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Christmas Parade


Posted 9:29 am, 11/24/2021

I guess they still do it. Isn't it in Sparta or Wilkes? I just remember seeing it on that local channel on cable years ago and my and my dear ol pappy laughing hysterically at the fact that people would go out to watch that kind of noise.


Posted 10:10 am, 11/22/2021

And dont they have their own parade each fall with nothing but hose jockey trucks in it?


Posted 8:39 am, 11/22/2021

Gruf isn't complaining about the parade. The issue is the hose jockeys that thinks everyone wants to listen to their noise. They don't need to run the siren in a parade. Especially since as soon as one does it, they all start. Then all you have is just noise.


Posted 5:48 am, 11/22/2021

The parade was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and was well attended. It seems like there's more Christmas events than ever with the Farmer's Holiday Market, West Jefferson's tree lightning and the middles school light show. I loved the horse and buggy at the White House Christmas Tree event and can't wait for Choose and Cut this weekend to pick out my tree.


Posted 10:45 pm, 11/21/2021

Look who's back! The liar that said she was leaving for good. And she's derailed another thread to make something all about her.


Posted 9:41 pm, 11/21/2021

No thanks dog - there's nothing that you could possibly school me on.


Posted 7:41 pm, 11/21/2021

And you called me uneducated. Shall the dog open up the dogs school of sexual education for you homie?


Posted 7:35 pm, 11/21/2021

Why would anyone cut a hole in their mask? Is that something you do, doggity?


Posted 6:57 pm, 11/21/2021

You are the ignorant one homie, you took a thread and made it all about yourself as you normally do. Go smoke one and drink some cheap wine from a box. Dont forget to put a hole in your mask.

Do you do your husband with a mask on, cut a hole in the mask?


Posted 5:53 pm, 11/21/2021

Oh dog - being part of a 90 person marching band unit is never about putting yourself first and in the spotlight...it's always about a team effort. If I wanted to be a show off, I'd have been a majorette or a trumpet player. Jeez you're so darn foolish and uneducated. So sorry for you.


Posted 4:41 pm, 11/21/2021

I see as fins points out to you that you have again took a thread and made it all aabout you. I bet I saw you wearing a mask out doors.


Posted 4:18 pm, 11/21/2021

The Ashe Christmas parade...awww, what a wonderful tradition!
I was a proud NWA marching "mountaineer" back in the day. I played trombone and tuba in so many Christmas parades, dozens - maybe hundreds...but the hometown WJ parade was the best (and flattest) route.

Gotta love those good old days, marching with a giant 30 pound tuba on my back & keeping the bass line going with the percussion players behind me. Also trying to avoid horse poop along the parade route from the mounted riders along the way. Thankfully they were generally at the end of the lineup and my spats/shoes stayed nice and clean.

Happy (upcoming) Thanksgiving week to all you Ashe County folks!


Posted 1:39 pm, 11/21/2021

Piss ant since you now admit you weren't there keep your negative trolling comments to yourslef. Now go back to posing as the resident dunce where half the site calls you "centless".


Posted 12:25 pm, 11/21/2021

Are you getting even more stupid than you were yesterday, where did I say I was at the parade dolt?


Posted 6:34 am, 11/21/2021

Piss ant I know you wern't there as you were on GW as centurion trolling about Kyle all afternoon.


Posted 7:06 pm, 11/20/2021

What a grouch!


Posted 5:14 pm, 11/20/2021

The Ashe county fire clubs out did themselves this time. What seemed like a hundred fire trucks with lights flashing and horns and sirens blaring. The minute the fire trucks and their racket starts coming by, anyone with small children head for the hills.

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