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Hope they are satisfied

jack rip her

Posted 7:00 am, 07/01/2019

Fins and I have been mentioned in this thread several times and neither of us have taken part in this thread but thanks for the credit.

Love puppy I am still waiting on that experience with the love puppy.


Posted 6:29 am, 07/01/2019

It is funny, how you know all about Mrs. Grubb's jobs. I heard got her Masters while she was the high school in a created job. I think you are right. I heard that they created a job for her for 12 months and then it returned to 11 months at the middle school for only one year. Another created position. And Heels, you don't hide well with all your knowledge that your mama gives you. If directors make so much more, why is Lowder going to be a principal? Is that a pay cut according to your knowledge?

Learn how to use the word their and there. Most disagree and don't think the AP pool is lacking at all. I think the Superintendent wants power and wants to get back at families and aims to hurt others. Many of the APs are much smarter than Yates and have much more experience than her daughter. Her daughter blew through several assistant principals as well. Many didn't want to do all her work. Most only stayed for a year.

You are a mamas boy with no life. Do you have any friends? You have made friends with Jack and Fins so this has been good for you as you defend your family and keep these threads going. It helps you to sleep well. You should after what you did.

Maybe you can run the flag with your mama at the football game. That would make even better pictures for the students to post and make fun of. Mamasboy and Mama running the flag. Heard a board member told her to stop doing that. Maybe you could talk to him to see if you could take over the job.


Posted 8:08 pm, 06/30/2019

Well stated can't we all just get along! It's just a matter of time until we hear how Grubb excels in Wilkes County.


Posted 5:12 pm, 06/30/2019

I thought I was Yate’s BFF. She calls me every time it snows and the roads are bad. Mrs. Grubb has been a teacher at ACMS. I think she did that for a couple of years while working on her Masters. The teaching profession had something that they called lateral entry. Not sure what it is now. At one time their were several business professionals that started teaching through the lateral entry program. I, myself, thought about doing it and decided it was not for me. Did you naysayers ever stop to think maybe she moved so fast because of her work ethic and her intelligence,..no and you know why...jealousy. The current AP pool is lacking in integrity (obviously based on the post on this site, you guys really aren’t hiding very well), they are whiney babies that want a principalship (or superintendent position) handed to them. If they’d just do their jobs, maybe, just maybe, they'd be promoted. Instead they gather in their little group and start conspiracy theories...sad, sad, sad.


Posted 2:32 pm, 06/30/2019

More conspiracy theorists on who Heels is. I'm so glad we are being set straight. 🙄


Posted 1:12 pm, 06/30/2019

Mrs Lowder has plenty of experience and will continue to move Blue Ridge forward. She is more than qualified and extremely professional.


Posted 12:13 pm, 06/30/2019

The new principal is Joallen Lowder. She has been a director and at the high school for almost 20 years. Basically, no elementary experience in almost 25 years. Another move to help PYs daughter to look better. No one is sure what she has ever done. She is PYs BFF.


Posted 12:05 pm, 06/30/2019

I will agree that Heels09 is not Yates only defender. However, he/she/it can have multiple user names.

And to my good friends Fins, Jack, etc,---- while we may be trolls - we keep people reading your exciting messages.


Posted 12:01 pm, 06/30/2019

Yates tells teachers what to do. So, yes, she should have some understanding of schools, children and the school system. I agree, she is over her head. Have you seen you run the flag at the football games. The high school kids all do her to make fun of her. Is that professional?

Of course not. However, making 5 moves in administration to get back at one person isn't professional either.

Heels09 seems to be the only one who has the knowledge and details that he could only get from his mama.

Maybe you are right, but he sure has kept the Yates threads going and always quick to throw down on anyone that speaks about her. Who else would do that? Her husband? That's for a whole new thread.

And just so you know, if anyone has ever spoken to Yates, she hates the last two DRs, as someone else just posted. She controlled Johnson but he has her figured out too. She worked around them and talked constantly about them in public. Both wouldn't let her run the system, but during their tenure, her daughter was put as number 1 with PY working her magic in the background. She is not loyal and only worries about her family. It could be a reality show on Nepotism!

She has ruined careers to help succeed with a degree that took her 10 years to get online. All while saying that she is putting children first. My child cannot teach in Ashe County Schools because he/she doesn't have a license. Yet, she supervised directors, principals, and teachers and could never ever be certified to be in any of these jobs. How does that work? Then, her daughter did the same thing. No degree for years and the tax payers created positions for her to get her Masters. PY and Callie told teachers what they needed to do and never taught in a classroom or gave a grade. It's called nepotism and the Yates have done it for years.


Posted 11:46 am, 06/30/2019

So who is the new principal at Blue Ridge?


Posted 11:42 am, 06/30/2019

Allpartoftheplan you are exposing your ignorance. Since when do superintendents have to have a teacher certification? Isn't it the job of the principal and assistant principal to evaluate teachers?


Posted 9:36 am, 06/30/2019

I have a passing acquaintance with Yates and am not a fan. While I don't know her all that well, I am familiar enough with her to realize that she is WAY over her head with regard to her job's responsibilities and her qualifications for that job. She's definitely not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I've followed the various Yates threads for some time but I have never understood why so many people who post to Goashe are completely convinced that "Heels09" is Yates' son. Is this a proven fact? I know that she has a son, and I know who he is as well. That doesn't prove that he is Heels09. (Who, BTW, is not Yates' only defender on the site.)


Posted 7:07 am, 06/30/2019

Who is the new principal for Blue Ridge? I know her name but rumor has it that she is PYs best friend and has no experience in an elementary school. PY wants Blue Ridge to go down and she raised her hand. She has zero experience and so the "disgruntled parent" should be worried. All money will be cut off and now they have a principal with no experience. The teachers at BRES say that all the money will stop coming their way and they are worried.

Smart move PY. What was the reason for this move? Heels09 - do tell. You can always quote salaries and facts. The new principal was a director and you said directors made more money. So why did she go backward? Do tell.


Posted 6:53 am, 06/30/2019

The fact that your name is luvpy lets me know that you a lot about you. Hello, mamasboy or maybe you are PY.

PY is only in this for her personal gain for her family. Most staff cannot stand her. If the records were audited, you would see that hundreds of thousands that was poured into her daughter's school. Her daughter could have never been hired and get a principal degree anywhere else while jobs were created for her as she completed the degree.

Anyone could have succeeded with all that money. Wonder how she got the promotion in Wilkes? She alwasy had a 12-month assistant principal and so much more while even Mountain View who has the summer programs never had any help.

Everyone says it was the negative talk and according to many, she talked very negative to her mother and was embarrassing in meetings as she talked down to her mother. Karma catches up with you.

There is not a school official in this county that hasn't had negative things said about them. According to my sources, I can tell you that PY doesn't know anything about teaching. She does not even have the qualifications to even teach one class or even evaluate teachers. Glad we have great teachers.

Heels09 has control of this thread and tells people what to write. The good news is that the trolls may not control it but people sure do read our posts and know it is so true.

jack rip her

Posted 8:23 pm, 06/28/2019

Love puppy lets get together and make a great super.


Posted 6:59 pm, 06/28/2019

Allpartoftheplan just because someone has more qualifications doesn't mean they would make a good super. Do you happen to remember the prior two superintendents who had DR in front of their names? Do you recall how that worked out for Ashe County Schools? PY may not have the degrees that you think she needs but she is far more qualified than either of those so called DRs.


Posted 8:18 pm, 06/26/2019

I see the troll is back. Must have took a sick day from Walmart.

jack rip her

Posted 6:21 pm, 06/26/2019

Be sure and let us know how that turns out for you.

peter piper

Posted 2:21 pm, 06/26/2019

WOW! Someone has done their research regarding this wacko superintendent. Seems that she is a real piece of work. Let's meet tomorrow at the Annex of the central office at 7 PM and share our thoughts. Why doesn't PY have the appropriate credentials to be a superintendent? Why hasn't this been asked before? School Board meeting tomorrow 6-27-19 at 7:00 PM. Let's ask for some transparency and accountability.


Posted 7:26 am, 06/26/2019

To this parent - this is all part of the plan. Callie is planning to come here to be superintendent and Blue Ridge was her stepping stone with her mama's help. She was given a 12 month AP, more help, more teachers, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make her school succeed. She will come back soon. Don't worry.

In the mean time, her mama has again moved the most qualified principal again after just one year and everyone associated with him.

PY is the only superintendent in NC that does not have a Masters. Add to that - she does not have any experience in the schools, never been a principal, never driven a bus, never taught a class. Yet, she can move 5 people very intentional and only because of her daughter's move. She cares only about her daughter and not about others. Well, she does care about Heels09, but he usually has to take care of her. Mamasboy will be posting soon.

People in Wilkes need to know that their paper said that Callie had been a teacher and a health coordinator. All I know is that position after position was created for her again and again. Callie's was always for 12 months, then returning to 11 months when she left to get her where she is. Teaching a tobacco class isn't what I would would consider a teacher.

She ran the show for the last few years getting everything she wanted from her mama, school board, and anything she wanted. She ran off some assistant principals and got everything she asked for, all while having extra positions who were the people who really ran the school.

Now her vacancy has allowed PY to move all those who she is worried about to lower positions. Krider has 3 more degrees than PY, so she will continue to demote him to assure her success.

The hurt that PY has caused to so many employees and all she cares about is a test score. She's paving the way for her child to take her place as soon as possible.

All of you who want to be teachers, you cannot without a valid license. However, our Superintendent a does not have a valid license to teach in any classroom. Callie didn't either, but Ashe created jobs for her so she could get her degree. Rules change for this family and the school board continues to allow lives to be hurt to help themselves.

Wonder if her mama can funnel some money down to Wilkes to redo her office again and give her all the supplies she needs. I am sure our school board will figure out a way to help the new and upcoming Superintendent.

No one is happy with PY and she continues to destroy others to help herself. She hides behind conflict. Who would move 5 people each year? Because she can and she is the most unqualified, unprofessional human who only cares about her own family.

So, to this parent. You did win for a while. But now that she is gone, she will make sure that the school does not look as good. You should be worried.

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