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Posted 4:42 pm, 07/14/2017

Proud you are the reason nobody wants to come to Ashe Co. Go back to where you come from you stupid idiot, we don't like you, we don't need you, and when you breakdown out here on the road nobody is going to come help you, because you are a joke! Stop embarrassing yourself dumb***! Yee Yee

proud native

Posted 5:09 pm, 07/12/2017

Yee yee
Yee yee


Posted 5:00 pm, 07/12/2017

Buchanans monkeys wouldn't know a fact if it smashed them in the face, all we've heard is the same old crap and no source to back up anything. Face it the lies have caught up with Terry and the commissioners, and it's time to pay the piper! "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE"! Yee Yee

proud native

Posted 4:54 pm, 07/12/2017

Haha no jerk you missed that nerve but this site does have rules against vulgar old men like you
I do wonder why that particular act holds such fascination for you hmmm
And even thinking Bucky would do something so vulgar show the lack of any moral fiber in you
Tut your oxygen up and go back to selling cubic zirconia cupcake

jack rip her

Posted 4:17 pm, 07/12/2017

Well it obvious old Jack hit a nerve with bufurts boy concerning what old buckey did to him in the jail house with the cameras off.


Posted 3:39 pm, 07/12/2017

Transplant, you've said yourself that employees of the sheriff's office serve at the pleasure of the sheriff. They don't work for the commissioners, the county manager, or any other county head. Personnel files belong to the employer. A good attorney could make an interesting case out of such a situation.

jack rip her

Posted 2:27 pm, 07/12/2017

Transplant I have asked you over and over just what did buckey do to you ?

Note from GoNC: a portion of this post was removed for vulgarity, along with one reply to it.

Proud native

Posted 2:01 pm, 07/12/2017

Well moron, you saying stuff doesn't either. It is a fact whether you wish to believe it of your saint Bucky/


Posted 9:05 am, 07/12/2017

Transplant, your just saying so doesn't make anything so. Like I said, you have no clue what a fact is

proud native

Posted 8:00 am, 07/12/2017

So cat the answer is yes
And jerk the Sheriff's Office keeps files on all employees of the office

jack rip her

Posted 7:24 am, 07/12/2017

Transplant are you so ignorant to not realize the files never existed? Tell bufurt to open an internal investigation. Idiots.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 7:18 am, 07/12/2017

Proud something,
I'm not playing games...I ask a legitimate question and I would like a legitimate answer.

Proud native

Posted 6:58 am, 07/12/2017

As sure as you people are of your facts

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 6:53 am, 07/12/2017

Proud something,
Are you 100% sure Bucky took the files?

Proud native

Posted 6:37 am, 07/12/2017

So some one gives you information, andsurprise!, you refuse to believe it.
Those files were gone before Buchanan was sworn in. Bucky " cleaned out his office" and the files disappeared... what kind of proof do you need? I'm sure they have been destroyed by now.


Posted 1:29 am, 07/12/2017

If the files are missing, I bet they are sitting on Buford's kitchen table. He reads through them every night to see how how he can be half the law man that Williams and Absher were!!! News Flash Terry, "Keep reading because you will never come close to being the men they are."


Posted 10:25 pm, 07/11/2017

Liar, you can't prove that files were taken. That's why it's not a fact. You must have completely failed science in school.

proud native

Posted 9:54 pm, 07/11/2017

And it is spelled phrase .. holy smoke. LMAO YEE YEE

proud native

Posted 9:53 pm, 07/11/2017

Really lightbulb? You are throwing psychology at this? And Williams had years to set up those cases.. y'all are hardly giving Buchanan a chance to do anything. Your whole argument is such a stretch.

And skidmark, yee yee LMAO 😂


Posted 9:39 pm, 07/11/2017

Native, you should consider reading some of Philip Zimbardo's work then maybe you can further understand what is going on with Bufurt and why he is running the SO into the ground. We need our proven leaders back in power and our proven officers back on the road and working cases. It's disappointing to see that the SO is making headlines for the idiotic and power fueled moves and scemes Bufurt is trying to pull compared to the headlines under Williams/Absher of busting 20-30 druggies at a time.

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