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Ashe athletes


Posted 8:01 pm, 12/05/2021

The only way to fix local mentality of prioritizing useless high school sports is to end it and put the money to better use teaching the mouth breathers to read


Posted 3:08 pm, 12/05/2021

It seems I hurt your feelings pointing out that things don't need to be scrapped when they could be fixed pretty easily with some priority readjustment. Nothing wrong with being both a well rounded student and athlete is there?


Posted 10:42 am, 12/05/2021

Seems I hurt your feelings pointing out that no one cares about some division 2 athletes that no one outside of Ashe cares about. Just further confirms that the county should scrap the athletic program and focus on reading.


Posted 9:58 am, 12/05/2021

Actually, I do. Just contributing with relevant discussion like Carlton should want. I would think that would be much better than the petty intentional drama distractions you do on every thread.

And I also know the correct answer to the OP's question, which is someone who has not been mentioned here yet. This feller has had some steroid use and abuse accusations on him, and I don't think that's anything to brag about.

Why do you keep trying to mess with me dude?


Posted 9:23 am, 12/05/2021

You don't know what D1 means do you.


Posted 9:40 pm, 12/04/2021

Oldtimer I figured you might be talking to me. I agree Little and Lopp should be considered. I mean look at all Martin gives back to Ashe now. Didn't him and the one dentist and his wife just put together the Stomp and Brew to raise money for all the kids shoes? Gotta appreciate that. And him along with David I mean Brad would give the old Central crowd bragging rights with the Hardee's fellers wouldn't they?

And I reckon we could think about the lady athletes also that went on to play at the college level. I think Tomlinson and Yearick played softball and Hardin did golf at App State. Also the guys Scott and Elliott wrestled at App I believe. Wineberg played football for Western Carolina and got his foot in the NFL door I heard. Alot of them have Martin to thank for opening his gym doors when the schools were not available. Still a good safe place for the high school kids to lift so that has to count for something.


Posted 9:21 pm, 12/04/2021

You should then have read the rest of the thread before replying.


Posted 8:56 am, 12/04/2021

Perhaps you should re-read the original post. No one requested that there be "an argument for athletics". Of course, you egotistically changed it to a topic of your choosing and then berate anyone who wants to simply comment on the original post. Kind of sad when one actually thinks about it.


Posted 7:40 pm, 12/03/2021

So your argument for Ashe athletics is a minor league relief pitcher that played 3 years in the 70's in the farm program, and a fullback that played in 40 years ago at a basketball school.


Posted 1:03 pm, 12/03/2021

Interesting how certain folks think getting on here and spouting garbage in their responses makes them look smart. Anyway, I would think that someone like a Brad Lopp or even Martin Little would be in the discussion. Brad was a four-year letterman and two-year starter for some excellent UNC football teams and Martin was a pretty impressive pitcher for the Cardinals organization, I believe, before getting injured.


Posted 7:28 am, 12/01/2021

Sorry man. I should have either run it by Tatum or through a Thinking Map before I posted that last one.

I omitted a comma in the first sentence of this post intentionally though. Thanks for playing.


Posted 6:00 pm, 11/30/2021

Then you should try forming coherent sentences.


Posted 7:56 pm, 11/29/2021

Careful there fishy bragging about your Ashe county education. What I said was they probably think being married to Marcus Paige gives them bragging rights by proxy.


Posted 6:15 pm, 11/29/2021

Teaching at Wilkes is something you think is worth bragging about?


Posted 12:45 pm, 11/27/2021



Posted 5:04 pm, 11/25/2021

Maybe. What about Daddy Spagnola? I think he taught at North Wilkes High School for a while before moving on to teach at App State. Did he play serious ball somewhere?


Posted 12:37 pm, 11/25/2021

Has to be Spagnolo, Waln and Lemly


Posted 8:58 am, 11/24/2021

I believe one of the dancin Debbies girls married Marcus Paige and he's pro. I'd say that counts as bragging rights for them that sit around at Hardee's. Especially the Carolina and ol ****S crowd.


Posted 8:39 pm, 11/23/2021

I love the movie Hoosiers, but imagine being an adult living in the 21st century and being invested in high school athletics. Are there folks who hang out at barbershops, gas stations and Hardee's who sit around and talk about high school football and basketball? You're playing into an unflattering stereotype, if so. I doubt many people are waxing philosophical about the Spagnolo era in LaLiga


Posted 5:35 pm, 11/22/2021

Sports is a huge waste of money. While Japan and China are teaching math, science and computer skills, we are teaching CRT and wasting money and resources on sports.

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