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Ambulance service


Posted 2:46 pm, 03/21/2013

Personally, I give very little credit to a complaint from someone that cant form proper sentences. Sure, anyone can get in a hurry and throw a run-on sentence or a fragment in their writing. But to do 3 times in a 4 sentence paragraph...


Posted 1:15 pm, 03/21/2013

Deeply, tell us of the precise concerns you have and the misgivings you have. You have only stated an opinion.


Posted 10:40 am, 03/21/2013

in my humble opinion, i think the ambulance service is one of the few (maybe even the only) county funded service that is above reproach.

prompt, professional, reasonably priced and well managed.

if the only thing that can be found wrong with the present owner is that he is making a profit, it might well be that he is demonstrating positive management qualities sadly lacking in other departments.

if it's working, leave it alone. there are much bigger fish to fry in this county (airport and dss for starters)

deeply concerned

Posted 10:27 am, 03/21/2013

I have seen many things wrong with you current ambulance provider and it concerns me. It is time for a change to come about, our tax dollars are funding a service that is not good. Trust me there is nothing more important that an ambulance when time comes for you to need it! Does anyone know if the County is going to put the service out for a bid for sure yet?


Posted 3:34 pm, 03/15/2013

Summer that is what the bid process is for. If someone thinks that they can make profit and provide the same or better level of service, they should bid the contract. And we should all welcome that bid. I doubt that there will be any takers though. Maybe in a smaller county area wise; maybe in county with larger population; maybe in a county with less remote areas. The key word is profit. An ambulance business is not a hobby operation. You may see ton and tons of money coming in but you have no idea the tons and tons of it going out for vehicles, maintenance, insurance, employee wages etc. You should give it whirl maybe you could be making those big bucks. No, I am not Poe or and Ashley or anyone connected to the business except as a customer once last year. A satisfied one I might add.


Posted 7:38 am, 03/15/2013

How dare someone make a profit!


Posted 7:10 am, 03/15/2013

Summer I will tell you how to make it happen. Shut that airport down and take that 2.7 million and you could have a ambulance sitting almost on your front porch. You could then take the change and give it back to the tax payers.


Posted 9:34 pm, 03/14/2013



Posted 9:32 pm, 03/14/2013

It' s time for a new ambulance provider in Ashe. Poe and Dollar have lined their pockets enough.


Posted 9:36 pm, 03/09/2013

Simply amazing at the lack of interest, its the same as the revaluation when the tax prick put these inflated values on our property and less than 8% bothered to appeal. I would bet the same people have the same insurance, never checking prices, buy propane from the same company, never checking for a lower price.


Posted 8:52 pm, 03/09/2013

Bench's attitude is down right sad. It's the exact reason we can't get any positive changes. Idiots like her say "what can we do about it", don't even bother to find out what is going on with their local government, and then whine when they think an enterprising individual is actually making some money. The op on this thread is proof of the problem with people and the jealousy they have. They don't care about a $10 million hole, but be ****ed that $750k be spend on a service that benefits everyone.


Posted 2:58 pm, 03/09/2013

Maybe Peter Rabbit would star flying some "fund raiser" flights to help pay for that place. If he flew the right stuff I don't think it would take long.


Posted 2:04 pm, 03/09/2013

You know agent maybe the whole population of county is getting a piece of the 10 million but the ones of us raising a stink.

I just noticed the other day the estimate of damages is still climbing over at the air strip. Someone tell me what cost 2.7 million to operate over there. Are we supplying fuel for all of their planes?


Posted 11:12 am, 03/09/2013

That's the trouble we are talking about Benchie. The Mouth Breathers are never held accountable. They can say (most of the time truthfully too) that they haven't herd any real complaints so they assume most people are happy with what they are doing. We all have to remember that the Gov't is all of us. It is not "them". We nee to vote for the ones who say they are going to do what we feel they should do. If they fail, we nee to be speaking up at their meetings. If they continue to go against what we think they should be doing, vote in someone who say they will. We are being taken for an expensive ride with the Money Pit Inter-County Airport and DSS. Lets not forget the Roasted Nut House debacle either. We are accountable for keeping them accountable. We have been failing to keep up our end of the deal too.


Posted 6:39 am, 03/09/2013

Our only option at this point is to publicly shame the mouth breathers. I would bet they are only a gang of rubber stamps and have no idea that the airport budget is 2.7 million going out and only 222 thousand coming in. I have also looked up other counties around ashe, all larger in population and spend less than half of the 10 million we spend on dss.


Posted 11:31 pm, 03/08/2013

That's what elections are for Stupid


Posted 9:31 pm, 03/08/2013

How do we know that if we put new ones in there that they won't do the same thing? It seems like everybody likes to spend and spend and spend....etc.. nobody is cutting...only spending more!!


Posted 9:04 pm, 03/08/2013

You missed my point Benchie. How do we stop it? We stop re-electing the same old tired status quo Mouth Breathers. The majority of us obviously don't care.


Posted 7:32 pm, 03/08/2013

Convince the paper boys to do a story on it, start an email cam--paign, bring in another paper or even a tv station, corner commissioners in public spur interest on goashe.


Posted 7:02 pm, 03/08/2013

So....Ashe Co uses a lot of tax money for an airport that hardly exist. What can I or anyone do to stop it? The county commissioners are the ones holding the gun...how do you fight them?

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