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Ashe county K9

jack rip her

Posted 7:34 pm, 06/24/2018

Mark this one on your crapper house wall---he wont ever work for Ashe county again.


Posted 6:35 pm, 06/24/2018

Wrong again Jack. On administrative leave. Not been fired.

jack rip her

Posted 12:39 pm, 06/24/2018

Pot ashe Fins and I are always right. Your county manger is now known as the ex county manager like the rest.


Posted 9:15 pm, 06/23/2018

Keep drinking Jack and maybe the lies YOU REGULARLY tell about our county manager will come true. Nobody believes you on any topic.

jack rip her

Posted 12:32 pm, 06/22/2018

I am betting that the price was not disclosed? Yearick took care of another barney namely Mickey.


Posted 12:25 pm, 06/22/2018

Jack I read on Go Blueridge that your new Sheriff said the handler bought the county owned K9.

jack rip her

Posted 5:26 pm, 06/05/2018

Did the county commissioners think if they got rid of Yearick we would all forget about the county owned 5 thousand dollar dog? Where is the dog and how much was paid for the dog. It must be secret because you dont want us to know.


Posted 12:03 pm, 04/17/2018

Only know what I read i guess

jack rip her

Posted 11:01 am, 04/17/2018

We want facts not guesses by a paper that really doesn't exist. Do you have any facts about the dog?


Posted 10:48 am, 04/17/2018

The APT reported this on March 12. It would appear Boyles has dog.

JEFFERSON â€" Mickey Boyles has agreed with the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office to purchase the Ashe County K9 Unit Nyla Jean.

Boyles, a former deputy and the dog’s handler under former Sheriff Terry Buchanan, expects he will have to pay the $5,000 asking price for the dog.


Posted 9:02 am, 04/17/2018

There was no mention of the dog at yesterday's BOC meeting. Sherriff Hartley was there and answered questions from the board about two agenda items.

jack rip her

Posted 8:47 am, 04/17/2018

Has the county just given the dog away to Mickey? The silence on the matter leads one to that conclusion.

jack rip her

Posted 7:30 pm, 03/28/2018

Where is the dog? I cant wait for the new online paper to start.


Posted 5:49 pm, 03/21/2018

Supposedly Mickey has turned in receipts for his expenses of taking care of the dog. I expect he has padded them greatly trying to get his numbers up more than the cost the county is demanding. I hope they review his data closely. I wouldnt trust him over any money.

Joseph T.

Posted 3:00 pm, 03/21/2018

I would have thought that a service weapon or badge would be different than say selling a car or office equipment or k9s

jack rip her

Posted 2:14 pm, 03/21/2018

They can do a private sale like they do a gun or a badge of a retired barney.

I hope they all dont think we are going to forget about it.

Joseph T.

Posted 1:54 pm, 03/21/2018

Here's another question how can the sheriff or the county offered to sell the dog to Mickey without listing it for sale to everyone like other property.

Joseph T.

Posted 1:51 pm, 03/21/2018

Is there any more news on the dog did the county get the money or the dog yet.


Posted 12:17 pm, 03/19/2018

Oh I don't think he was qualified either......


Posted 11:19 am, 03/19/2018

JR I['d question whether we had a qualified K9 handler previously.

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