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Bobby Pennington in the news again (Ashe Post & Times sucks)
I noticed the everyone's favorite Walmart bomber is in the news again. Now lil Bobby has been charged with arson in watauga. He was easy ...

I haven't seen anything posted by jr in a good while and he used to post quite often. I believe he said he was using his real name so I w...

Karaoke in Food Lion parking lot?
I don't know if it's a regular thing but some poor man had set up a sound system and mike in the Food Lion parking lot. He was singing &q...

Quitting smoking
Yes, I am quitting smoking for good and I am pretty grouchy about it. I've quit before for 2 months, 2 years and more recently for 8 ...

November 2020 Tillis
Burr is not up for re election in 2020, so then there's the incumbent Thom Tillis. Do you think he has any real opposition? I am getting ...

Stumb, The County Manager Set in Stone?
Liberal Democrat 'editor & reporter' Ken Lynn seems to believe that Wataugas', Atam Sdumb should be named County Manager... But I have he...

I'm tired of the political dialogue...where do you guys like to go on vacation? I'm heading to Jamaica soon for a 10 day stay in the Mand...

Can’t spell or punctuate
Sorry folks, drunkitty drunk on wine so please don't judge me on spelling or punctuation errors tonight agreed? I'll leave you to your ...

No Scrubs
Ok, admittedly it's a 1992 song and I don't really love hip hop as a genre but this song comes to mind as I read these threads that are d...

Happy New Year!
Hope everyone has a wonderful 2020.

I’d like to submit a rant
Here I go, I wish to formally submit a rant about the incoherent rantings that continually go on here. Or at very least learn to spell, b...

Ashe is a police state right now
Never seen so many low lifes and has beens manning corners and playing tough guy in their taxpayer rides. And yet, the road soda mafia ri...

What did you eat?
Thanksgiving is a set in stone turkey meal always (at least with my family). Christmas however is changeable and this year we had a big...

NC Education Lottery
Introducing the "North Carolina Education Lottery" in 2005, then Gov. Mike Easley promised that "we will be adding another...

Wilkes Correctional Center inmate caught in Ashe
He was scheduled to be released in 2021; some people are just dumb. https://www.journalpatriot....ebbcd.html

Salvation Army
I donated a very nice winter coat yesterday. My sister informed me that she had borrowed the coat earlier that day and had left her cell ...

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

Walmart today at 3pm
I wish I could have avoided it but my elderly mother asked if I would go get a couple of gift cards for her and I am a good daughter so o...

Trump impeachment
What do you think? I already know the senate won't convict but seriously what do the Ashe citizens think about this? I'm genuinely curious.

Last minute Christmas present idea
Ladies and gents I have got hold of an awesome selection of bras to hold the ta tas up and they are yours for free! Just inbox me a pictu...


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