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Seafood store owner is a liar
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...eran claim I went in his business. No one offered to wait on me. Place smelled like fish. I bet he will not...

Martial Law
Take a look around and not just here. New Roads, Communication Towers, it all makes it easier for the military to take over.

Is Ashe this stupid?
I do not live in Ashe county, but I have LOADS of family there. I would hope that I am not like most, "enraged millenials". Hav...

North Fork New River @ McNeil Rd
Is there enough water to canoe this weekend without having to carry most of the way?

Need someone reliable who comes to the house to work on appliances
I have a frig I would like to have serviced. Does anyone who who does that and will come to your house and not charge you more than they ...

Nut Job or What?
Yesterday evening I ventured out about 5:15 pm and on the corner of 16 and 88 in the lot across from Vannoy's office was a dude holding a...

Middle School Location Why the Secrecy?
Why is the Ashe Board of Education being so tight lipped about the location of the new Middle School? Why the secrecy? My guess is that t...

Fire Extinguishers
Does anyone know where to get them refilled?

Show support for your LEO's
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne... is sunday

Shatley Springs
It doesn't seem to be hurting business but what's up with the 84 sanitation grade?

Church Arson Case
Are the misfits of society charged with church arson ever going to have their trial? http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...rior court How many mo...

NIMBYs unite
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...dle school Notice it is lead by a part time resident. I guess he does not like kids.

Why are there 2 bill boards in front of Mountain view school by dss?
There are 2 bill boards in front of Mountain view school stating every child needs a safe place to grow. Ashe county social services and ...

Ambulance contract to be extended
I watched the commissioners meeting Monday but have not read anything about this in the paper the commissioners are considering extendi...

Surely his parents are proud!!!
http://jeffersonpost.com/ne... meth bust

Courthouse bomb threat update
http://bit.ly/2bzwlsA Two men have been arrested in connection with a phony bomb threat made against the Ashe County Courthouse in June, ...

Anybody know why Basic Electronics is closed?
I hope he is just moving.

Recommendation for road work
Our gravel road is in bad shape with ruts and needs to be scrapped/gravel added. Recommendations for a company that could do this for a r...

Now what?

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...


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