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Election 2018


Posted 4:31 pm, 11/05/2018

I don’t think Ray understands the people of the area outside of the city limits of Boone. He may think he does, but in my interactions with him, he doesn’t have a clue to how to represent the natives of the two counties.

Jack, I see we have drawn a new fanboy. They are always cute when they are new and think they can keep up with the professionals. But they always end up face down in the toilet by midnight.

what the ???

Posted 4:19 pm, 11/05/2018

You are wrong, jack.

jack rip her

Posted 4:08 pm, 11/05/2018

How did you come to that conclusion WTH?

And to think you call me wrong about the NC property tax statue.

what the ???

Posted 3:35 pm, 11/05/2018

It seems jack and fins are the same person..
And don’t flatter yourself.

jack rip her

Posted 3:26 pm, 11/05/2018

Ohhhh Boy, Fins we have a new stalker.

WTH in case you want to buy me a present I drink Jack Daniels. Just leave the money with the clerk on duty at the ABC store. Tell them old Jack will be by.

what the ???

Posted 3:16 pm, 11/05/2018

jack rip her (view profile)
Posted 7:34 pm, 11/03/2018
Wow Tabby you are slap eaten up with Fins are you not? A man can change his mind especially with all that has happened since Fins made these posts. Also remember he is a heavy drinker.

Interesting that you speak for Aficianados... poor man
And he is allowed to change his mind while slamming anyone else that does..
Small minded... both of you

jack rip her

Posted 12:13 pm, 11/05/2018

I think you had better listen to Joseph, I wouldn't trust a democrat sitting on a box of bibles to tell the truth.


Posted 11:45 am, 11/05/2018

Getting to know Ray, I don't think that will be the case. We all get our impressions of the the candidates and I do feel they are both running for the right reasons. They both want to help the area. That means a lot. I differ too much with Jordan on education. I could never vote for him for that aspect alone. It is good to have someone that does care for Ashe County and that I do appreciate about him. Still, all candidates need to be approachable in a public setting. He was not very approachable Saturday.


Posted 11:21 am, 11/05/2018

If you want support for Ashe County, vote Jordan. If Russel gets in, you'll never see him in this County.

Joseph T.

Posted 10:55 am, 11/05/2018

If you want a Rep. that cares and will help you out Jordan is your man. Just ask people along HWY 221 south who were getting screwed by the DOT. I also know someone who had a problem with the DMV in Ashe when he went to title and tag a car that was given to him. A call from Jordan to DMV in Raleigh about the problem cleared it right up and the staff in Ashe then did their job instead of making up the rules as they went.


Posted 10:09 am, 11/05/2018

I will say this. I voted early Saturday and as I walked in Bucky, Russell, Goss were greeting people along with Jordan, Howell, and Dix. I have never been ashamed to say that I am a left leaning unaffiliated voter and this was probably the most Republicans I have ever voted for in an election. Usually I do not let politicians sway my vote at this point but they actually did.

One Bucky had a real smug attitude. It was like he was being forced to be there. Yet Howell greeted me asked how my kids were and I have only met him on random occasions through youth athletics. It was such an impression that I changed my vote at that moment.

Now, I was planning on voting for Russell. I have communicated with him previously and so when I approached him he and I and Goss had a brief conversation. Again, Bucky chose not to engage in any way. When I left, the next person I came to was Jordan. We know each other, not as friends but we have done some work together. I know he watched my interaction with Russell and as Howell embraced me, he refused to shake my hand. The bitterness runs that deep that you can not be friendly?

My point is not to sway anyone's vote but to point out that those impressions are important. Bucky lost my vote and Jordan validated it. Be careful how you interact with the public, it makes a big difference.


Posted 9:49 pm, 11/03/2018

Tabby, the facts prove otherwise. And the photos aren’t edited.


Posted 9:15 pm, 11/03/2018

JRivera (view profile)

Posted 4:59 pm, 11/03/2018

I Juan Rivera am not here to alter anyone's decision on whom to elect as I am not posting alter pictures of anyone as it has been done about me. However I can answer any questions any has to ask. I never have lied about anything that went on inside of the detention center and will not start today. There have been and are people on here posting altered pictures of me and making a mockery of the truth. I speculate it may be some of the corrupt people that lost their jobs and are still upset about my speaking up on what they have done inside of the facility. As I stated if anyone has any questions I will glad meet with them need be or answer them on hear. I suggest meet me in person as you can see it is really me not some fake person hiding behind a bogus name. I will say for those that have been doing their very best to tarnish my name, keep trying, joke is on you... And for the record there was absolutely NO and I mean NO corruption in the facility during the Williams and Bucky administration. NONE, things took a turn when Buccanon took over and I can show and prove it. Again I do not want to alter anyone's judgement however I do feel everyone deserves the TRUTH.


Posted 9:09 pm, 11/03/2018

Well Tabby, politics is a process of choices. You don’t get an unlimited option. In the end the choices are whittled down to 2 alternatives. You never vote for the perfect candidate, you vote for the best available choices. So the simple conclusion is this should tell you just how bad of an option Bucket is

jack rip her

Posted 7:34 pm, 11/03/2018

Wow Tabby you are slap eaten up with Fins are you not? A man can change his mind especially with all that has happened since Fins made these posts. Also remember he is a heavy drinker.


Posted 7:24 pm, 11/03/2018

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 11:04 pm, 02/14/2018

Keep in mind, Howell is already directly responsible for costing the county $300,000 in a law suit. That doesn’t include the attorney fees or other expenses from that suit.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 9:07 am, 02/19/2018

The complaint filed by the family said Phil called it in, then kitted up and walked over to the house when another officer arrived. He was involved.
Either way, if he didn’t have the sense to provide needed information, like the suspect was blind and deaf, I don’t think he has the attention for detail that one should have for such a job. I know Jr said that’s easy enough to understand, but a LEO is supposed to remember to pass along such info.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 9:22 pm, 02/14/2018

Even if he didn’t lie, a good sheriff is someone that knows how to diffuse a situation. Not one that escalates with lights and sirens and full kits. A good person would have already built a relationship with a troubled neighbor. Or at the very least, made sure the other deputies knew the whole situation and approached cautiously instead of acting like they are in a movie busting the Colombian cartel with Will Smith.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 8:48 pm, 02/14/2018

Jimmy Carter is a great guy. But it didn’t make him qualified to be president.
Howell is clearly the power tripping ego type of LEO that has already proven he’d rather dress up and play cops and robbers instead of being a civil leader with diplomacy and talking to a neighbor in need.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 12:55 pm, 04/01/2018

Yeah, but like Joe said, if it’s the same one that was involved in the shooting, he has shown a serious lack of leadership ability.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 6:54 pm, 03/28/2018

I don’t see how a degree in fisheries and wildlife would apply at all to the job of sheriff. But, at least it does show he can read, and has a semi-competent handle on what a resume is supposed to be.

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 8:34 pm, 05/24/2018

Dopey, you and Potashe are hysterical. Previously you partisan morons were doing all you could to discredit Howell and trying to sell the county republicans on the idea of electing a Floridian for sheriff. Since Mochen lost by a land slide ( as I told you would happen), now you are all about carrying the party nomination to the polls and doing everything possible to keep a democrat from being elected.


Posted 9:36 am, 11/03/2018

I wonder how many votes that endorsement from a transplant just cost Bucket

jack rip her

Posted 8:02 am, 11/03/2018

Wolfie just remember this---signs dont vote.


Posted 7:56 am, 11/03/2018

Oh and Werewolf I do agree with you that part-time residents should and do have a right to be heard even if they cannot vote here.


Posted 7:54 am, 11/03/2018


Are you sure about those odds? If so, why bother even posting?

Pretty sure Howell just posted on his social media page that his website. Not his social media but his actual website, just hit 14k ( that’s fourteen THOUSAND) page views.

That’s a lot of Ashe County voters going out of their way to look up what he’s all about. People are excited about Howell. Excited people show up to the polls.

How many people do you think vote in a midterm? That rat’s rear end chance is looking better than you’d like isn’t it? Why do you think so many people with same-day screen names (likes yours) keep popping in here to try unsuccessfully to start false rumors about Howell? Because they’re convinced Bucky has it in the bag?

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