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Bigfoot my _ _ _
What a joke, biggest waste of thirty minutes in our countys history!!!

Ashe Animal Hospital - Sucks!
Every night, Ashe Animal Hospitals alarm goes off, waking up the community. They know about it but don't do anything. I guess, if someone...

Overcharged at Winners Circle?
Just wondering if anyone else ever gets overcharged at wienners circle? Was your food good? Mime wasn't fit to eat ( I ended up just thro...

Local girl is making it big in "adult industry"
So, anyone recognize this lovely working girl? Im told she is originally from Ashe. Apparently she dumped her teaching job in exchange fo...

The New Quality Plus Gas Station
I would have thought they would have made it at lease somewhat big truck and RV friendly. But if you can get to it there's a diesel hose ...

Ashe county DA
First a general request. I have spent a lot of time standing up for something and someone I believe in. A certain hypocrite and 'champion...

commission board is a laughingstock
OH MY GOD - has anyone else seen the absolutely ludicrous commission board meeting from Monday yet? It's online now and I never thought i...

Ashe Memorial Hospital
Very impressed! I was recently a patient in the emergency room and the nursing staff were awesome! I can't say a bad thing about this hos...

Proposed changes to fuel tax....increases by those fee lovers
Includes 6.5 % tax on auto insurance plus increases in various fees... http://www.newsobserver.com...09959.html

House bill 565 A bill to make you a felon with no proof of a crime.
Everyone needs to call their NC house rep and demand that they vote no on house bill 565. This bill makes it a felony to threaten a LEO a...

Destination America
Saturday night on the Destination America Network at 10pm. EST, be sure and catch BigFoot of Ashe County!!

Moving houses on 221
I see that a couple of houses on 221 are getting ready to be moved due to the 221 widening project. I wonder how much it costs to move a ...

Another Restaraunt bites the dust
Coyote Kitchen is closed. I went by today and the sign is gone. I guess it was the wrong type food for Ashe County or maybe the rent is t...

Rep. Foxx To Have GOP Primary Challenger in 2016 - FINALLY!
http://wfdd.org/post/foxx-h...enger-2016 Representative Virginia Foxx will face a primary challenge in 2016. Pattie Curran announced this...

Teacher of The Year
Congratulations to Keana Triplett. She is the kind of well educated and dedicated person that would be a success in whatever field she ch...

Another cop kills an innocent victim
Well, the SC AG quickly decided to prosecute the North Charleston cop that shot a man in the back, after a witness with video of the inci...

Ashe park
Does anyone know what Ashe Park charges for they shelters. Mt. Jefferson or WJ park?

Time to support education instead of sports
It's time to take a serious look at high school sports programs. The question of if sports are worth the expense, or if that money should...

Why are some NC county sheriffs raiding some video poker establishments and not others?
I read where a sheriff in one NC county said he would not raid two towns video poker establishments because he was afraid of being sued b...

and you vote for him
A Coil of Rage � The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as the years pass...need I say more about this pe...


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