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Posted 7:27 pm, 11/07/2018

And at the same time you are completely obsessed with me. That says even more about you then.


Posted 6:28 pm, 11/07/2018

And I'm sure you'll be as effective in that pursuit as you were with your board of education endorsements. You've done nothing. You are nothing. And you'll leave nothing of substance behind after your gone, save for a negligible contribution of posts on a sparsely populated message board that are so self deluded and self aggrandizing that they bordering parody. Yet you are so plaintively pathetic that you tout this as some sort of achievement. You have the saddest existence imaginable.


Posted 5:57 pm, 11/07/2018

Stupid, we spent the last couple of years cultivating the candidates and educating the voters. The problem is you are short sighted. But index than a week, I got a completely unknown Florida transplant almost 1000 votes. People listen. But the first order of business is getting a new chief of police in West Jefferson.


Posted 5:37 pm, 11/07/2018

You put them on your official endorsement thread. If you held the influence you claim, surely those you could have garnered enough support with just that simple endorsement to ensure that they wouldn't have all three finished in the worst possible position. As far as your endorsement of candidates that everyone knew was going to win based on political affiliation, no one is in the least impressed. It's sad enough to continually boast that you wield influence over something as insignificant as this message board, but it's even sadder when that's proved to be fallacious. What a tiny, worthless person you must be in real life, if you're this meaningless on the internet.


Posted 5:29 pm, 11/07/2018

Moron, why the **** would I endorse Democrats? Have I ever come across as some bleeding heart pansy? As for the BOE, as I already explained, I made one comment on it less than a week before the election. Next time we will give it more attention. We have first been focused on cleaning up the commissioners and then sheriff.


Posted 5:01 pm, 11/07/2018

What democrats did you endorse again? You endorsed republican candidates in a republican stronghold and then claimed you're endorsements matter. You pulled 0 percent in non partisan races. You're not influential. No one cares what you think. The fact that you think you do borders between laughable and depressing. You're sad, insignificant, and mean spirited.


Posted 4:29 pm, 11/07/2018

Streak, you haven’t been around since the primary. The first endorsements came out then. And we had already been discussing commissioner candidates and sheriff for well over a year. A lot of work went into those positions. I never said anything about BOE until about a week ago.


Posted 3:44 pm, 11/07/2018

You do realize that the vast majority of the Muslim world doesn't practice that form of fundamental Islam, don't you, so miserable, sexually repressed lonely old man? You also deflected from my question.

jack rip her

Posted 3:37 pm, 11/07/2018

How many times a day do you miss treat your bride? You do know that the reason the muslims keep the women covered dont you brown eye?


Posted 3:35 pm, 11/07/2018

What questions am I dodging? No, I'm not a Muslim, nor is my wife, you sad, lonely old man. And why are you bragging about supporting the three board members that received the fewest votes? That's my point exactly. You have no influence. As for Howell, he was a republican elected in a county that has voted almost exclusively red in the past decade. Williams, a democrat, was an incumbent who often ran unopposed, and whose first election predated the partisan crazed climate of today's political atmosphere.


Posted 3:28 pm, 11/07/2018

You announced your BOE endorsements on the same thread as your other endorsements. You're so important that people couldn't wait to have you tell them how to vote. What happened?

jack rip her

Posted 3:26 pm, 11/07/2018

Brownie fails to take note of the sheriffs election in this county. Its obvious he only wants to troll Fins and myself. Hes still is dodging my two questions to him. I supported the same three candidates as Fins for the boe. I was even the one to discover the Britten chick.


Posted 3:22 pm, 11/07/2018

I agree with captain 100%


Posted 3:00 pm, 11/07/2018

Streak, I didn’t decide to put any focus on the BOE until about a week or less before the election. Next time we will tackle that bunch of deadweight


Posted 2:45 pm, 11/07/2018

In NC the Sheriff is the highest elected official in the County, if the commission does not approve an adequate budget he has remedies to get the funds he needs to execute his priorities. The two bodies need to work together for the best of the county, we'll see how this turns out.


Posted 2:21 pm, 11/07/2018

Hows life treating you up there in Canada JamesJones?


Posted 1:36 pm, 11/07/2018

I realize that you're not very intelligent, but how do you define non-partisan? Candidates for school board don't have to declare a political affiliation. Without the obvious republican sway of the county's electorate to guide him, your boy's endorsements literally couldn't have finished any worse. In the partisan elections, no one here is surprised in a county that votes at such a high percentage for republican candidates, that republican candidates swept the election. Three risks taken with non-partisan endorsements, three abject failures. This all adds up to absolutely no influence over the political climate of the county, regardless of how sad it is that you two believe this to be true.

jack rip her

Posted 1:30 pm, 11/07/2018

Brownie you are wrong yet again. You may want to look at the sheriffs race. Then you may want to realize the school board is non partisan.

btw I am still awaiting on the answers to my two questions of you and your bride.


Posted 1:26 pm, 11/07/2018

Your influence is so vast and all-reaching that your endorsements in the non-partisan school board elections finished in dead last. Endorsing republican candidates in a county that consistently votes Republican doesn't demonstrate influence; it simply shows the county voted like the county always votes, red.


Posted 1:24 pm, 11/07/2018

James Jones, congratulations, hope you stay away!!

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