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Any updates on Hoppy's trial?


Posted 5:54 pm, 04/05/2018

Has anybody heard if or when the body cam video will be released?


Posted 4:29 am, 03/28/2018

These are the number of fatal shootings involving police in the state of NC (people shot and killed by the Police)

2017: 22 (21 males, 1 female; 11 whites, 11 other, 20 had a gun in their possession, 4 were considered mentally ill)
2016: 33
2015: 23

Source: http://www.charlotteobserve...03909.html

jack rip her

Posted 2:04 pm, 03/27/2018

Did the double shooter come from another department to Blowing rock?

Joseph T.

Posted 1:48 pm, 03/27/2018

I don't either but if true I bet he is talking about the hot head that go canned from the Watauga sheriffs office after several wrecks and then hired on with blowing rock.


Posted 1:07 pm, 03/27/2018

And when was this? I dont remember hearing anything about any police shootings in Blowing Rock


Posted 10:49 am, 03/27/2018

aFicloNadoS, Off top of my head, I know an officer in Blowing Rock that was involved in 2 officer involved shootings within 2 year period. If an officer feels that his life or another is in danger. He's pretty much covered and trained to use whatever force needed to end the threat.


Posted 5:46 pm, 03/21/2018

Id be curious to take the numbers from every county in the area, from alleghaney down to Burke and including Wilkes and Caldwell, and see over the last 20 years how many officer involved shootings they all have.

Heck, Id like to see in the whole state how many LEOs have two shootings on their records in their whole careers. The fact that he has two in a county like Ashe does not look well on his skills, in my opinion. And lets not forget he also once shot his neighbors dog too, in a fit of rage.


Posted 5:43 pm, 03/21/2018

Don't know why people worry bout Bucky's age he is probably only mid fifties and younger than Mochen who is sixty.


Posted 3:47 pm, 03/21/2018

**** no, but there are plenty of blue hairs in this county who’d love to see him back. They deify the hippo.

Joseph T.

Posted 3:36 pm, 03/21/2018

Would you be in a rush to bring someone like him back.


Posted 3:22 pm, 03/21/2018

I wonder how many LEOs have “had to” kill (murder) people twice in a small county of this size? Even the overwhelming majority never “have to kill” once in the largest of metropolitan areas. Lest we forget Hoppy’s words to Houck, caught on tape, before he pumped lead in the blind guy - “I’m gonna kill you mother fu_c__er!” The Carter Co sheriff didn’t seem to be in a rush to bring him back into the fold.


Posted 3:13 pm, 03/21/2018

Watching that interview I keep thinking about Hippo trying to play the sympathy card about how he has had to use deadly force twice. But do you know how few officers ever use deadly force? And especially how many do it twice? Consider those statistics then look at the number of times an Ashe county Barney has had to use deadly force. And Hippo has done it twice.

jack rip her

Posted 2:17 pm, 03/21/2018

Dont forget that WBTV still has a lawsuit against the county for text messages and emails. So the others have not skated anywhere.

jack rip her

Posted 1:11 pm, 03/21/2018

Timmy do you have an ounce of common sense? Hippos attorneys were he paying cash would be a minimum of 200 thousand for a murder trial.


Posted 12:25 pm, 03/21/2018

jrscott295 (view profile)

Posted 10:31 am, 03/21/2018

He has 39 years of service in, I believe he's already vested.

He is vested in state retirement, the sheriff's retirement plan is for elected sheriffs only


Posted 11:34 am, 03/21/2018

Hippo is a liar. He said 170 officers were killed just since he was indicted. But thats wrong. Only 128 officers died in the line of duty for all of 2017, and only 44 of those were shot. In 2016 the numbers were 143 and 66. Both years dont add up to 170 officers being shot


Posted 11:26 am, 03/21/2018

Penny Annie, let me clear something up for you, that youve clearly missed. The whole time that Bufurt was charged, Timmy here kept saying "Hes innocent until proven guilty". Now he tried to turn it around like Hippo has been some victim locked away in a cell for months. I only used his own words against him. That doesnt change my own opinion of Hippo or Buffurt.

As for no one else being charged for not complying with a public information request, you for get that Bufurt tried to harass and intimidated county employees. He didnt just deny answering a information request. But whats most shameful is you people that think denying public information to the tax payers is no big deal. This is is an assault on the very principals of self government that our nation was founded on. The public servants and elected officials are not above the law or more important than the citizens. They are supposed to answer to the citizens. And they need to remember that.


Posted 10:31 am, 03/21/2018

He has 39 years of service in, I believe he's already vested.


Posted 9:55 am, 03/21/2018

Bucky's problem is that people don't want another Sheriff that could retire as happened with the fiasco this past 6 months. Bucky has more than enough time, it's more about age than his ability that has some people balking,

jr, Bucky would most likely to stay on to get into the sheriff's retirement fund. They have a more lucrative retirement that the state does, which Bucky would retire on if he left early.

He would be foolish to leave before he was vested in that retirement unless his health dictated him to do so


Posted 9:52 am, 03/21/2018

I'll be waiting...You're always wanting proof, so now I want to see some.. Something more than just hear say from you.

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