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Chalk up a win for freedom


Posted 8:15 pm, 06/13/2021

Oops! read January for July.


Posted 8:11 pm, 06/13/2021

Funny thing about rights Billy, those who squeal about their rights the loudest are the quickest to stomp all over the rights of others, July 6th was a shining example.


Posted 8:00 pm, 06/13/2021

Cool. My rights, etc.


Posted 11:17 am, 06/13/2021

That's the way to go Dung Beetle put 'em back in their place, the very idea of n.....s owning farms! They should still be sharecroppers we let 'em get way too uppity.


Posted 9:29 am, 06/13/2021

chalk up another smack down of the insane dunce biden. A federal judge struck down his payments to lame dark skinned farmers as racist. How rosy are the glasses now a days liberals.


Posted 7:57 pm, 06/09/2021

Wow! Pinocchio admitted that Trump was beaten in the election as opposed to being cheated, there goes his membership in "The Chosen One's" mutual admiration society. Maybe the Nazis will also declare him persona non grata.


Posted 6:18 pm, 06/09/2021

Dog, I saw that too. At least we got the judges through before they figured out how to beat Trump.


Posted 5:37 pm, 06/09/2021

After reading some of your posts I have to wonder what gender identification you would like applied to yourself, Dung Beetle.


Posted 4:33 pm, 06/09/2021

And the left got yet another smack down by the good judges. It was determined that a teacher in northern (liberal) Virginia broke the law when the teacher was fired for not referring to a transgender elementary student by the sex they want to identify by. It was ordered that the teacher be reinstated, back paid, and attorney fees paid.


Posted 7:57 pm, 06/06/2021

You are a perfect poster boy for idjwits magazine Pinocchio if Trump regains power there wont be any constitution, you've been on this constitution kick ever since I can remember and yet you support someone who ignores it when it suits his purpose. And if he achieves his goal of becoming dictator will dispose of it entirely.


Posted 7:39 pm, 06/06/2021

"Government is not free to impose its own new policy choices on American citizens where Constitutional rights are concerned," the judge wrote.


Posted 5:33 pm, 06/06/2021

And if/or when "The Chosen One" becomes dictator what do you think will happen to our rights? How long d'ye think we'll be able to hold onto our guns? Dictators don't like civilians owning guns or any other means of physical resistance. I suggest if you Trumpoids want this kind of regime you migrate to Russia, what you want is already in place there. Just leave America to those of us who truly believe this should be a nation of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A nation where we can rely on our children and grandchildren coming home from school, not be gunned down in the classroom or playground. A nation where a bunch of thugs can't be allowed to storm our central symbol of democracy without the true ringleaders being brought to account.


Posted 4:33 pm, 06/06/2021

Dog, hopefully this will help overturn other bans, especially in California. And it hopefully sets a precedent against more federal attempts to remove people's rights.


Posted 4:24 pm, 06/06/2021

Yeah it's so sad that people hate America so much that they don't want their kids gunned down in school. It's so sad when people don't want to see people at a concert having a good time gunned down mindlessly. It's so sad that people who are so lacking in mental acuity are allowed to own weapons that are designed for the sole purpose of killing other people because they have to have their precious phallic symbols. What is even sadder is when people who slavishly support and enable a draft dodging, lying bully who is out to destroy our democracy, sell our country to Putin and make himself dictator call anyone who is against autocracy anti- American.


Posted 2:37 pm, 06/06/2021

Its also sad we still have liberal judges that judge based on politics.


Posted 2:23 pm, 06/06/2021

It's sad that some people just hate America and our freedoms.


Posted 2:07 pm, 06/06/2021

Great! Now any psycopath in California that has an issue real or imagined with kids, his present or former boss and coworkers can acquire the perfect weapon with which to eliminate the source of his ire. One can only hope that the judge that made this decision becomes a victim of his own crass stewpidity.

I have a swiss army knife and I'm dummed if I can figure out how I could carry out a mass killing with it even if I wanted to.


Posted 1:39 pm, 06/06/2021

A federal judge has ruled California's assault weapon ban as unconstitutional.

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