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A piece of history

Commissioners fail to support education
A significant blow to public education was dealt yesterday by the terrible trio of commissioners that voted against allowing Wilkes Commu...

goashe is so much better
This site is so much better since the fearsome foursome have left. No more chest pounding, name calling, insults and degrading other post...

Coach Dean Smith has passed away in Chapel Hill
Age 83

How the Internet Started according to the Bible
In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife by the name of Dor...

Salvation Army
I would just like to say that the new salvation army store in town was not what I expected when I first walked in. I noticed one of the m...

New 221 goes to Bids
Baldwin section to McDonalds intersection will be bid Feb 17th. Released for construction to start on March 23rd.

Alternative To Morrisbroadband
We have Morrisbroadband, recently they cut all the channels in the Winston-Salem area, cutting off access to a lot of ACC basketball and ...

New assessments
Has anyone had a huge difference in their property assessments this year?

Anybody had coffee at tha mean beanie..?
Thought about stopping in but I come through town early in the morning and it's never open.. My friend said she went in and got some coff...

How much snow have ya'll got up on the mountain ? Its pissing it down here in Wilkes.

Paralegal arrested with 24 counts of fraud and embezzlement
Another attorney office scandal, the paralegal in a local attorneys office arrested on 24 counts of embezzlement, over $50,000 in theft. ...

Price found guilty
It appears that our former County Commissioner was found guilty of criminal trespass and breaking and entering. Jail time suspended. He h...

Does any one know why the health department pediatric dental clinic closing?
We received a letter informing us that the Appalachian District Health Department is closing their pediatric dental clinic. We have also ...

Is there any ice or snow on the road this AM?
Hope someone is up, please let me know how the roads are.

It's COLD!!!
And that's not just my opinion, that's a fact!!! Hope everyone is staying warm and will continue to do so. If you out and about, stay saf...

NC Bills to raise the gas tax
Everyone needs to call their Rep and Senator and tell them to vote no on the gas tax bill. Get everyone you work with and know to flood t...

What's On Your Mind?
Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy this day with lots of love and happiness.

NC HOUSE BILL 51 Justice for Rural Citizens Act.
Last year the GA removed Boones ETJ authority and now it looks like they want to do it across the state. http://www.ncleg.net/gascri...Bi...

email from Ashe county Gov.
Has anyone else gotten an email from Eric Payne at epayne@ashecounty.gov ?


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