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Happy Track Hoe Day

jack rip her

Posted 8:17 pm, 02/15/2019

The sun has set on yet the best Ashe county holiday for this year. Hopefully bigger and better next year. I'll just have another drink.


Posted 8:55 am, 02/15/2019

Like Linus awaiting the Great Pumpkin on Halloween, I long for the Track Hoe to reappear on this day on Gum Ridge.


Posted 6:53 am, 02/15/2019

That great Ashe county holiday is here once again. Happy Track Hoe day! The day two sons had enough.


Posted 6:39 pm, 02/14/2019

WoW, I have never seen anything so childish and ...


Posted 6:13 pm, 02/14/2019

Oh how I long for the good old days. I'm gonna fashion a tin foil hat and do the hokey pokey at the exact spot.


Posted 2:23 pm, 02/14/2019

, trackhoe day.wmv

See what happens when one person stands up to a development, Christmas Mountain, a NC corporation...

Length: 3:39


Posted 1:38 pm, 02/14/2019

Kmart vs the Track hoe

0722 Kmart Demo MP4

LOI Environmental & Demolition Services are demolishing the 120,000-square-foot former Kmart stor...

Length: 0:38


Posted 1:33 pm, 02/14/2019

Kmart 1973 Reel to Reel (High Quality)

This is a digitized version of an in-store reel to reel tape that was played within a Kmart store...

Length: 2:3:31


Posted 1:22 pm, 02/14/2019

Happy Track Hoe Day!

This year at Halloween I bought a witch on a broomstick from Big Lots. This morning I hung it up on the track hoe. Tonight we are going to set it on fire and sing songs

jack rip her

Posted 11:11 am, 02/14/2019

Its Track Hoe eve everyone.


Posted 8:03 pm, 02/07/2019

I'm looking for a old Kmart sign to put up on Christmas Mountain as a gesture of what a great employer they were.


Posted 7:47 pm, 02/07/2019

Yes, the day the track hoe came to Christmas Mountain.


Posted 7:34 pm, 02/07/2019

It's the Friday after Valentines day this year?


Posted 1:50 pm, 02/06/2019

Oh the history we have with Track hoe day. I may start a gofund me page for a new camper and tarp. Maybe a ride in the back of the school bus for Clowncar.


Posted 1:45 pm, 02/06/2019

I plan on going to the very site and having a long drink of Tennessee whisky. Then sing a rendition of "Oh happy days".

jack rip her

Posted 1:43 pm, 02/06/2019

Get your plans ready for the big day on February 15. One thought is to put on a foil hat for the day.


Posted 9:31 am, 02/06/2019

How do you plan to celebrate?

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