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Hendrix charged with obstruction of justice

jack rip her

Posted 10:15 am, 07/12/2018

Glad he got a job.


Posted 9:31 am, 07/12/2018

Word has it that he is now head of security at jefferson landing

jack rip her

Posted 11:19 am, 06/15/2018

I think if this goes to trial it will be in another county like the prize hog's trial.


Posted 9:37 pm, 06/14/2018


It doesn't do Jimmy any good to inject partisan clap trap. Most people break the law everyday. They speed, the look at other people's personal information, they graze off buffet bars, they use fighting words in public, the write bad checks and make credit purchases that they know they can't pay.

Officers of the Court are held to a higher standard than ordinary folks.

Lying to the SBI is not like lying to the FBI, UNLESS you are a sworn officer in NC. He doesn't even have to formulate a direct lie as a failure to respond to a certain question or a vague answer is treated just the same.

On top of all that he raised his public profile making his actions something that the State felt it had to address.

None of these things makes Jimmy a "bad" guy. However when "good" guys do something stupid even for "good" reasons, they are volunteering to step into a noose.


Posted 5:14 am, 06/14/2018

Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies, as did Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCade, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Obama yet they are all still free and if I'm not mistaken you don't believe in past writings that they should be held accountable.....

I mean if he's being tried for this then Loretta Lynch should be tried for that tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.....isn't that witness tampering....


Posted 4:49 am, 06/14/2018

i do not understand some of you people that are taking up for him are you blind i mean he committed felony if this man had became sheriff what other things would he do if that was the case then we would have been better off with j as sheriff say for example if one of his friends was to kill someone if he would do something like taking a note form a dead girl then who's to say he may not try to do something like that again he knew he was in the wrong for doing what he did he made his bed now he is going to sleep in it everyone here talks trash about everyone who get busted for drugs your setting a double standard if all this crap happen to some orther dumba** he would not get the same treatment from you all


Posted 12:08 am, 06/14/2018

A tragedy really, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. I mean Yearwick is sitting around collecting a check for 18 months, but Hendrix without trial has been condemned, lost his job, and all the economic problems that's going to create.


Posted 10:04 pm, 06/13/2018

Joe, when you say sue everyone involved do you mean the Hospital? He has to have his certifications to do his job and without them he would be specifically bared from acting in a law enforcement capacity for the Hospital. Their insurance carrier would want him let go as soon as his certs are pulled. It would seem to me the Hospital's hands are tied. So who does that leave to sue?


Posted 7:24 pm, 06/13/2018

You don't need an underlying crime for obstruction of justice and interfering with an investigation. Then there is the issue of who the note legally belongs to - does it belong to an addressee or does it belong with the writer? To get charged likely means that he was asked point blank about it by the SBI and did not reveal the note. He doesn't have to have lied about taking the note to lose his certs. Just the act of not producing it would place the certs in jeopardy. The folks in Salemburg are pretty touchy about stuff like this.

I can't see Jimmy "convicted" of anything unless he told a bald face lie and even then a jury may not convict him. I also don't see how he gets his certifications back which means he is likely screwed.

Joseph T.

Posted 6:45 pm, 06/13/2018

He has been terminated from the hospital since he has been charged. I hope when he beats this that he sues everyone involved and never has to work again.


Posted 6:16 pm, 06/13/2018

Good to see they're after the hardened criminals in this world, taking a piece of paper from a suicide scene.


Posted 10:28 am, 06/13/2018

I think he gave it to the family.

The note made no difference as such no crime was committed in my opinion. It is very likely this case will fail like many others recently.


Posted 7:44 pm, 06/12/2018

Here's the real question?

If Jimmy took the note how did anyone find out about the note?

Did Jimmy talk about the note or did someone know about the note before Jimmy picked it up?


Posted 7:33 pm, 06/12/2018

I know Jimmy.

I'm not sure he intended to break the law, however I know he easily could have done so out of misplaced loyalty and sheer ignorance.

He is likely a pawn in a larger game.

jack rip her

Posted 7:38 pm, 06/11/2018

Not the end of the story Cleve. The note became useless once the death was ruled a suicide. So its asinine for the sbi to have charged him now. He will be cleared of all charges just like bufurt and the prize hog.


Posted 7:01 pm, 06/11/2018

I know it's hard for you armchair, amateur detectives to be told and convinced of anything since you Perry Mason wannabes know-it-all...However, let me say this. You are correct that suicide is not against the law. BUT, up and until a death has been ruled a suicide, the scene of the incident is a crime scene. Therefore, you cannot disturb or take away any evidence from that scene. The suicide note was evidence. Period. End of story.


Posted 6:53 pm, 06/11/2018

When the other candidate could have kept his neighbor from being shot, it would not surprise me none. I don't trust Howell very much at all.


Posted 6:37 pm, 06/11/2018

Enliightened1, How could you put blame on another candidate for the release of information from the SBI. How stupid.


Posted 6:35 pm, 06/11/2018

Hendrix's lawyer is Jay Vannoy. I believe he also represented Hoppy.


Posted 5:47 pm, 06/11/2018

I seriously doubt Howell controls the SBI and when they release information.

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