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Huskies 8-0
Super team this year. Go Huskies

The Honor Guard is retarded
I don't want to derail the other topic, so I figured this should be a seperate thread. Being that some think the honor guard is such an i...

The TRUE statistics of Ashe County narcotic arrests, which includes all Police departments and the Sheriff's department, for felony and m...

Sales Tax Increase
Who is "fer" and "agin" this increase in the sales tax and why?

Why I won't vote for Williams
Larry Dean Hollifield, 55, pled guilty to multiple felony sexual offense charges Sheriff James Williams who asked that Hollifield serve h...

"Tug fest"
I think we could have found a little better name for this. http://www.jeffersonpost.co...is-weekend Why not call it Whackoff Weekend? Spa...

Make a statement this election
The closer the election comes, and the more the candidates become known, it seems more and more that the new options aren't much of an im...

Take a laugh break....
A truck driver was pulled over by a State Trooper. The patrolman told him to get out of the truck, and noticed that the driver appeared t...

I think I figured out why the phones, tv, and internet are so high. Skyline/skybest is paying
technicians 28 to 50 bucks an hour. I have not had time yet to look into the leader of this outfit and the board yet. I'd be willing to b...

Please read this carefully and then forward to every Medicare eligible person in your contacts list READ THIS CAREFULLY....!!!! Did you r...

November Election - Commissioners
It's not too early to see what we know about our slate of commissioner want-to-be's. I must admit that I am not sure of the full slate. I...

Drug roundup
The day before early voting starts the sheriff does a drug round up that has been investigated for 2/12 years that may or may not produce...

Voting starts tomorrow October 23
You can vote at the court house from 8AM to 7:30 PM

Pizza Hut
I have a vacation home in the area and have visited your Pizza Hut in Jefferson 3 times in the month of October. All 3 times they have be...

Southern Justice
It's on the air again, showing the world the fine up standing citizens of Ashe county, NC.

The Cozy Reataurant
I just saw on the news that the Cozy Restaurant in MD. closed this year. Sad, I have a lot of great memories from there. It will be missed.

Needing our hay fields cut, looking to hire someone
My fiancÚ and I have been searching for someone all summer to cut our hay fields with no success in finding anyone. If anyone knows of so...

west jefferson police
what do the people in ashe county think of officer hodges

Huskies on a roll
Huskies are now 7-0. It was another great game for the kids. GO HUSKIES! Nice Home Coming too.

anyone been screwed by a finance company?
let me just say there are certain companies that hurt ashe county and should be shut down. people that prey on those that don't know bett...


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