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Accident on 221
Does anyone know what happen and who the driver of the ford truck was?

Happy Track Hoe Day
How do you plan to celebrate?

what happened
saw two Ashe medics vans with lights going to Winston. then I saw another going down the mountain with lights off so that means someone d...

just plain old good manners
I see a lot of rude and offensive people in public. Post your pet peeve regarding manners and common decency. Leave the cell phone in the...

My cousin is talking about how Mexicans shouldn't be let in the Baptist church
Now I like to think of myself as a good Christian man, and I do all that I can to follow the Lord's light yet I am introduced with an iss...

Over one fourth of the middle school is out and the Superintendent sends out a message to clean and wash hands. When does she cancel? I...

Accident on Big Laurel
Anybody know who got injured up on Big Laurel yesterday?

Lets examine the form 990 of bremco and see what we are paying for with our rates.
https://projects.propublica...034/IRS990 Scroll through until you reach the top 5 companies paid by bremco. We have paid for the year 201...

Threat being investagated at ACMS
Article in the AP&T says the Middle School and Sheriff's office are investigating a threat written on the wall of the boys bathroom. ...

New building going up behind CVS?
anyone know what is going in the new building being build behind CVS ?

Airport expanding?

Say something positive on GO ASHE.
I would like to see if it is possible for people to post something positive about Ashe County, your neighbors or how much you have in the...

Cost to rent a county owned building seems to be a little unfair
I think there are 3 or 4 child care centers in the county that are renting part or all of a county owned building. One center rents 1/3 o...

Columbus county sheriff is so lke our bufurt case.
http://www.wect.com/2019/01...l sheriff

https://www.goblueri...elections# WTF????

Commissioners now have an Office
https://ashecountyline.com/...021 95.htm I think this is a good thing, I would like to see regular office hours to help justify their pay...

Southern Scoops (The Dairy House) New Owners Fire Employee because of where they live???
New owners, Mark and Tammy Massey fire an employee and the reason they gave was the employee lives in a camper! Really??? The employee ma...

People at AEV are
Some **** hick in a old white ford truck says he works at AEV and his **** wife rammed my car with a cart at Walmart. They didn’t apolo...

Disabled Vet Needs Labor Help & Tree Removal Help URGENT
Hello to the community. My husband & I need help urgently. He has CHF, should surgery & paralysis in one side of leg, extreme gou...

The sheriff is doing a great job
Seems he’s working hard to hold up those promises he made during his campaign.


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