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Posted 5:14 pm, 02/13/2019

The start and ending time of Ashe schools have been changed the past two school years. Wilkes misses less days than Ashe in the winter. So really comparing the two is not the best.


Posted 10:36 am, 02/13/2019

Wilkes plan has only 165 calendar days per year to satisfy the 1000 hours classroom time.


Posted 9:41 pm, 02/12/2019

I believe to get on the hourly plan, the county has to request the state make that change. Wilkes uses that system, and go an extra 30 minutes longer and start 30 minutes earlier each day.

G. Zeller

Posted 8:56 pm, 02/12/2019

"they don't have that leeway"

FYI - State law says 185 days or 1025 hrs...there is some flexibility.


Posted 6:20 am, 02/12/2019

Where in the school calendar do you see the opportunity to miss 5 days? they don't have that leeway not without the NC legislature passing a special bill for just this time. It's that lack of flexibility that was pointed out before when they passed these new more stringent guidelines on starting date, ending date, classroom hours or school days needed, etc.


Posted 12:59 pm, 02/11/2019

The buildings were all cleaned with professional equipment over the weekend. Yes, people should remain away from others when they have the flu for 5 days. Parents need to keep their sick kids home.


Posted 8:28 am, 02/11/2019

I notice that Ashe County schools are back in session today 2/11/19 following a dismissal on Friday 2/8/19. My reading of the CDC guidance on this topic indicates this will not be effective in breaking the current flu "epidemic" in the schools. A 5 day break is recommended to accomplish this.

Hiking Mom sorry I attributed the flu shot comment to you. You are correct it was another poster on this thread.


Posted 12:29 pm, 02/08/2019

Where did I say anything about flu shots, only? I didnt wrong poster.


Posted 11:48 am, 02/08/2019

I had the flu shot this year, I still got the flu though it did not affect me as much as most.


Posted 6:43 am, 02/08/2019

For the school closure to be effective schools will need to be closed 5 days. I have not seen the announcement that this has occurred. For those who are speculating I am not the superintendent nor her dentist son. If you look back over my infrequent posts you'll find I often comment on health related issues and offer links to science based information. Hiker Mom, the recommendation to take a flu shot is based in science and supported by the CDC and other scientific organizations. Yes as with any other vaccine or immunization it does take time for the product to enhance the body's ability to detect and fight off the virus. So it is not too late. (You can google as well as I can to see the current reports on the effectiveness of getting a flu shot in the middle of the flu season).


Posted 10:49 pm, 02/07/2019

Ashe County schools closed Friday due to flu outbreak.


Posted 7:32 pm, 02/07/2019

My doctor gave me the flu sit yesterday,he said a person could take it up until the 1st of March.Look at all those cases of the Measels in Oregon and Washington state.Those parents do not believe in vaccinations for preventive medicine.A local Police office has had every Police officer out sick except 2 this week.


Posted 6:40 pm, 02/07/2019

Schoolsout, actually this is what happens when parents send their sick kids to school. If parents would take more responsibility for their children then there would not be reasons like this to close schools. It isn't the school superintendent, BOE, or anyone else's fault when parents are sending their kids to school sick.


Posted 6:27 pm, 02/07/2019

If school had been canceled earlier, you trolls would have complained about that too for having to make up days


Posted 4:49 pm, 02/07/2019

And onlyinashe has to be Yates or her son, Heels09? She quotes the health department. Hmmmmm

Okay, now the Yates lovers are going to say new name, same person.

Doesn't matter. Everyone reads. Everyone thinks the same. Yates has board members so snowed but the two new ones are the only hope.


Posted 4:41 pm, 02/07/2019

School's out? Finally? The Middle School has had over 1/3 of the students and zero instruction. Now, they are canceling for one day. I heard there has not instruction because there are no students. This is a little too late. This is what happens when a leader has never taught school.


Posted 4:33 pm, 02/07/2019

onlyinashe also said to get flu shot and so did Yates. It is too late for the flu shot and if you take it now, you will get the flu. It takes 2 weeks to get it to work.


Posted 4:29 pm, 02/07/2019

Why is the Superintendent responsible for Clorox Wipes? Why is onlyinashe giving her credit? Teachers have used those these wipes way before her time.


Posted 6:48 am, 02/07/2019

Here you go https://ashecountyline.com/...044-95.htm
The published claim is that Clorex wipes kills 99.8% of germs and viruses including the flu virus. Sounds like the Superintendent is following protocol for cleaning as suggested by the CDC and endorsed by the County Health District. All that needs to happen now if for the schools to start to send kids who are displaying symptoms home from school, or better yet screening them as they are dropped off.


Posted 12:34 am, 02/07/2019

State Law requires a school to have a certain number of school days or instruction hours. It also forbids going on Saturdays if you've gone Monday thru Friday that week and you can't go on Saturday if you've not gone on Friday. You cannot go on Sunday.

As such with very few days left to play with the Superintendent is saving days for any further snow days. Keep in mind the 1960 snow was in March/April of that year. It was also a relatively warm winter up to that point....

What you want her to fail everyone for lack of proper instruction days? Perhaps the State would make an exception, when Donnie Johnson was Superintendent he tried to fight the states harsh rules saying it would not work in the mountains if snow returned to 1970s/1980s levels. No one listened.

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