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Another one gone to Watauga


Posted 4:21 pm, 08/05/2019

WCS is one of the best districts in the state - better students, better parents, better instructors etc. Good for the the asst principal in question. They no longer have to deal with a lost cause.

jack rip her

Posted 3:39 pm, 08/05/2019

I would take the hot looking doc Susan back in a New York second. Tell her ole Jack is a pineing for her.


Posted 1:04 pm, 08/05/2019

Feel free to take Dr. Susan Mochen back at any time. Not sure if she had an actual job in Ashe County but she lives there and should stay there. There are some things we don't need in Watauga County School system.


Posted 9:54 am, 08/05/2019

Just like any other occupation, you get what you pay for.


Posted 8:47 am, 08/05/2019

FINS makes great points.

Let's put it another way, how much more in taxes are you willing to pay to increase their pay in Ashe? Only Social Services and Public Safety are getting more money from the County than Education.


Posted 7:49 am, 08/05/2019

And just what difference do you think a teaching license makes for a superintendent?

Ashe has always been a training ground for Watauga teachers because Watauga has an abundance of teachers because of ASU. So it's normal for their first jobs to be in Ashe or Avery until they get some experience and can get hired in Watauga where they pay more. Stop whining


Posted 6:40 am, 08/05/2019

I saw that another assistant principal left to go to Watauga. When you move people every year and our Superintendent has zero experience or a teaching license, this is what happens. Did she move someone to the assistant principal who didn't want to be there for her own personal gains. Now, one of the highest achieving counties in the state got another great employee from Ashe. I currently can count 5 who have left in the last three years.

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