust? Tho...

A question for the DOT
Please tell us what good it does to scrape highway 221 in the Fleetwood area when there is nothing on the road and its not snowing. Are y...

Basketball At The Highschool
Tonight i watched a team that was suppose to be what they called the super team. This team was suppose to rival the Spagnolo team, but th...

Bryson Payne To Be Varsity Basketball Coach at Ashe
Last I heard the prodigy is taking the reigns.


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