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Original Smithey Burgers... Anyone remember?


Posted 11:41 am, 04/23/2012

Well dang Fins! You had to steal my thunder. Krazy says we don't know anything so I just wanted to prove to someone that I knew at least one thing.


Posted 11:04 am, 04/23/2012

Had a bite or two of one as a kid.... that was one nasty a** burger


Posted 10:08 am, 04/23/2012

Why? How many more times do we need to post the same recipe?


Posted 8:53 am, 04/23/2012

Donna at Donna's Country Kitchen would know since she ran Smithey's for years. She may not be willing to divulge the recipe though.


Posted 8:48 am, 04/23/2012

Those goodwill burgers were mostly bread and grease, and barely edible. The barbecue sandwiches were much better.


Posted 10:56 pm, 04/22/2012

I don't know why I am willing to help people that can't help themselves. But here you go



Posted 10:52 pm, 04/22/2012

There seem to be many different variations of the recipe but the Smithey's on Backstreet in WJ, I'm almost positive they have oatmeal in them. I don't know what else but I could eat 10 of them at once they just melt in your mouth. I know the little restaurant over on the 4 lane between the towns that has since gone out of business claimed to sell them but I tried them from there once and they were no where near the correct recipe. I sure wish I knew the recipe so I could make them at home.


Posted 10:11 pm, 04/22/2012

It is listed on the receipe page of goashe.


Posted 9:39 pm, 04/22/2012

Ground chuck sage chili powder salt pepper


Posted 9:00 pm, 04/22/2012

There is this amazing new invention called google. You should try it. I just typed in smithey burger recipe



Posted 6:55 pm, 04/22/2012

You can get them at woodhaven in n.wilkesboro. we call them goodwill burger's because of smitheys goodwill store on 10 th street in downtown n.wilkesboro.


Posted 6:42 pm, 04/22/2012

In a book devoted to Ashe County History - I am writing to ask, Does anyone have the original recipe for the smithy burger?

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