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Posted 8:32 pm, 06/08/2021

Other county employees should be pissed


Posted 7:10 pm, 06/08/2021

There are other county employees to consider in this groups visiting the county commissioners. How do you give a barney a raise and not consider other county employees that didnt form a group or a union and go beg for a raise at the commissioners meeting?


Posted 3:52 pm, 06/08/2021

Yep. It seems neither the Barney's or their wives want to talk about their little organization. If their movement is so important, you'd think they could defend it. Guess it's just an opportunistic money grab.


Posted 3:28 pm, 06/08/2021

Crickets from the barneys


Posted 8:59 pm, 06/07/2021

King, wouldn't that be the purest form of a well regulated militia? I think it would. I'm liking this more and more


Posted 8:29 pm, 06/07/2021

With the exception of veterans and a handful of people that have had formal training with firearms the majority of gun owners in this county should not be allowed within a hundred yards of a firearm. I can just imagine the mayhem that would ensue if you deputized some of these yahoos to apprehend a suspect. At least it would put to rest any possibility of Ashe County becoming overpopulated.


Posted 8:13 pm, 06/07/2021

King, the more we think the through, the more I like it. Give every volunteer deputy a pager and send call them out for emergencies. How do you think response time would be effected?


Posted 11:08 am, 06/07/2021

I think Fins is on to something here. We could have a Sheriff and dispatchers. Then we could have volunteer barneys just like hose jockeys. Pretty much all of the gun owners in the county outgun the barneys anyway. There are enough gunowners to keep the peace and the county would save a ton of money.


Posted 9:36 pm, 06/06/2021

Dog, I think a good question is, are these people asking for raises for all county employees? Or just the Barneys?

Does anyone know how many of the barneys were drafted?


Posted 8:17 pm, 06/06/2021

Pinocchio when are you going to respond to my 5:38 post, cat got yer tongue?


Posted 8:03 pm, 06/06/2021

Pinocchio, we've already established that Dung Beetle can't get it up and it's a sure thing you can't so why would she be begging to get laid by you two.


Posted 7:36 pm, 06/06/2021

Dog, one of us is gonna have to give menopause a charity lay. Her begging is getting uncomfortable


Posted 7:33 pm, 06/06/2021

The point to this is the wives of the barneys have formed up a group or union so to speak and are using the shooting of the Watauga county barneys to try and get a raise from the commissioners. Remember there are many other county employees that would deserve a raise too.


Posted 6:34 pm, 06/06/2021


aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 5:12 pm, 06/06/2021

Do they cry every time some roofer calls off a house and dies?

Well now what do we have here. 5:00 on a Sunday and drunk as usual.
So my question is why is a roofer calling when a roofer should be roofing? A roofer isn't roofing if a roofer is calling because he could not roof while calling.
How does a roofer die from calling off a house? Oh you mean a roofer is calling on the house not off the house. If a roofer died from calling off a house there would be a lot of dead roofers. Might even be a roofer shortage.
If the roofer did fall from a roof I hope that roofer has a phone because that roofer would want to "fall" someone like 911 or maybe one of your sources to let everyone in Ashe know of the fatality..

And congratulations!! You and the mutt went in perfect order with your posts.
Flatulence first then feces.

Have a great boring lonely rest of Sunday night if you haven't passed out yet


Posted 6:08 pm, 06/06/2021

Billy, I'm fine with getting rid of all but the sheriff and a jailer, and let the sheriff deputize everyone that gets a concealed carry license.


Posted 5:54 pm, 06/06/2021

A true "fiscal conservative" who also is high on 2A would approve of not only defunding the police, but disbanding them altogether. What's wrong with vigilante justice? Isn't that what the cowboy circle jerk at Saloon Studios is all about?


Posted 5:48 pm, 06/06/2021

No one in any occupation is immune from dying on the job. Cops are no more special than any other public servant. They're also considered deities in Ashe, so it's kind of a useless organization. The bigger question is whether there's a need for law enforcement anymore? Every other jerk owns a gun or multiple guns, so if half the population is carrying for "protection," why pay these underachievers?


Posted 5:38 pm, 06/06/2021

And here's Pinocchio showing his true colors only a few posts ago he was calling me out for being critical of local law enforcement. What a hypocritical lying prycke!


Posted 5:12 pm, 06/06/2021

From what I can tell, it appears it's a bunch of the Barney's wives trying to get their husbands raises, and they are trying to use the Watauga deaths to do it. Mostly just a bunch of women crying about how worried they are. Do they cry every time some roofer calls off a house and dies? There's a lot more odds for that happening here.


Posted 4:16 pm, 06/06/2021

I just heard about this group. What is their purpose and who is in the group?

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