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New Sheriff
No surprise here. In a typical lack of class, the three idiots voted Buchanan in as Sheriff. Their whole intent being to give him a leg u...

Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town
I believe we will have a new sheriff tomorrow and it will not be Mr Absher. Expect a house cleaning of six to eight of the county deputie...

Looking for local Messianic folk who would be interested in fellowship
Shalom y'all, I am a middle aged widow in Ashe County who has been a Messianic Gentile for nearly 30 years. My husband and I have been in...

New Middle School
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...chool deal Hopefully it will be a good enough school to teach the JP reporters how to spell middle!!!!

According to the media a growing list of lawmakers are boycotting the Trump inauguration, saying he his not a legitimate president or the...

Looking for other homesteaders and/or preppers in Ashe/Watagua/Wilkes areas
Hey folks, I'm just beginning to homestead on my small portion of land. I'm seeking mentors and/or folks with which to build local homest...

Rose has dropped to Hillary's tactics
That sums up what I have heard everyone say. Remember the Sheriff had almost 7,000 votes at our last election. Rose would have needed som...

School board voted to sell the fleetwood school
I heard on the radio this morning that the school board voted to sell the old school to the fire department. Looks like they will have a ...

Oh, snap!!! That's going to leave a mark!!!!
It seems our incoming 'First Lady' is threatening to sue anyone calling her an 'ex-hooker', which led Mrs. Betty Bowers: America's Best

How's that wall being paid by Mexico coming along?
Oh wait... I guess you guys are Mexicans because ol' orange one is about to raise your taxes in order to pay for it! Gee, who would have ...

National Concealed Carry permit
U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina, made expanding national rights for gun owners his top priority on the first d...

Town of Boone ETJ.
Congrats to all you Watauga county people who live in the Boone ETJ. you are now free from the town. At least with the county you have a ...

School has been called
I got the call earlier that there no school tomorrow.

How much snow do you have Location
7 inches. Glendale Springs

Snow and school
Am I the only one that remembers going to school in worse weather conditions than what we are having today? Did our parents whine and com...

Road closures and conditions
Does anyone know how 16 and 421 mountains are this morning?

Need a caterer for a wedding. Suggestions?

Better run out and get your bread and milk now! http://asheweather.com/Fore.../Jefferson

The county lost a local business owner this weekend
http://boonefuneralhome.com...bute start

County challenges planning board in court filing
http://bit.ly/2j6InAy Ashe County launched a court motion late last week against the county's own planning board.


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