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Posted 11:37 pm, 11/09/2019

Oh geez.. well no not really. I was young when that show was on. I did wonder why they quit making them.


Posted 11:16 pm, 11/09/2019

Did you ever wonder what Cosby really did with those pudding pops?


Posted 10:40 pm, 11/09/2019

Hahaha.... good one. Im slow. I would have eventually figured it out from the sweater comment. Might have been tomorrow if you had not just came out and said it.


Posted 10:28 pm, 11/09/2019

it won't kill you. If it was dangerous, Cosby would be in jail for murder.


Posted 9:24 pm, 11/09/2019

Well the bathtub seemed like the most logical place to pass out. It was close to the toilet and far enough away from her moms room to where she couldn't hear us puking our brains out. I've never heard of that. I steer clear of anything containing the word meth or that google says is likely to kill me.


Posted 9:13 pm, 11/09/2019

A lot of people started their drinking career exactly the same. Funny how many sleep in the bathtub that first time.

If you are open to trying anything, have you ever tried wine spritzers with methaqualone? Methaqualone is hard to find since they quit making it in the 70's. But I found some on eBay. This woman in Philly was getting rid of some of her husband's stuff. She also had several hundred multicolored sweaters for sale too.


Posted 9:00 pm, 11/09/2019

You have clearly been drinking a lot longer than I have. I'm pretty open minded and will try just about anything Once. First thing I ever drank was Goldschlager. That was when I was 16. My best friend and I puked half the night and then fell asleep in her bathtub. That is something I would never drink again.


Posted 8:35 pm, 11/09/2019

First choice is red and so dry that dust flies out when you cork it. A nice cab or Pinot. But I'll settle for anything with alcohol. I really like the buzz from sake. I keep plenty of debutant crack on stock too.

Actually, my first choice is brown, from the Kentucky region


Posted 8:14 pm, 11/09/2019

If it's an open bar I'm not picky. If I'm buying I prefer white. Moscato is probably my favorite. What about you?


Posted 7:57 pm, 11/09/2019

I'm always good with some wine. You a red or a white girl?


Posted 7:21 pm, 11/09/2019

I tried yoga a few times. Thought it would help relieve stress. Drinking wine in my yoga pants seems to work better for me though.


Posted 12:08 am, 11/09/2019

We can trade the laps for some yoga. It's always good to be flexible


Posted 11:14 pm, 11/08/2019

Do I have to run laps? Push ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and sit ups I'm good with but I hate to run.


Posted 10:09 pm, 11/08/2019

I've got a whistle somewhere. Wanna play school?


Posted 4:50 pm, 11/08/2019

Did this happen when you were a student? I've always had a thing for older male authority figures. I had the hottest gym teacher in high school. I fantasized about hooking up with him for years. Im pretty sure almost every girl in my class did. To my knowledge no one ever did though.

jack rip her

Posted 1:48 pm, 11/08/2019

I got a ride on a hot teacher one time. Memorable.


Posted 10:03 pm, 11/07/2019

The only place Johnny is getting a full ride to is Daymark on the ACTA.


Posted 9:11 pm, 11/07/2019

Bingo, Aflic! The same ones that scream we need a new coach for the this sport or that sport so Johnny can get a full ride.


Posted 9:06 pm, 11/07/2019

Wanting is the problem. Way too many of Ashe students have no goals and don't want more than a job with a name tag. That's the fault of the parents. Many being the same parents than piss and moan about the administration of the county school system.


Posted 8:54 pm, 11/07/2019

I have to laugh about you saying my posts are during business hours though. I guess corporations are between 8pm and 9am now? Not very likely.

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