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Cost to rent a county owned building seems to be a little unfair

The Mole

Posted 3:20 pm, 02/03/2019

For profit and not for profit organizations are not dissimilar in that they both have to make enough money to pay their bills and employees for both organization type will quit if they don't get paid. If you're curious about a not for profit, just ask to see their federal tax return (990) as it is public information.


Posted 12:27 pm, 01/29/2019

None? Is that right heels?


Posted 5:57 pm, 01/28/2019

Not sure what your position is....also, how many for profit child care organizations are there in the county? I know the answer do you?

jack rip her

Posted 6:51 am, 01/28/2019

daycaredrama (view profile)

Posted 9:02 pm, 01/27/2019

My position was printed in the newspaper. Mjcd wanted special treatment in getting reduced rent from county, and they got it. Period. What special breaks has the county given to the for profit daycare owner operators.

That would be the question about breaks given to others you would need to answer in order to prove your position queenie.


Posted 4:24 am, 01/28/2019

I see this article:


What it fails to say is how many children were enrolled prior to the move.

Also the MJCD google site is only about 4 years out of date, you might consider updating that....


Posted 10:23 pm, 01/27/2019

What’s your position Daycarepedo?

The Mole

Posted 9:11 pm, 01/27/2019

I don't think many people knew about the county rent at Family Central. The county tried to keep it quiet.


Posted 9:02 pm, 01/27/2019

My position was printed in the newspaper. Mjcd wanted special treatment in getting reduced rent from county, and they got it. Period. What special breaks has the county given to the for profit daycare owner operators.


Posted 7:58 pm, 01/27/2019

Just curious......do all the day cares charge basically the same rates?


Posted 6:57 pm, 01/27/2019

DramaQueen, let me explain something to you. The regulars here are the first to call out the the county for wasteful spending or dirty dealings. The fact that no one agrees with you says a lot about how wrong you are trying to make a big deal out of this.


Posted 6:39 pm, 01/27/2019

Most people who utilize daycare services in Ashe don’t even make enough to pay income taxes. They actually rely upon handouts to help them out - aka my money. They’re urchins who made poor life choices and prey upon hard working folks who make a decent living, those of us who didn’t fail Life 101 but are forced to support mother and lil Oliver and/or Lilly Twist.


Posted 6:32 pm, 01/27/2019

Asking for reduced rent isn’t asking for taxpayer dollars. It’s called a successful negotiation. I’d pay to watch you try and negotiate a deal with that limited skill set you’re working with. That could be high comedy.


Posted 6:06 pm, 01/27/2019

Mjcd ask for a reduced rental rate which is less money back to Ashe County taxpayers. So yes that is asking for them paying less money


Posted 5:22 pm, 01/27/2019

MJ didn’t ask for any money.


Posted 12:05 pm, 01/26/2019

Think about that statement.... Non-profit expects profit to pay taxes. That shows you know very little about Non-profits.


Posted 9:23 am, 01/26/2019

Yes, understand difference. In this case, non profit expects for profit to pay taxes to keep non profit in business. If for profit can survive, why can’t non profit. Non profit pays better salaries, more benefits for employees, etc. so who picks up the tab. Ashe county tax payers. And this isn’t right. County tax dollars shouldn’t be used to prop up this group forever.


Posted 9:02 am, 01/26/2019

Do any of you complainers understand the difference between a non-profit and a for profit daycare?


Posted 6:31 pm, 01/25/2019

To my understanding there are 70 on the waiting lists for a care slot. As for subsidy there is a waiting list, but not that many. Most of the day cares have to make repairs on the buildings themselves.


Posted 5:39 pm, 01/25/2019

You're funny!


Posted 4:48 pm, 01/25/2019

You said there are 70 kids on waiting list. Is that waiting list for a day care opening, or a slot for daycare supplement? I understand there are openings , but no subsidies monies available now. I don’t know daycare owner who has a second home, retreat home. Maybe only one, and she has worked hard for her business. Not tried to build it on taxpayers backs (dollars)

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