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commission board is a laughingstock
OH MY GOD - has anyone else seen the absolutely ludicrous commission board meeting from Monday yet? It's online now and I never thought i...

Another Restaraunt bites the dust
Coyote Kitchen is closed. I went by today and the sign is gone. I guess it was the wrong type food for Ashe County or maybe the rent is t...

Moving houses on 221
I see that a couple of houses on 221 are getting ready to be moved due to the 221 widening project. I wonder how much it costs to move a ...

and you vote for him
A Coil of Rage � The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as the years pass...need I say more about this pe...

Has the brotha lost his mind?
http://www.foxnews.com/poli...latestnews Horse crap if there ever has been!!!

Seems that a Facebook post from the Mountain times regarding what will not be offered at the proposed new YMCA has got some folks questio...

How the Internet Started according to the Bible
In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife by the name of Dor...

Every Small Town Has Its Secrets
April 4th is coming... http://www.facebook.com/gre...herngothic

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on the upcoming longboard race down Mt. Jefferson?
IMHO it will be a good way to draw people into the county. It should be a real show for sure.. https://vimeo.com/120425539

welding bottle
Is there anywhere in ashe that filles up welding bottles

Any more fun politicians?
Now that Price is out of office what other elected people are there to provide entertainment for goashe? Any more skeletons in closets of...

New tactic to remove transparency from County Government.
It would appear that our elected "officials" are working to further remove possible input from the citizens during Commissioner...

Commissioners fail to support education
A significant blow to public education was dealt yesterday by the terrible trio of commissioners that voted against allowing Wilkes Commu...

Paralegal arrested with 24 counts of fraud and embezzlement
Another attorney office scandal, the paralegal in a local attorneys office arrested on 24 counts of embezzlement, over $50,000 in theft. ...

New river regulations
Where can I find the regulations for the new river since it is a scenic river. I am wanting to know if one can sluice for gold as a hobby...

goashe is so much better
This site is so much better since the fearsome foursome have left. No more chest pounding, name calling, insults and degrading other post...

Another Ferguson?

Daylight Savings Time
I agree with this article, it's time to scrap it. For it has no beneficial use!!! http://news.yahoo.com/time-...59736.html

A piece of history

The barneys never let me down. Hire some more to guard them at the schools.


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