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Current COVID 19 Cases


Posted 3:22 pm, 05/26/2020

What did he do well? Pitch a hissy fit on tv wanting the rest of the countries ventilators that they ended up not really needing? Yeah, great job.

You've once again confirmed you are a liar.


Posted 3:08 pm, 05/26/2020

Tabs - you're right about Cuomo's failure on nursing homes. He didn't handle that well and the results were disastrous. I also disagree with his policies on the prisons during this pandemic. I think he did some things very well but I don't think I'd want him to be my boyfriend anymore.

fins - I am getting all the attention I need. I may post something every now and then or maybe I will just be a lurker or maybe I'll start posting with my real name or perhaps I will create a brand new username and pretend I am a new left leaning person....Nah, never mind. All too much trouble with no reward. I think it would just be easier to occupy myself with some positive things (planting my garden, looking after my mother and husband, cooking some new things, etc) so see y'all around.


Posted 9:14 pm, 05/25/2020

Amen Tabs! I hope the families sue the bas***d


Posted 9:05 pm, 05/25/2020

Homegirl, weren't you the one who came on here bragging about the wonderful job the NY governor was doing? The same **** who ordered nursing homes to take in Covid-19 patients. As a matter of fact if you discount one state in the US the other 49 have done a pretty good job with this pandemic.


Posted 8:43 pm, 05/25/2020

You have not one clue what you are talking about you liberal viral person. He may have the convention in Charlotte but I have my doubts that all the states will get on a plane loaded up to the gills. So quit your liberal cheer leading for clown governor. Tell us about the jack butt reunion up in the great north?


Posted 8:40 pm, 05/25/2020

Thought you were leaving, Homie. Not getting any attention at home?


Posted 8:29 pm, 05/25/2020

Having the RNC might be a local boost to the Charlotte economy - but depending on how our cases stand then, it could mean a terrible surge in NC. Trump will discourage mask wearing and social distancing with a wink and a nod by not following the rules himself. Others will follow his *** lead and they'll get sick, maybe die.

He wants NC's 15 electoral votes desperately, let's face it. He wouldn't pick a solid red state for the convention. He must have the iffy purple state votes to win but his handling of the corona virus has been awful. We've noticed Mr President.

I am proud that our governor is standing up and using science and public heath data to keep us safe instead of bowing down to trump to gain federal aid and to ensure placement of the RNC,

YAY clap, clap, clap! Mr, Cooper! You're a standout public servant!


Posted 3:55 pm, 05/25/2020

The state site is showing Ashe to have 34 cases, app is only showing 32 cases. They taking the weekend off?


Posted 8:08 am, 05/25/2020

As of 5/25/2020 @ 8:00 am, AppHealthCare.com is reporting 20 active cases in Ashe with another 23 in quarantine. Alleghany is reporting 6 active cases with 4 more in quarantine and Watauga has 4 active cases with another 19 in quarantine.

There are 163 active cases in Wilkes with 9 of those cases currently hospitalized and 3 deaths. In 88% of the cases in Wilkes, the mode of transmission has been from close contact.

North Carolina reported an average of 670.29 new cases each day over the past week with an average of 9776.86 tests completed per day over the past week which would be a positive rate of 6.86%. While this could indicate the spread of the virus is increasing, it could be as a result of the increased testing regime the state has introduced as we begin to open up our economy.

Outside of NC in adjoining counties, Johnson County, TN is reporting 15 cases total and Grayson County, VA is reporting 26 total cases.


Posted 6:51 am, 05/25/2020

This crew of migrant workers cant be the only crew coming in to all the tree growing counties to trim, spray, clear weeds from the trees. There will be more to come or are already here in several counties and across the line in Virginia.

The question is who is monitoring them?


Posted 11:57 pm, 05/24/2020

No, there's a big difference in someone getting sick because they took a trip and a farmer importing a bus load of workers, knowing the likelihood that they may be carriers is high. Especially after the first case came from someone traveling.


Posted 11:09 pm, 05/24/2020

And just for the record, I have never met him and wouldn't know him from Adam


Posted 11:07 pm, 05/24/2020

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one Fins. Like I said before, I don't like it any better than you do, but blaming the tree farm owner is just like the witch hunters with the first cases. Hopefully with his family connections being what they are, these migrants were quarantined for the 14 day period and have not spread it any further than their circle


Posted 10:50 pm, 05/24/2020

In the fields, they get paid by volume, not hour. They often pool their earnings. If you are part of a good crew, your hourly is upwards of 20 bucks.

The more you pick, the more you make! I dont know how they do it in the trees


Posted 10:42 pm, 05/24/2020

The living space is about like slave quarters and, like I said, it's inline with working fast food. Just a little higher, but not worth it for the work involved. They didn't try to find local work this time. And given the current circumstance, they should be held accountable for for hauling in infected workers.


Posted 8:59 pm, 05/24/2020

Pretty much, Dog


Posted 8:51 pm, 05/24/2020

Dont the migrants get paid like 11 or 12 bucks an hour? Given living space and we pick up the medical?


Posted 8:49 pm, 05/24/2020

They may pay more, but some would rather flip burgers for less money than do a hard days work for better pay


Posted 8:45 pm, 05/24/2020

Ford, they didn't try this year. They also have to pay more than what fast food workers get.


Posted 8:26 pm, 05/24/2020

Oh lord the liquor has clouded my reading comprehension. I have mistaken hike for homie in a post that I just made. I am sorry hikingmom.

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