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David Shane Simmons


Posted 5:24 am, 11/18/2023

Wenee, first of all your *replies* mornlikely have bad punctuation and grammar errors also so what is your point?
Second of all you already been told it could take years for it to go to trial, mornlikely will not happen til after the next school board election. Third of all we's busy waiting on a sports report from #23's momma's baby daddy cause the newspaper feller has too much other sh*t to take care of besides reporting on all the **** sports that r going on all the da*n time now apparently. They's basketball and wrastling and swimming and travel volleyball and running and ever thing else so we will be depending on you fellers here to let us know if the new basketball coach is hawt or nawt.


Posted 8:02 pm, 11/17/2023

Your reply's have nothing at all to do with the post.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:01 am, 11/03/2023

Oh and the "NAKED *** " ploy would never have worked on me considering from my information it was a terrifying sight. I woukd probably have hit it with a stick of firewood and taught him some manners. Now Southern Justice should have gotten a video of that and rating woukd have shot throuhh the roof

Green Arrow

Posted 6:56 am, 11/03/2023

Tabs they came here after I moved into the old popup when my mothers people were harassing my parents because my dad would not do what they wantrd and drive me off. Now they are claiming their STUPIDITY. was AUTISM. Southern Just did indedd interview me and asked me what I tbought of the legal system in Ashe and I tokd them we had the best legal system in Ashe money could bjy. I also signed releases allowing them to show it but it never showed so I figure they could not get a release from some relatives, because they were to big a cowards to admit to harassing an elderly sick old man. Or maybe Southern Justice was made to sign a gag order like the Heafers and Reeves tried to force in court on me. But Karma is no finished with that bunch yet. For a while they w we e droppin like flies. One was diagnosed with cancer and supposedly was dyibg any day, the son, one of the ring leaders died, the son that waved his naked *** at another neighbor trying to run him off, abd about a year ago their mother died so I guesz now they are getting an inkling of what it fels like. Too bad they didn't lose both parents within 3 months of each other after being harassed 24/7 by s but **** I enjoy what I can when Karma bites their ***. Now some can call me a liar all they like but the facts are the facts. Somewhere there is a tape of thay interview. Mom as to that so called Sheriff he was a pancy *** who neglected to enforce the law because he was too busy hiding the whorehouse of a department he was running. Yep I know quite a bit along that line now aling with the knowledge of WHY our local meth group is still out of jail where they belong. Well all but one of them who I hear has once again been busted for possession. Guess that dispatcher didn't get him tipped off in time!!


Posted 9:04 pm, 11/02/2023

Tabs, she claims to have been interviewed, but her episode didn't air because she uncovered the "truth" of our then sheriff.


Posted 7:01 pm, 11/02/2023

Arrow, were you on an episode of Southern Justice?

Green Arrow

Posted 8:21 am, 11/02/2023

Back SSDD. You won't hear about it. Just like what I told Southern Justice, got to keep the dirt swept under that old rug no matter the cost. The whole country now has the best courts money can buy. We now have the best politiciansmoney can buy. Someoneneeds to throw the whole lot of them on abig ship, sail it .out into the ocean and sink that sucker. Of course all the fish would probably die.


Posted 7:08 am, 11/02/2023

Wenee, just sign the **** petition for his wife so she can run for BOE doe agin. One ain't got nothing to do with the other.


Posted 11:08 pm, 11/01/2023

It is Federal Case. It could take years for him to go to trial.


Posted 10:00 pm, 11/01/2023

No word on an insurance agent being charged on fraud? Or tax evasion?

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