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A thank you dog is in order


Posted 3:59 pm, 11/21/2023

We see you made a new friend on Go's Wilkes site today, Mo.


Posted 6:09 am, 11/21/2023

Coop, you saying we mornlikely ain't gonna get no updates on the new hawt or nawt basketetball coach which has a baby momma which our sources said is a different race than the previous First Lady of the bball court? mighta been a diversity hire which is getting more attention than Mo and his getting sympathy posts anyways..

DB Cooper

Posted 8:41 am, 11/20/2023

"Gruf old dog has been laying on the sideline watching this site sink ever deeper in the trash heap"

And the one off the mountain ain't far behind it!

Green Arrow

Posted 4:33 pm, 11/17/2023

Back I firmly believe whether male or female ROTC should be a required course It might actuslly teach some survival skills I think people are going to need very soon. I was in class with my brother and some of his friends and I could more than keep up with them.


Posted 8:59 am, 11/17/2023

Arrow, our sources said they's a biggun they keep at the high school in a science class also. It skeers more younguns in to doing their homework than it does skeering em out of being on a first name basis with the teachers. We's told it is all about having SEL relationships and first names are bettern showing respect using last names for such. Foller the science like you been told, younguns.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:37 am, 11/17/2023

Back personally I hope its like the bundle if frasier limbs that was briught to me by Samy Church and has a nice big snake in it to go with the one in the White house. Trust me it was a jolt when I cut the string holding those limbs and a snake rolled out at my feet. Of course Sammy said he thought I needed a new pet, but a SNAKE?? No thank you.At one time I wanted to go into the Marine corp but changed my my mind when I realized my life would be spent protecting those who made my life miserable for so long.

Dog exactly how have I been dyibg for 15 years?? I haven't been backbon this site that long and was not diagnosed until 2015. I think yiu need a remedial math class since its obvious your math skills are lacking. I think your problem is you are afraid I might die abd you will look like the *** you are and will have noone to make fun of. But I have news for you all of us are dying day by day and when your time runs out just as mine will you won't take houses, land or money with you any more than I will.


Posted 6:04 am, 11/17/2023

Arrow, our sources said the ROTCs is still having a hard time with dressing the younguns. Statistics says the government schools are turning out way more trannies than soldiers nowadays and they's way more rainbow flags than red white and blue ones also. We only hope that big ol erect Christmas tree that went up north don't get trans into a Holly bush by the time the Bidens get done doctoring on it.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:55 pm, 11/16/2023

Back the question is did the supposed grower of that Christmas tree do the work himself of did he try to ride on the back of someone else. Let me explain. As one of the first 3 girls to take Army ROTC in this county I was assigned as the S4 on the staff which meant I typed anything that the major needed for supplies and such. However they could not decide on a uniform for the females but it was decided I would no longer be S4,not because of my abilitie but because the higher ups could not figure out what female cadets should wear. I was replaced by the grower of this tree. One day while I was running djplicates for a teacher I did office work for another teacher and who shoukd ppear but this persin with a handfull of things he wanted ME to TYPE UP for him . He was told by me to take a long walk off a short pier and do his own **** job. He threatened to tell the cadet major and the teacher of the ROTC program I was refuslng to do his job for him and I told him to have at it. Later that day the cadet major decided to visit me abd he got told in no uncertain terms since I was no longer in the position of S4 I was no longer doimg that job. It was not my fault they replaced me with someone in that position who could not do his own wirk as required.


Posted 10:05 am, 11/16/2023

Gruf old dog has been laying on the sideline watching this site sink ever deeper in the trash heap.


Posted 10:01 am, 11/16/2023

Our sources would like to take a break from the current ****show to recognize the fact they's a Xmas tree left the county yesterday for the White House. We for sure hope it ain't got no cancer causing pesticides sprayed all in it and if it don't they ain't no critters worse than Kamala infests the place and that Dr. Biden's husband don't trip on a lower limb or nothing. We wish ‘em happy holidays on there celebration with pagan roots. See what all I been learning on the big site since they's a lack of good reading material and poetry on thisun also. Good times ain't it, younguns?


Posted 9:43 am, 11/16/2023

Welcome back Dog. I have missed your wisdom and insight.


Posted 9:23 am, 11/16/2023


You are right Richard
Being called a lady is a better fit for you

Now that was funny!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!🍄


Posted 7:47 am, 11/16/2023

Our sources said adding "lady" to your title is merely wishful thinking on your part, button. We's hoping Snot and Doe will show up to fact check and proofread this sentence also. Where ya at, fellers?


Posted 7:08 am, 11/16/2023


I want to thank you "the dog"
For making me laugh
You had a 50 50 chance of getting your sentence correct
But, WITHOUT your master "the fish" proof reading your sentence
you failed...again
You are a washed up worthless little {fill in the blank} who really
needs to go away just like your master "the fish" did

I hope everyone has a great day!!🍄

PS I prefer to be called an addled druggie lady


Posted 1:18 pm, 11/15/2023

Thanks, dawg. We was starting to think we's gonna have to settle for the convos on the Wilkes Go site which ain't much here lately. The hawtest topic going on as we speak is about WBTV's coverage over a couple a teachers and their lack thereof as n the only fans app which m grandsons baby daddy does not know nothing about. They's also talking about getting a new coffee shop like Ashe is apparently also but it can not be no better than the scrumpdiddlyumptious goodwill coffee we already have brewing.


Posted 12:50 pm, 11/15/2023

With out the dogs actions this site would still be down for the nimrod and the addled druggie. Least I not forget the krazy who has been dying for 15 years.

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