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Is the DA Tom Horner a Drug dealers best friend
I ask because yesterday he or one of his asst. let a person with several felonies for drugs and firearms plead no contest to 4 more felon...

TV ads on WBTV Ch 3 "Come Visit West Jefferson"
As if we don't get enough out of town weirdos already!

New bike lanes on road in front of rescue squad
What is everyone's opinion on this? Personally, I think there is other things the money could have gone towards that would have benefit a...

Well, I see this place is on life support again
Happens every time I take a break.

This site is dying a slow death
Its been months now since Fins has been on the site. Frankly the dog has about had enough also. Its become boring and empty of common sen...

You just know!!
Now we know why a certain white collar crook slinked off to Ouerto Rica. https://fortune.com/2023/07...eat taxes

**TORNADO WARNING ASHE Co. Allegheny Co **
WARNING WXII Channel 12 until 645 pm until updated

MIA Newspaper Articles
Some fellers on the big site are wondering how they could miss the Coop visit to the Ashe childrens last week. They are reporting fine sp...

Blue Ridge Energy CEO voices concern over shift to renewables
Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corp. (Blue Ridge Energy) CEO Doug Johnson voiced concern about the N.C. Energy Solutions Act (House Bill ...

Parkway closure for 2 years
If the government can rebuild a bridge on I 95 in a matter of weeks then why the hades is the parkway being closed for the second time in...

Wrecker drivers
Some time ago, hose jockeys were a bunch that riled several posters. Let me tell of a bunch worse than hose jockeys…….wrecker operators. ...

Blue Ridge electric fails again
Guess they need to raise rates again. Power out in Fleetwood area once again. Wonder what the excuse is this time. Considering there was ...

Just like Charlotte
It seems another site is all abuzz about the prospect of some Charlotte type adult entertainment coming to Ashe County. Everyone seems to...

Congrats #23
Congrats on getting your 1,000 point and becoming the all time scorer for Ashe men's basketball. Now they have to find a new Coach after ...

https://www.wbtv.com/2023/0... reported/ Must have been one of those several thousand dollar excellent rentals

What is the hold up with the Health Department?
I am aware the pipes burst months ago, but what is keeping it from reopening?

Anyone hear about a supervisor at AEV that got busted for drugs in Virginia and still kept her job?

No pay for congress
https://www.cnbc.com/amp/20...aults.html It's about time. If you are going tontgreaten Social Security threaten Congress too and maybe th...

Did the DA and trial court judge screw up on this one?
https://www.wbtv.com/2023/0...urt rules

Bill to REQUIRE muscadine grape juice in schools
House bill 67, titled "Encourage Healthy NC Food in Schools," is an interesting one. Like most bills, the title is hiding the f...


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