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Posted 3:26 pm, 09/21/2018

Jack, I believe the group you mention thought they would control the SO through Bufurt or Mochen. They know that neither Bucky nor Phil will be their pet Sherriff. I believe they do not care who wins . I think that group was out for themselves, not the citizens of Ashe.

jack rip her

Posted 1:06 pm, 09/21/2018

What I cant figure out (yet) is why the ones that were in such a big lather about how great bufurt was as a sheriff and how all this change needed to take place and they were die hard republicans. Do they not care which one wins now? They were pretty heavy on the Moochen if memory recalls or have they lost twice and just feel beaten down?


Posted 11:58 am, 09/21/2018

Unfortunately having the most time on the job doesn’t always make one the most qualified. Especially considering some of the things we are learning about how the jail has been allowed to be run


Posted 10:34 pm, 09/20/2018

Unless they have changed sides, some of those yards are Republican. But you would expect some people to back the most experienced candidate.


Posted 5:25 pm, 09/20/2018

I'm not a liberal. And I'm not stupid either. With the number of Absher signs in yards all over the county, it looks like Bucky has a lot of support.

P.S. Max, maybe you should get some help for your anger issues.

MadMax :-)

Posted 12:18 am, 09/20/2018

No change is worse! Buckets moto is and always has been "NO WAVES"!

Think about it liberals, if Williams had not retired early none of Buchanan would have happened.

Bucket has over thirty years with the county, who's to say be want pull the same stunt?

If you want change vote for Howell at least he needs to work and is no where near retirement! Stupid Liberals!


Posted 7:19 pm, 09/19/2018

I agree with Tabs - sometimes change is not better


Posted 2:06 pm, 09/19/2018

MadMax, you hit the nail on the head. It's either someone's kin or a 'cover for me' buddy. That system has been around to long. It's a thorn in most voters mind this election season. I can see Bucket having a hard time trying to overcome public perception before the election..

He has obviously not made any changes and by the looks of it, he is arrogantly flaunting it in everyone's face, including Democrats, like myself.

He may be surprised when election comes around because his support base has certainly dwindled over these issues.


Posted 5:04 pm, 09/18/2018

Paula Perry wanted change too.

jack rip her

Posted 9:05 am, 09/18/2018

You got internet Jr.


Posted 7:19 am, 09/18/2018

I'm actually relatively poor. You have to learn to do without some things when you don't have the money. thus I don't have things like cable/satellite tv, don't have a cell phone etc. Just simply can't afford those luxuries.

MadMax :-)

Posted 3:12 am, 09/18/2018

Question? Does the county have any policy that states all its employees must live in North Carolina or the county they work in? I seem to remember the jail captain who took the toothless ones place was from Sparta, and Bucket & Price had no problem getting rid of her. But yet the jail lieutenant is from VA and resides there? Must be somebody's KIN!!!
VOTE HOWELL IN NOVEMBER IF YOU WANT CHANGE! Otherwise Sit Down Shut Up And Quit Ruining my Life!


Posted 12:24 am, 09/17/2018

You have more money than most jrscott. I want to know where our hard earned tax money goes. Hobby suggestions are always welcome. I use to collect stamps & dolls but it became boring.

I am a registered Democrat and would vote for Bucket as I did Williams. Unfortunately, I can't, in good conscience, vote for him.

Especially after hearing about the jail captain using inmates for personal gain. I have a big family and lots of friends who are registered democrat but dont feel comfortable voting for him either.

The jail captain is a good example of what happens when you have a "a good ole buddy" system in the Sheriff's department..

That double-standard is wrong.. If Bucket can't do the right thing, then we need to vote for a Sheriff that will.


Posted 11:02 am, 09/15/2018

I'm not actually planning to vote for Bucky but some of the criticism of him is unfounded I think. I also think if you have nothing better to do than follow him around all day to see what he's doing, then maybe you should find another hobby....


Posted 10:56 am, 09/14/2018

He should be spending a few hours each day working in the jail. If the current jail capt is spending more time on breaks, smoking like a freight train than working or using trustees as her personal assistant or cussing jailers like a sailor, Seems that he has failed the multimillion facility miserably. Wonder if she got some dentures after she was given a raise and rehired? Anyone know?

jack rip her

Posted 9:09 am, 09/14/2018

Jr someone was offering those hours as an excuse for bucket leaving soon after lunch. Sources were saying 2pm. At any rate sources have him there all day after this site brought light to the hours.


Posted 1:59 am, 09/14/2018

5 am to 1 pm is 8 hours. So if he does that 5 days a week that's 40 hours, assuming he's not taking a lunch break before getting off.


Posted 8:54 pm, 09/13/2018

I saw them too. Must have been at least 7 or 8 marked cars.

jack rip her

Posted 8:02 pm, 09/13/2018

What is up with the barney and johnny trooper reunion in the parking lot between Hardees and Winners circle? One of them giving food away to them?

jack rip her

Posted 1:00 pm, 09/13/2018

Only you are missing the point. A salaried employee is expected to work at least 40 hours a week. Not thirty or 35. If they so happen to have to work 60 thats part of their job and what is expected of a salaried employee. I know of no major/assistant sheriff in the state that works from 5am to 1pm. They work from 8 to 5 or longer if necessary. There is no comp time with a salaried employee, they are exempt.

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