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European Union/New World Order lost today....
Is God giving our country/world mercy for a while?

Elk Shoals
Anyone know what's going on with the beach at Elk Shoals?? Garbage is piling up

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

Bomb threat at Court house.. Figured it would have happened when Hoppy was was there..
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...omb threat

It's a man made lagoon.
Put up nets or build a wall to keep the gators out.

Congress Should Secretly Suspend 2nd Amendment Rights Says UCLA Professor

Todd Fire Dept facing foreclosure
It was just a matter of time: http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...oreclosure

Southern Justice
Please come back Hoppy Hopkins!

land use plan in Lansing
Well it appears that the fine folks in Lansing are stepping out to begin a process with the end result being a comprehensive land use pla...

burger king
How can I find proper person to complain to about the service and food at Jefferson Burger King.?

Obama Tried To Talk Trash To Donald Trump But Starts Stuttering

Strawberry Moon tonight
only happens about every 60 years

Middle School
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne... jefferson Anyone know what property they are looking at?

American Violence
Can we ever truly know the motivation? ORLANDO, Fla. (CBSNewYork/AP) A gunman wielding an assault type rifle and a handgun took hostage...

North Carolina reins in local governments, transgender rule
North Carolina legislators decided to rein in local governments by approving a bill that prevents cities and counties from passing their ...

The Public
I just want to vent out a minute at how much I hate some customers that come into places and ALWAYS, not sometimes, BUT ALWAYS want somet...

Screw you guys! I'm going to the river
Restocked the liquor and am going to drink until it's all gone again

Bruce Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Concert To Protest HB2

Those morons at Walmart have moved everything in groceries
Shoppers were furious in there tonight.

Go Ashe is not playing nice with fire fox. No problems with chrome or Safari.
Its crashing fire fox when I try to log in. Today it crashed when I clicked to open a topic.


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