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Posted 3:19 pm, 05/19/2017

Most rural hospitals are supported by taxpayers in some way. The ones that are not have closed.


Posted 2:53 pm, 05/19/2017

****, look at the hospital board. All democrats. Hospital Board is completely political. The hospital will always need financial help. Do you think they are going to let go of $400,000 a year. Yes we need hospital, but not taxpayers funded.

jack rip her

Posted 12:00 pm, 05/19/2017

The hospital board of trustees is comprised of successful individuals, a well respected citizen, educated, and above all no political agendas. Its not for the morons of the board. They cant even control the county and have no business in the hospitals affairs. Let them go play on the landing strip they so love to piss money away on.


Posted 10:47 am, 05/19/2017

Why should a commissioner be on the board? We have seen how well politics works in healthcare.

jack rip her

Posted 10:35 am, 05/19/2017

Do you think the hospital would really want one of the three idiots Rose, Roark ,or Perry on the hospital board? Really?

NSA Troll

Posted 9:51 am, 05/19/2017

I was also told in a public meeting by one of the sitting commissioners that the county would be give a seat on be hospital board. Never happened. Also now it appears the county manager that all you folks love and trust is the one that gets a report.

jack rip her

Posted 9:05 am, 05/19/2017

Least you tax payers not forget there were signs put up all over the county duping us into voting the tax increase in. We were all lead to believe that the 500K was to be given to the hospital each year. That was cleared up after it passed.

Ask any realtor in the county what one of the first questions a second home owner asks. Does the county have a hospital. You let that hospital fail and the market crashes for our county. As dumb as Roark is he even understands this.


Posted 8:35 am, 05/19/2017

Unfortunately, if reimbursements take the hit with the proposed changes in congress, its going to take much more than 400,000 to keep it.


Posted 6:47 am, 05/19/2017

Good move by the Hospital Board and management to extend the "ask" for support from the county. While an annual report has not been published in awhile for the hospital, traditionally AMH has provided significantly more than $500,000 per year in uncompensated care to the community.


Posted 11:19 pm, 05/18/2017

The sales tax increase was permanent, they only promised the hospital they'd get it for 3 years but as FINS says you can't legally earmark sales tax revenues to specific spending, so in the future someone could divert it, and when we have elections this is something that needs to be asked of the candidates for County Commissioner, it would be a disaster to lose the hospital.


Posted 6:53 pm, 05/18/2017

You will change your mind about that sales tax when the board of mouth breathers changes and another group of morons decides to use that sales tax for something else. Sales tax can't be ear marked and can easily be put somewhere else next budget.


Posted 6:04 pm, 05/18/2017

We should leave the sales tax increase in place permanently to support the hospital and health care outreach

efforts in the county. Losing our hospital would be the worst thing to ever happen in Ashe.


Posted 5:48 pm, 05/18/2017

Most locally owned non profit hospitals receive an appropriation from their local governments..It saves the county money in the long term having a healthy population and having local access to health care. I have no problem with the county spending money on the hospital every year if necessary.


Posted 7:54 am, 05/18/2017

I agree, jr!


Posted 4:58 am, 05/18/2017

I always said the Hospital would need help long after the initial 3 years. I support giving tax payer money to the Hospital, far better than spending it on that airport that no one uses.


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