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Anyone seen Timmy?
He hasn’t been locked up has he?

Attention Drivers!
All of the highway patrol are at Winners Circle for their dinner break. Knock yourselves out

The crickets are the only thing chirping on GA.
Why is this place so dead?

that game was awesome
Just ended but still excited and wow. They don’t get much better that that. THIS IS WJY WE SPORT HUWAHHHH!!!! Game ovah!

Phil Howell’s Gestapo State of Ashe
84 checkpoints in two months? Lol, yah. Nazi .

Who was the person who shot his self today on Bald mountain?

Think cops and firemen have a dangerous job?
Think again. With some of the recent events going on, I think it’s a good time to remind everyone what careers really deserve our grati...

Jennifer Alice Andrews

USC 1983 lawsuit filed for deprivation of rights
In case the newspaper hasn't reported on it yet, another civil action has been filed against ACSO for deprivation of rights: https://dock...

33 million is going where?
https://ashecountyline.com/...217 95.htm I've read this article and I see that the commissioners approved 33 million 25,000 going to the ...

Need a priviate club
I am looking for a private club or even a church to have the first whore review of Ashe county. All I have to do is advertise it and I ha...

Tree company
Recommendations for reliable and reasonable company to cut some trees. Do not need them hauled off.

Who should we run for school board?
I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and wondering who should we run for school board in the next election? Looking for intellige...

Middle school girls softball
We need a complete overhaul of girls softball. Wilkes and even alleghany teams make us look bad. No coaches . No knowledge of the sport. ...

I hear some news is coming...
Stay tuned folks.

Asphalt Plant
It seems the NC Supreme Court as sided with Appalachian Materials in neighboring Watauga County....what does that mean for Ashe? https://...

Ashe County resident, Rebecca Plitt murdered, tortured and dismembered
Murder crossed state lines, NC and VA. Supposedly Whitetop suspects, drug related....but the big question is: When did our local drug add...

The trash sites are being abused
https://ashecountyline.com/index90.htm Seems like I remember Elmer Fudd kill the complaints that our trash sites are being used by as man...

Double murder in Deep Gap
I just heard that a Watauga High School student killed his mom and dad in Deep Gap. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Fire club asking for 3 cent increase
https://ashecountyline.com/...4 hIOhP1TM


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