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Board of Education gives coaches a raise


Posted 4:46 pm, 07/18/2018

I know a coach that will need a sizeable raise if he keeps adding to the population of Ashe. Makes me wonder why he hasn't been fixed.


Posted 8:06 am, 07/18/2018

No one gives raises to coaches as a political stunt. They would find something more directed tot he classrooms for a political stunt.


Posted 6:21 am, 07/18/2018

No - the superintendent is not elected- but the people who hire that position are

This is a year with 3 open seats - this was a political stunt - glad to see backfiring here

Knowledgeable and educated people (parents) in the community are most certainly questioning her actions


Posted 8:01 am, 07/17/2018

The superintendent position isnt elected.

And other than a few whiners that created new user names here, Ive not heard anyone complaining about the shifting of administration.


Posted 7:01 am, 07/17/2018

This is obviously a feeble attempt at popularity in an election year. Miss Super realized what a fiasco she created by her random and ill planned “reassignments” in May. Williams and P Jones chiming in with motions and seconds - how calculated. They are are beginning to see the writing on the wall.

8 people filed to run for 3 open seats on the BOE.
6 new people


Posted 8:12 am, 07/12/2018

I think Sports had a benefit. The problem is sports now have become so important they have become a negative to the education system. Schools should drop sports programs all together.


Posted 7:42 am, 07/12/2018

My question is where are all the disgruntle teachers that have been here slamming the Board and Superintendent? Something actually comes up that needs to be addressed ant they have all disappeared. Sports has its benefits but the amount of money placed on them is ridiculous.


Posted 3:40 am, 07/12/2018

My uncle who coached for many years is angry over how little they paid him back then compared to what the teachers/coaches make now.


Posted 6:13 pm, 07/11/2018

"...neanderthals with whistles..."

jack rip her

Posted 1:04 pm, 07/11/2018

How many computers could they buy with these raises?


Posted 8:04 am, 07/11/2018

I really dont get this. We constantly hear complaints that teachers are under paid and that schools are under funded. But instead of focusing the limited budget on critical components to make sure kids get educated, the BOE decides to give raises to the neanderthals with whistles.

As long as this county thinks football is more important than reading, there is ho hope.


JEFFERSON " The Ashe County Board of Education has unanimously approved appropriations for the 2018-19 budget.

These appropriations come as a result of Ashe County Schools’ budget growing by $262,268 from the 2017-18 school year budget. Last year’s budget was $4,784,744, while the proposed budget for 2018-19 that will be up for approval at the August or September meeting is $5,047,017, according to Ashe County Superintendent Phyllis Yates. All funds are provided by the county.

The board plans to use the additional $262,268 in many ways, including $32,350 for professional development, $37,733 for instruction, $31,500 for technology, $4,700 for athletics, $32,000 for beginning teacher support, $40,000 for the assessment, Support and Counseling counselor and $83,985 for maintenance and repair.

The board members also approved $431,535 for capital outlay, including $52,534 for furniture, $56,700 for equipment and $322,301 for maintenance and repair. This does not include the additional $100,000 provided annually by the county.

After the board approved the proposed 2018-19 budget appropriations, Yates mentioned another matter. Yates said that coaches for school athletics are getting harder to come by, and she had compared pay with surrounding counties.

“It’s really amazing to me the number of hours that some of these coaches put into what they’re doing,” Yates said. “It’s not just 10-15 minutes everyday. We’re talking hours upon hours.”

Yates then proposed an increase to coaching supplements by 20 percent starting in the 2018-19 school year. Yates said that would total an extra $24,543, including salary and benefits.

Board member Terry Williams said he used to coach when he was a teacher.

“I know how many hours and the time that takes,” Williams said. “I also understand that coaching is a form of teaching. I think it’s very valuable to our children to have those kind of people who teach team cooperation, leadership and various other aspects.”

Williams made a motion in favor of raising the coaching supplements. Board member Polly Jones would second the motion, saying she admired those who gave their time to coach.

The board then unanimously approved the motion.

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