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No sense in crap like this!!!

missing wilkesboro man
Missing VERN CAUDILL. left bojangles in Boone at 7:15,employees said he turned left going 421 towards Wilkes. Driving a 2000 metallic blu...

I see it is still the SOS on here

Retiring DSS chief will run for commissioner
http://bit.ly/1kNlfEh Yeah, she's retiring but she plans to stay busy. Outgoing DSS Director Donna Weaver plans to run for Ashe County Co...

Need to see more of this!!!
https://www.washingt...come sign/

Christmas Tree
Hey folks, coming to Ashe and looking for a Choose and Cut at a fair price. Also looking for the best place in town for lunch. Suggestion...

Barking at the Moon pet salon
Caroline Miller arrested for aggravated cruelty to animals. Be careful who you leave your pets with.

Where to get a Christmas tree
Ever wonder what comes up when you google where to cut a Christmas tree? Well, it seems that for anyone in NC or the surrounding area, th...

Old news and nee
Thank you John Scott for your interest in Smoky board. False pretenses? Really!! You haven't a clue as to the makeup of SMC. Currently th...

Syrian Refugees
WTH? Go away!!! Don't bring your problems here. I for one did not and never will extend the invite..

Gordon, Busch, Harvick or Truex
Who will it be that comes out 2015 Sprint Cup champion? Personally I'm placing my money on Busch!!

http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...ols say no

Airport could get $2.7 million upgrade
http://bit.ly/1HDexL3 And county taxpayers could chip in $270,000.

Happenings On The Hill
Does anyone know what has come out of all the closed door meetings at the courthouse today? Commissioners met all day and so did DSS boar...

Judy poe sits on the smokey mountain board under the pretense she is still a Ashe commisioner.
http://www.smokymountaincen...=directors Scroll down and see her listed as an Ashe county commissioner. She asked the band of idiots if s...

Unless that pen is loaded, in Carter County, at least he can't shoot anyone. I thought he loved Ashe County, and wanted to protect the be...

has anyone heard of the plane crash in Ashe?
WBTV confirms that Ashe Co. officials confirm that they are working a plane crash. Sky3 heading to the scene

Red light needed
What's the chances that a red light will be put at the Hwy 16/88 intersection? Traffic gets backed up everyday around 5pm all the way pas...

DSS Director hands in her resignation

Paralegal arrested
Does anyone know what circumstances surround the paralegal/assistant being arrested for obtaining property by false pretense. I don't wan...


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