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Wilkes Softball


Posted 8:38 am, 04/11/2019

Yes it was a good game. East has a good team and things are shaping up for a exciting finish..just like I've said all along on who the top teams are..East was never left out. I thought we were in trouble last night against central for a few innings but as usual with them the coaching moves from start to finish helped West out


Posted 9:20 pm, 04/09/2019

East Softball beats West Again!!!! How about them Cards!


Posted 10:29 am, 04/03/2019

Well so far things are going as I thought they might. West is on top, but yes the girls had a close game last night against Starmount who played great but West pulled it out, so like i said in earlier posts I felt Starmount would be tough to beat this year. And a friend of mine told me that Alleghany beat East so for now West is on top and yes I know that can change. I didn't ask if Alleghany had their pitcher back but if they do then they can very easily make a run at West and so could East and im still not ruling out Starmount. A person that I work with asked me "well what about Central, they have talent" to which I said yes they do but as usual for them the lack of coaching and misuse of their talent will be their downfall. So I'm not worried about them at all. But its still going to be interesting to see who comes out on top so good luck to all of the teams.


Posted 10:15 pm, 04/01/2019

I understand that part but your talking about a 11yr old girl then said she was starting on varsity..whats travel ball even got to do with the topic..now i broke it down for you..if it helps any since you must be a East grad I have a dictionary you can use for futher posts. Stick to the topic


Posted 3:48 pm, 04/01/2019

Let me brieak it down for you. You let my daughter start as catcher (some games) and I’ll let your daughter play on my travel team. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!


Posted 2:29 pm, 04/01/2019

Ok trying to make some kind of sense out of that comment. Younger girls play up on older travel teams all the time. I've heard of 13 or 14 yr old girls playing on 18 yr old travel teams so that has nothing to do anything here. And not sure about the comment of the varsity catcher because the starter isn't the West Coaches daughter so rethink what your trying to say and try again.


Posted 1:20 pm, 04/01/2019

I guess the fact that the west coach’s daughter (whose prob 11)played on a 14 year old travel team this weekend has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that coach’s daughter gets to start as the varsity catcher.


Posted 9:43 pm, 03/31/2019

Really??? I said he is a good coach because he gets the most out of his players and I even said every school has peaks and valleys on talent. No program in this county will rule forever. But what he does do for the program is the girls are drilled to do fundamental things..keep your mistakes low..be sure to throw to the right base..hit the cutoff..talk to each other and so forth. But you state it's nothing but daddy ball and parents give money under the table so their child will play. Can you prove that? If not its hear say of a illegal act and you my friend could be sued for libel.


Posted 6:04 pm, 03/31/2019

Look I don’t pull for any team I am just tell you the facts and the facts are the west coach isn’t a good coach he has had good players and good people around him that made him and the program look great but that is coming to and end. The talent is about gone and the help is about to stop helping him. If you think he is a good coach then you are an . Maybe you need to know the both sides of the west program before you try to defend it.


Posted 1:21 pm, 03/31/2019

Look I don't care who you pull for but its clear to see your jealous of West..As for me if any high school does well from around here then that's great. Yes we have coaches around here who are horrible and hurt their programs but the West coach is not one of them. Now im just going to guess you pull for East? Which if you do then great but you say more than once if if if if this and that about East and to me your just saying East has lacked any talent to go anywhere..but you can't say if they had the West girls that there would be so many banners hanging just because of the coach..and no im not saying he isn't a good coach..im just saying anything can happen in playoff games and sometimes the better team loses because they had a bad game. But as far as your outlook on West players and coaches your comments hits an entire new level of ..your hate and jealousy of West being at the top of a certain sport is clear..so my suggestion to you and any other fan of other high schools who have had their butts handed to them time and time again over so many years is this..if you can't stand being beat do something about it..work more with the kids you have in your community..don't play for 3 months then shut everything down till next year..be devoted to win and have a attitude of a champion that winning comes with sweat and hard work then any program will rise


Posted 9:00 am, 03/30/2019

If you to know the truth west got knocked out in the first round last year and the second round the year before. And if you think he is a good coach then you don’t have a clue about coaching or softball. Like i said before the coach at east could have won with the teams west has had why can’t the west coach. Well let me tell you why cause he don’t know talent he only knows daddy ball and how kisses his butt. I have seen him play girls in position that he has other girls that are way better at but there moms and dads kiss his butt or give him money and they get to play over girls. If you have watched west softball any at all you know this if you haven’t then all you got to do is ask former players and parents or **** ask his coaches they will tell you he does what he wants regardless if it’s right or wrong.


Posted 10:55 pm, 03/29/2019

Answer this..Define "Big Game" the talent is there and has been there and they have went at least 3 rounds in the state playoffs each year. What other school around here can say that? Answer..None As far as state playoffs goes the further you get the tougher the teams and the teams they run up against have had a more stacked lineup..no school around here wins back to back titles even if they have most players returning. Just because you lose to a great team doesn't mean your a bad coach..At least they were there..but so many people are narrow minded like you and just look to run West down. I don't care who the team is really if they are good then they are good..West has the best coach in the county and the best system right now from middle school on up and its why these girls are worked with and taught and unlike most programs the West girls will play travel and get better not just most teams having 1 or 2 who play


Posted 2:26 pm, 03/29/2019

Well answer this why hasn’t he won the big games the last few years with all the talent he has had?


Posted 3:23 am, 03/28/2019

Yes they were loaded and yes they had played together a long time so what? A great team is a great team no matter how long they are together so your comment is just pointless and as far as moving girls yes i've seen him put girls in the outfield who has played infield their whole life and why? because they were athletic and could run and get to balls no matter where they were hit. No matter how much you hate you have to give credit where it is due. And to me it doesn't matter if you win a 1A or 2A or 3A a title is a title and you have to have good talent to do it.


Posted 11:03 pm, 03/27/2019

West does has a state title at 1a and that team was loaded and also had been playing together since they were in elementary school. And you are saying you know seen any of the girls on the bench that should of been starting your crazy. I have seen him put girls out of positions several times just so girls can play because there parents kiss his ***.


Posted 3:01 pm, 03/27/2019

West has a state title and as far as girls being overlooked i've watched West for years and ok yes they have had some players who would be starting at other high schools but i never thought they were better than the starter at the position they play. And yes for some reason there has been good athletic girls coming through there and i think they were coached well in middle school. But if certain middle schools just doesn't have very much talent coming through a system and then on to high school that cant be helped. Talent in high schools has peaks and valleys. As far as stealing bases I understand what your saying but I also understand the concept of finishing a team off to reduce wear on your pitchers. And as far as meeting a good athletic team in state then im sure West will because thats why most teams get into the state playoffs. But what schools do you guys really think has the worst coaches other than your opinion of West? That answer should be interesting


Posted 1:36 pm, 03/27/2019

I agree Ashecofan that’s the problem with West year after year they can’t win the big games cause there not coached the right way. Take the coach at East if he had the teams West has had he would have run out of room to put State titles by now.


Posted 1:12 pm, 03/27/2019

West is good, West probably has the best bats in the conference, West has really good athletes playing in key positions, West has an excited, loud, motivating coach who gets his girls ready to play every game. The one thing they lack in the coaching department is class. You coach kids and you use sports to teach these kids life lessons that will last them long after softball is over. You coach to win every game in which you participate. You coach your team to be the best possible team they can be and if everything lines up well you win the conference and then the state. But what are you teaching kids when your up by 14 runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning and you continue to steal bases. You teach them a lack of respect, a lack of sportsmanship, you teach them that's ok dominate a lesser opponent even when the game is clearly in hand. Did you need that stolen base to win...no but it is the principle of continuing to pile on the runs just to make yourself feel and look better.

Ive coached softball for a long long time and there is a time in the game when you steal bases, bunt to advance runners and get them in scoring position and hit and run but sometimes it's over before it's over (like yesterday) and when it is over kids learn a different lesson that evidently isn't being taught at West High. I'm sure you will win the 2A side of the conference easily. I'm sure you'll go to state and when you do I hope you run into team who is so athletic, so well coached and so aggressive they dominate you in every phase of the game. And then when they are up and the game is clearly over I honestly hope they steal base after base just to run up the score. Cause KARMA is a B and it always comes home...…...and there is a big dose coming to West High very soon. Good Luck and enjoy!


Posted 6:32 am, 03/27/2019

If you think west has good coaching you must be crazy West has good players they have always had the most talent in softball for years there coaching is why they haven’t been able to win the big game against good teams. But the talent pool is about all dryed up. Also if he didn’t have the coaching at the middle school getting players ready the program would be like the rest in the county. Also they have always been daddy ball in that program at the high school there have been a lot of girls over looked caused of it too.


Posted 10:13 pm, 03/26/2019

West has good coaching and the best players play that's not daddy ball..but West wins and East and Alleghany loses..it's getting interesting.

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