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Corruption in the jail


Posted 3:20 pm, 10/13/2018

Tabs, Let me try and understand you and the other Bucky supporters.

You want to vote for Bucky because one of the 3 reasons:

1.) You know him and feel that he's your friend and will offer you amnesty as he does his jailers. (If nothing else, Bucky, Williams & Hartley will throw you a get out of jail party.)

2.) You'll vote for him because of his party affiliation, Democrat. Which is the dumbest reason of all, to vote for any candidate.

3.) Because you heard about his recent drug bust that resulted in a 10-15 people being charged with multiple counts & think that he is responsible and competent at enforcing laws fairly & equally in Ashe County.

Whatever the case, I am not a Hitler voter and don't vote for people based on their party affiliation. I've known Bucky all my life and like him as a person. I even know a lot of his family who feel the same. Most, like myself aren't voting for him because we don't think he is competent to step up in the role as Sheriff.

No one was happy when Williams & Bucky sold Ashe County to Southern Justice and maybe it doesn't bother you but Absher will do the same.

Good ole buddy system. I despise it. He talks about drug related arrest since he's been back in office. I don't consider kids experimenting with marijuana a big drug bust or someone having a pair of tweezers the real drug problem. I see them as political pawns.

Unfortunately, if those in the bust were his employees or friends. They would not have been arrested.

When I seen the photos and looked up the law,

North Carolina G.S. § 14-258.1.

(c) Any person who knowingly gives or sells any tobacco products, including vapor products, as defined in G.S. 148-23.1, to an inmate in the custody of the Division of Adult
Correction ...and on the premises of a correctional facility ...is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

(d) Any person who knowingly gives or sells a mobile telephone or other wireless communications device, or a component of one of those devices, to an inmate in the custody ...of a local confinement facility.., is guilty of a Class H felony.

I could continue looking up using inmates for personal gain and everything else but don't want to write a book.

The point is this, What kind of man would arrest kids for experimenting and others based on hearsay - when you have image's of real crimes being committed under your own roof but aren't willing to arrest, charge or even fire....

Not only did he ignore those crimes but he gave them a raise.

I don't know about you but I would rather spend my money on stopping crime than promoting it.

As far as Captain Allegheny. I don't know her but from what I heard, she was fired because she supported Buchanan which I've never done. I don't support corruption or unfairness on either side. That's why I will not vote for Bucky!


Posted 6:20 am, 10/13/2018

How are you liking your new job Captain? You and I both know if you dig deep enough you can find a picture of Captain Alleghany doing exactly what the jailers in that surveillance camera photo are doing. And she is the reason you and some of the others are pretending to be so outraged at what was going on at the jail two years ago. Why didn't you speak up at the time it was happening? Could it be because you didn't want to see your buddies get in trouble? Your whole agenda is revenge against Price and Absher.


Posted 10:29 pm, 10/12/2018

Bucky gave those pictured raises to work for him. What's wrong with that picture?



Posted 10:22 pm, 10/12/2018

Anyone have the jail inspectors email address & state's attorney general's office???


MadMax :-)

Posted 7:14 pm, 10/12/2018

YES!! 100%
The good ol boy system in action, vote Howell and lets make Ashe great again!!



Posted 5:33 pm, 10/12/2018

Does anyone know if GC & the toothless one are still employed at the Ashe Detention Center??


Posted 1:11 pm, 10/12/2018

I am furious that Bucky has the audacity to run for Sheriff while ignoring the corruption under his own roof. Even now, after those pictures got out. What has he done to fix the problem??

jack rip her

Posted 12:12 pm, 10/12/2018

Karma, if you know all this truth spill it out. Just what isn't the truth?


Posted 12:07 pm, 10/12/2018

Really? Then what is the truth? What have I said that is untrue?

Hope karma comes soon

Posted 12:00 pm, 10/12/2018

I was referring to negative things stated about both candidates not just Absher. But you tell yourself whatever it takes to justify it to yourself - the rest of us know the truth.


Posted 11:51 am, 10/12/2018

Bucky was chief deputy when these documented violations occurred. And it’s well known that he handled most of the hiring and personnel management. Especially in the last two years of Williams administration because he was banking time to retire. It is also known that he is responsible for rehiring the employees shown violating county policies and state laws. This isn’t slinging mud. It’s informing voters on what’s going on in their sheriff’s department.

Hope Karma Comes Soon

Posted 11:42 am, 10/12/2018

I personally know an like both of the candidates and neither of them deserve some of the things that have been said on this site about them. When there are problems within an organization then the elected official who is ultimately in charge of that organization should address them.
Neither of these candidates have ever had an opportunity to be in charge of the organization and regardless of what you may think you know they have not had the final say on anything that occurs. In addition, most of the discussions I've seen about both candidates center around the time frame when Williams was in charge which was over two years ago and may have already been addressed
When one of these candidates attains office then yes they should be held accountable and issues pointed out to them. Roark, Buchanan and crowd were in elected/appointed positions at the top of the line so the buck stopped there and the issues being discussed were current. And let's be honest here - the comments being posted over the last two weeks have not been posted for the sake of bringing an issue to light to correct it but to negatively impact both of the candidates in an upcoming election. If you think otherwise then you are a fool.


Posted 10:50 am, 10/12/2018

I'm a democrat. Unfortunately, I care about where and how my money is spent. I don't care about hearing a politician talk about arresting 15-20 people over the last year and charging them each with 10 to 20 counts to make it sound big while hiring criminals to work for you in the background.

If I am going to hire a neighbor to clean up my backyard, I don't want look over and see a mess in his. Two of the people in the pics were rehired & given raises... Sickening.

jack rip her

Posted 9:20 am, 10/12/2018

Lets go back a little further, we exposed the facts about Judy Poe, Gerry Price, and the reason they let Gates walk out of the county.


Posted 8:38 am, 10/12/2018

Tell me how informing the citizens what is really going on negative campaigning? You also didn’t complain when I exposed the facts about Roark, Yearick, or Buchanan.

jack rip her

Posted 6:57 am, 10/12/2018

Karma there is a difference in negative campaigning and speaking the truth. Were you to keep up and be active on the site what fins and I post is always found to be the truth. Do you just want to continue to be part of the cover up in the county?

Hope Karma Comes Soon

Posted 6:15 am, 10/12/2018

Frankly I do not care for the negative campaigning on either side. It is in poor taste and makes both sides look bad. I used to think that some of the posters on here made sense from time to time but I have not one shred of respect for any of the posters (on both sides) who are involved.


Posted 8:08 pm, 10/11/2018

That is S.P. For who ever didn’t believe it was her. And those pictures aren’t from a inmates cell it’s from the surveillance camera’s in and around the jail. Also it’s Miller and Fat boy Calloway ourtside with the inmates smoking. Funny huh 😂


Posted 1:33 pm, 10/11/2018

I wonder why an inmate was allowed to have a phone in jail. Oh. Paint my chair's and you can have what you want. Duh!.. I'm blonde. Give me a break!

jack rip her

Posted 1:24 pm, 10/11/2018

I count 3 inmates and 2 barneys smoking when they should be locked up.

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