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Posted 12:33 pm, 05/23/2017

Many maybe not most but many of the small businesses are run sadly by owners who think that it's all about stuffing their pockets, they take to much out of the businesses and don't leave enough extra for lean times, and also don't share that earnings properly with their employees through raises and such. That's why I believe many are about 1 really bad season from bankruptcy.

For example, Shatley Springs. It was a huge draw in the 80s and early 90s. If proper maintenance had been maintained all these years on it it might still be a big draw, but sadly people thought maintenance wasn't important. As such it has a rather run down look to it compared to its heyday.

And it's not the only example of that in the county.

jack rip her

Posted 8:02 am, 05/23/2017

I get the impression that Jefferson, and West Jefferson think they dont need to advertise and push tourism. They had better be waking up. There are professional consultants that would earn their keep were the towns to explore those options.


Posted 7:43 pm, 05/22/2017

Most businesses are on the edge of going under because 1. people come up with horrible ideas for businesses and 2. Most people are horrible at running businesses and don't do the research needed or learn how to manage a business or finances.


Posted 12:38 pm, 05/22/2017

Good point, Lansing is doing well and hopefully that continues


Posted 11:53 am, 05/22/2017

Such mandates also though increase the cost of business, and most Ashe county small businesses are one bad season from declaring bankruptcy.

I do agree that the County Government does not do enough to promote Ashe County, Lansing does about the best job of promoting itself, but you don't see that level of promotion for West Jefferson or Jefferson, and that is sad.


Posted 10:26 am, 05/22/2017

Tourism will have to continue to be a source of revenue. It is not a bad thing as long as County and city leaders do more to promote small business growth. For example you would think tourism towns like Jefferson and West Jefferson would mandate all business' would need to keep their properties in shape such as landscaping and upkeep. This would help landscaping business', money would stay in the county and you have well maintained buildings. Just a small example but it gets the point. Manufacturing jobs are most likely not coming back as much as that would help. But, in all honesty you speak to most employers and they cannot keep good help in this county. It has become easier to collect a check and stay at home. Drug testing is a thing of the past because you could not keep a crew. It's sad to see the state of Ashe County in some ways.

proud native

Posted 9:28 am, 05/22/2017

When Hugh Morton died in June 2006, his heirs vowed to continue his mission to preserve and protect Grandfather Mountain in its natural state. In September 2008 they announced a plan to sell the undeveloped “backcountry” of Grandfather to the state of North Carolina for a state park. In the summer of 2009, the Morton family began the process of transferring the operations of the travel attraction to the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. The new non-profit organization continues to make the property accessible to the public and will devote all resources to preservation, conservation, education and recreation.

jack rip her

Posted 8:55 am, 05/22/2017

You forgot tourism. Our leaders should be promoting it at every turn. If you want to call them leaders.


Posted 8:49 am, 05/22/2017

Skidmark, at what point has anyone ever claimed that jobs would come back as a result of 221. Those jobs are gone, and like I said, we should not want them back. As a rural community we can thrive if we get out of the way. 221 is essentially to keep jobs that are here and to provide infrastructure to those that want to start a business. If Ashe is going to grow economically it will have to do so within the county. Specialized homegrown manufacturing and small business is the only way that we can grow.


Posted 10:13 pm, 05/21/2017

Just got back from China on a business trip, good news because of Hwy 221 being built they will consider bring in a major computer company creating thousands of jobs ranging in salaries from $30-$100 per hour! LMAO


Posted 2:46 pm, 05/20/2017

At $12 million, they got to claim a huge loss on a property that they couldn't do anything else with anyway


Posted 2:06 pm, 05/20/2017

The foundation the Morton family started still run the park area along with the State. Trust me the Mortons sold the rights to the land in the park. In the paper and website it may be the foundations, but in the agreement, the State has all rights to the land. There was a reason it was sold for only 12 million dollars, the foundation wanted to stop paying property taxes. Only way they could accomplish this was to give the land to the State.


Posted 10:33 am, 05/20/2017

Highlands may not appeal to you, but it and Cashiers are huge second home and vacation markets. And the area is probably smaller than Ashe. My point is it doesn't take amusement parks or airbrushed t-shirts to attract visitors.


Posted 10:18 am, 05/20/2017

Grandfather Mountain is split into two. The formerly undeveloped areas became the State Park. The formerly developed areas were transferred to a nonprofit foundation that runs the former developed part. The State does have the right to stop new development in the area run by the nonprofit, but it's still privately run other than that.

You do realize based on published data that the median income in Ashe is higher than the median income in Highlands. To my knowledge I've not been, perhaps when I was a kid but certainly not as an adult. My parents took us all over when I was younger so we might have gone there on a trip to Cherokee or someplace else.

I don't golf (I have a bad hip, bad knee and bad ankle on the left leg and a bad back), as such I don't hike anymore (used to enjoy it as a kid), I don't drink wine (or any alcohol), and as such the appeal of Highlands isn't great enough for me to go as an adult.


Posted 10:05 am, 05/20/2017

Ashe could be the next Highlands


jack rip her

Posted 9:56 am, 05/20/2017

Skiddy, you are so far off that I need to go and check my liquor stock because I do think you must have been in it. Your claim that there is nothing here for the tourist is wrong. Just look at the nightly and weekly home rental sites at the number of home rentals we have. Did you forget about the New river?


Posted 8:45 am, 05/20/2017

Skittles, you want factories, but you have no idea how to get them here. You just want someone else to wave a wand and make it happen. You have no idea what factories want or require to move to an area. You don't understand that the world has changed and it can't go backwards.


Posted 8:38 am, 05/20/2017

Oh, and pigeon forge was a destination way before Dolly got involved. Dollywood was silver dollar city before she bought it.


Posted 8:36 am, 05/20/2017

Jr, about 10 years ago, I think after Hugh Morton died, the family sold grandfather to the state. Last time I went up there, state park employees worked the gate.

But either way, have you ever been to Highlands or Cashiers? (Pretty much both are the same area) They survive on tourists and have none of the tourist traps like pigeon forge.


Posted 8:34 am, 05/20/2017

We can agree to disagree, but most economist disagree with an acceleration of job loss due to automation. Is there an impact, most definitely because we see a decrease in unskilled labor income. Most economist agree that this is a direct result of unskilled labor being replaced by automation, and those workers are now working part-time or service jobs. However we are talking about less than 1 percent of the workforce impacted. The conclusion is 2 fold, it's not only automation but lack of education. If fast food implemented kiosk today, the number everyone would focus on would be the 9 out of 10 jobs that would be lost, but not the 2 more skilled jobs that are created.

I have said before, education is one of the most effective ways to market yourself in a competitive job market. That's part of capitalism, either accept the change or get left behind.

Side note: Grandfather is a State Park, however the Morton family has the rights to run the business part of the park.

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