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Election 2018


Posted 12:03 pm, 10/16/2018

vote for Howell for Sheriff


Posted 8:11 pm, 10/15/2018

Is it true that Bucky is 1:1024th American Indian? Is he going to have his DNA tested, following his fella Democrat, Elizabeth Warren?

jack rip her

Posted 9:30 am, 10/15/2018

Where in the world is Sassy? Have you turned political on us from the reasoning you were doing on the sheriffs office? You were level headed and left politics out, is that still the same?


Posted 8:22 am, 10/15/2018

Lynn's piece is not an article, its an opinion piece. Thats fine, Op-Ed's are what he writes. But this one he made a point to intentionally select specific wordings in his comparisons to make Bucket look better over his candidate. Lynn didnt make a fair and honest comparison between the two. 4 years of leadership and experience in a state level agency with degrees from a UNC system university really has much more weight than decades playing the part of Deputy Perkins to Sheriff Lobo and a community college degree. Educated people understand that a real education isnt really about the subject that one majored in, its about learning to think for yourself and problem solve. These arent two skills that I see in Absher.


Posted 7:57 am, 10/15/2018

I'm planning myself to vote for Howell for Sheriff.

I'm in a conundrum though with Foxx I'd like to vote her out but honestly this past month and the behavior of the Democrats in destroying a man with no credible evidence, no corroborative witnesses etc, I simply don't want to see that for 2 more years going on and on and on so in the end I guess I'll have to vote for Foxx.

I'm going to vote for Ballard over Luther.

I'm going to vote for Russell over Jordan

I'm going to vote for Jackson over Anglin

I'm going to vote for Heath over Arrowwood

I'm going to vote for Howell over Absher

I'm definitely voting for Blackburn for commissioner trying to decide on the other 2...leaning towards Goss and McNeill.

I'm going to vote for Ray over Griffon and Hampson

I"m going to vote for Monaco over Kitchen and Collins.

Plan to vote for the Constitutional Amendment requiring an ID to vote, I mean seriously why do we need this seems common sense, you have to show one for just about everything else....it's not undue process as you have to have an ID to function in society these days....

Planning to vote against all the other Constitutional Amendments. I'm just not convinced they are good ideas. On paper some of them sound okay, but they can be abused and the Governor of NC is already one of the weakest chief executives in the 50 states.

Not decided on Board of Education yet though it won't be McClure or Holden.

jack rip her

Posted 6:55 am, 10/15/2018

Clod is right, Lynn used to take an objective look but always had the political overtone to anything he wrote but in this article it all comes out. I wonder if he supports the agenda of the ultra liberals and their actions in the democrat party?


Posted 6:26 am, 10/15/2018

Lynn showing his true colors?


Posted 4:16 am, 10/15/2018

I've lost all respect for Lynn. He was my hero when he wrote the article about Buchanan sometime ago. Now, I realize it was just partisan politics.


Posted 11:12 pm, 10/14/2018

The "good ole buddy" system is my biggest beef with Bucky and what those pictures represent.

What Lynn failed to discuss or mention is what any reputable Sheriff or leader would have done upon release of such ****ing pics. There wouldn't have been any hesitation or guessing. The officer(s) would have immediately been suspended pending an investigation and firing. Who am I kidding, this is Ashe County and the "Good Ol' Boy" system is alive and well...

His firing of the Allegheny Captain was just, as she was a non-voting, non-taxpaying and non-citizen of Ashe. But Lynn failed to mention the jails current second in command. He is a a non-voting, non-taxpaying and non-citizen who drives to and from VA. He was put in his position because he is good friends with Captain SP.

As mentioned a second ago. Everyone that worked for the Allegheny Captain, liked her and appreciated her desire to help rather than sit around smoking & barking orders like the current Captain. But again, I can understand a new administration letting her go to give locals a job.

But the "Good ol' buddy" system is what resulted in Southern Justices getting approved, The appointing of Buchanan and so many other things, including the rehiring of some that should in jail, not supervising it.

Aficionados, your 100% correct. Lynn is ignoring the reality & good ol' boy system, what ashame.


Posted 9:27 pm, 10/14/2018

The irony is that after all the complaining Lynn did about the good ol boy system that got Buchanan appointed, he is now endorsing the same system to encourage people to elect a sheriff that is ok with allowing corruption to exist inside the jail.


Posted 9:25 pm, 10/14/2018

So what you are saying is all you care about is party


Posted 8:44 pm, 10/14/2018


Posted 8:19 pm, 10/14/2018

Tabs, your going plumb "retart" now. Still grasping at straws... If you want to know who I am, your going about it the wrong way...
You first accused me of being "Captain Allegheny" in an earlier post...

How about going back a year & see who I was supporting..? it was certainly not Buchanan. Yeah, I supported Mochen a short period as he wasn't for Buchanan although he was hired by him. (Kind of like Howell being hired by Bucky/Williams) but that's beyond your comprehension level.

As for the Allegheny woman that was fired - Do this, Ask the Jailers that had the pleasure of working for both & who they think done a better job!!

Unlike you, I don't find corruption very admirable. You can vote for Bucky and his corrupt employees if you want.. most voters probably don't like seeing $60,000.00 of their tax money being wasted on a person that gets help from inmates. (But since you don't think anything is wrong in those pictures, I think we need a second opinion. Like the State Jail Inspector, a few news organizations and of course the States Attorney General office. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!




Posted 8:14 pm, 10/14/2018

Anyone with a brain is mad that Price was put back in the job. We have documented proof that she is corrupt.


Posted 7:31 pm, 10/14/2018

Fins, first of all I haven't said anything negative about Howell. I like him and will support him if he is the people's choice.

Second, I remember pretty dang good.
CaptainM got his panties in a wad because Captain Allegheny was replaced with Price and he was once a Mochen supporter.
And finally, you vote for who you want and I will do the same.I have no beef with you.
You are just being used as a pawn.


Posted 1:52 am, 04/11/2018

I openly supported Williams & Bucky and advocated for the removal of Buchanan.
This election, I hope we get a refreshing change for once. It's not that I want to go against Bucky who is admirable for his years of service, but when he fired one long time employee & replaced her with the 'toothless one' just because of connections.... I was reminded of a humble, undeniable and indefensible Truth.

Ashe County really needs a change.


Posted 11:58 am, 02/08/2018

Jason from SC was not a certified Jailer. He made a mess out of everything.
The female jailer that took his place to become chief was certified and had worked for the County a long time. From what I hear, she was doing a better job than the previous jail admin that had worked under Williams. The jail did fail an inspection but that is because they were doing as they had done under previous (Williams) admin. I suppose Hartley has balls and will keep her as head Jailer. Bucky on the other hand may want to put it back to how it was before regardless whether it's ran right or not. Time will tell...


Posted 2:47 am, 03/27/2018

GoAxed, I see where your coming from. I remember hearing about him firing the jail captain that everyone got along with (because she would actually work with her jailers and was honest to the point that when she got the job, she was truthful with the jail inspector regardless whether it passed or failed.)
Her honesty upset Buchanan. But in the end, It was Hartley & Bucky who fired her because they didn't care about her hard work, dedication or even her honesty as they fired her.
She was fired & Replaced with the former jail admin (aka toothless one) who is said, takes more smoke breaks than a coal locamotive, hates almost half the jailers, other half get away with anything they want. I was also told that she picks trustees who can do favors for her. Not to mention, she dresses like a slob and cusses to high heaven.
Wasn't she even given a raise? Over $50k (using your tax dollars) to go back... All I can figure is that this is a perfect example of the "Good Ole Boy Brotherhood" replacing a perfectly good employee with another one, not so good. If your in their click, you get VIP treatment. If they think you were involved in another click. So long....


Posted 2:11 am, 04/11/2018

PS... Jscott & Sassy. From what several employees said, The one he fired in my example hadn't done anything wrong. She was hired under Williams. She remained working after William's retired and Buchanan took office. She didn't really want to get promoted but took the title out of fear of losing her job. Then a short time later Bucky/Hartley came along and fired her NOT because she didn't do as told but because she done everything


Posted 3:59 pm, 03/27/2018

I spoke with Steve at the courthouse several times before Terry was ousted. To ease everyone's mind. Steve clearly didn't support or like Terry's far right agenda.
I haven't ever cared about outsider's coming in and taking over but I would have to say, Steve Mochen is the right person for the job. What I like most about him is his level headed attitude. Easy to talk with and he has genuine support for the County. He's nothing like Terry. For one, he doesn't want outsider's to be hired in place of locals. Best of all, he will be fair to everyone. He is the ONLY ONE that is capable of being fair, ending the good ole boy system and supporting the County.


Posted 4:39 pm, 10/14/2018

Tabby, first everyone knows Hartley is just a figure head. Second, your memory sucks. And just because someone is left in charge by a figure head that doesn’t want to work, doesn’t mean they have any skills.

You were the one that has done the mud slinging people want the truth.


Posted 2:21 pm, 10/14/2018

CaptiainM, I have a good memory and could go over your posts on past threads and show how you became so upset when Captain Allegheny was replaced with Price. But to copy and paste them all would take several pages and too much time. You were singing Allegheny's praises while insulting Price, calling her names and blaming everything on Bucky even though he is not the Sheriff. Implying he could tell the two Sheriffs he worked under how to run the department. Then you do a one eighty and say he has no leadership skills, he's just a side kick.

Heck at one time you were even a Mochen supporter, that in its self makes your judgement questionable.

By the way how could you tell that was Price in that blurry photo? Were you there at the time? You seem to know all about what went on at the jail. Could it be because you are a former employee? Has Howell promised to fire Price and bring back Allegheny for you? These photos were from two years ago, why weren't you complaining then? Revenge politics suck.

Most people have already made up their mind who they are going to vote for. You vote for who ever you want and I will vote for who I think is most qualified and we will leave it at that. If Howell happens to be the next Sheriff I will support him unless he gives me a reason not to. I will not be scheming and mud slinging to try and turn the county against him.


Posted 1:14 pm, 10/14/2018

I don’t think she could win the senate. She’s done and said too many stupid things. I remember several years ago she made some really dumb statement about college tuition and loans. I had Republicans around the state asking me “how do you all elect that idiot?”


Posted 1:04 pm, 10/14/2018

I actually thought that Jenny Marshall might have a chance against Foxx. Adams, not so much. We're probably stuck with Foxx until Burr retires, at which point she'll make a play for the Senate. We need more 80+ year old coldgers in the Senate.


Posted 11:56 am, 10/14/2018

Sammy, I agree with you for the most part. In the past few elections I voted for Viriginia’s Opponents just to make my protest. But given the current state of public attitudes, I can’t cast a vote for an urban black liberal. The chance of second amendment legislation coming up next year is too high.

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