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Is Fins Still Alive?

Green Arrow

Posted 7:47 am, 05/14/2023

Back it would not be Watauga any more. Too willy Billy with your medical records. Last time I went there after abp crisis it took hours to get to see a doctor. I sat in the waiting room most of the day and that did not help my BP. I try to stay away from doctors, but for dog and Chendo I would really recommend Ashe Animal Hospital since no other vet is available to treat such as them.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:42 am, 05/14/2023

Dog last time I checked I am fully mentally stable. I just have no use or time for the bs that others are swallowing hook line and sinker. I **** well don't believe a woman can be a man or a man can be a woman and Biden is not God and Savior although I am beginning to wonder if Zelensky could be the anti Christ talked about in the Bible. When covid bs started everyone else jumped and grabbed masks, I did not. I only masked when I could not get through the door any other way. I called bs from the start. Everyone ran out for the vaccine a drug company bought immunity to test on the American population thinking those drug companies will save us. I said stick it in your own *** and prove first it's not saline
Now people , young people are dying of heart attacks in numbers never seen before. Take that shot or you are a menace to society, typhoid Mary, just call me Typee for short. And the fun has not stopped yet in the struggle to Zcontrol and make you like it. If the rest of this country runs off a cliff I will be standing there watching. Yet you claim I am the mentally unstable one??? No I am not I am just as I have been the outsider, the one who does what she likes, when she likes, I'm not a joiner, don't care to be but most of the time I am amused at all those lining up to drink the koolaid. If the rest of the world wants to wear polka dotted underwear I could care less but don't try to shove your stupidity on me or force me to go along with the crowd cause you won't like my response. And all your lies and name calling is just that lies and name calling


Posted 7:39 am, 05/14/2023

Arrow, so if you had your druthers which er would you recommend for Mo and Doe?

Green Arrow

Posted 7:27 am, 05/14/2023

Dog my dad wanted me to move into that house shortly before he died. If I had I would be in JAIL now. One of my sisters would have been in little bitty pieces, the lying one my daughter handed her *** and stands ready to do so again. Let's put it this way my daughter saw some things at Watauga er that had it beein me Security would have had to drag me off of her. CNA MY ***. That's the problem all involved in you little CONSPIRACY wanted me either in public housing or as a burden on my family living with them.It did not happen..Chendo now what exactly does this county, state, or country OWE the ILLEGALS pouring over our border?? Does the US citizens deserve to struggle, live on the streets, and starve to make way for cheap labor for the ELITES???Do you not know illegals are handed money. put up on 400 dollar a night hotels, given free food, medical, and anything else they want?? The SOCIALNET as they call it is collapsing and the American poor and disabled are the ones they want to get out of the way. Do you even realize to IMMIGRATE to any other country in the world they REQUIRE that you know a TRADE that country needs and prove you can take care of yourself?? Check it. What trades are those illegals bringing in? Drug running in the fentenel business, gun running, human trafficing??? Now while I admit if Biden keeps sending all US ammunitions to the UKRAINE and we might just need those gun runners everyone is too obsessed with the woke bs to actually pay attention. Yet the powers that be begrudge an Amercian citizen from having a roof over their head, food on the table, money from Soc Security they paid in, and the about to live. **** the government is wanting to sign illegals up for the money you, I and everyone else.has paid in for their retirement and in case they can't work. But most like you too want to deny the whole crappy mess and blame the messenger. So exactly WHO is the NOW?,


Posted 6:50 pm, 05/13/2023

Proof that you are indeed mentally unstable or crazy as a crap house rat is like chendo pointed out you laid up in a pop up camper for over 10 years while there was a house within inches. You are indeed a real idot. krazy.


Posted 5:52 pm, 05/13/2023

We heard Mo counts hisself as a local drunk at any given hour and he failed Algebra also. That is why the multicolored whores thinks he is hawt and why Go takes his advise on how to adjust his sensors to work best also. He is for sure a hawt commodity. Ask Jak if that ain't right.

Green Arrow

Posted 5:24 pm, 05/13/2023

But I guess the county owed the local drunks. As long as they can shove out the homeless to other counties I guess it saves them more money. I wonder how long it will be before Alkegheny and Watauga tells Ashe County to deal with it's own mess and start refusing this county's homeless. But if you want the truth Chendo I don't owe this county anything but contempt.

Green Arrow

Posted 5:00 pm, 05/13/2023

The county owned me to stay the **** out of business. Instead they sent in THEIR OWN LAWYER to help stomp. If this county continues to drive off it's long time residents it's going to become another Charlotte and maybe that's EXACTLY what it deserves. To gave a bunch of sniffling nothings that can only whine when the snow falls, and roads aren't cleared and they can't go. If another snow like 60 hits I feel don't sorry for those who don't know how to survive be cause there will be a lot of dead bodies piling up.


Posted 2:48 pm, 05/13/2023

considering you have never tried to better yourself...whatever helps you sleep at night. Not everyone who is successful is a money grubbing fat cat

the county doesn't owe you squat. Nor the the state

Green Arrow

Posted 1:26 pm, 05/13/2023

Now the reason you keep calling me a liar is that the truth actually scares **** out of you. The truth about Ashe County is that they don't give a **** about people who have lived all their life here. We are just like I was on the Mulatto Mt something to be forgotten out of the way and make no mistake this county went out of it's way to see that those outsiders got their fancy development..Do you know at one time this county had the choice between a homeless shelter and a beer joint and I bet I don't even have to say what they chose. I scare **** out of some because to accept the truth if what was done to me you have to accept the truth you just might be next. If the powers that be in this county get their wishes mobile homes will be out, campers will be out and the homeless already are out to Watauga or anywhere else that will take them. They keep raising taxes hoping to push more people out to make was for their airbnbs, short term rentals, and fancy second homes. You didn't actually think they were building the new schools to IMPRESS the long time residents did you?? If so my bridge is still for sale. If you think working 2 or 3vjobs will keep you ahead in the rat race take note there will come along bigger RATS, the county will see to it. The American Dream is dead and long buried especially in Ashe. I grew up knowing that in Ashe it's not what you know its WHO you are related to. So go on calling me a liar and liking your delusions. Personally I would rather call it as I see it and be called a liar than to try to keep up with everyone else.


Posted 12:59 pm, 05/13/2023

LOL...anything to keep you from having to live with you in the house.

Poor dog...he'll probably get fleas and bedbugs

Green Arrow

Posted 12:51 pm, 05/13/2023

Now my dog is sleeping on the bed, want to attack him now???

Green Arrow

Posted 12:43 pm, 05/13/2023

Chendo who do you think gave me the popup camper?? My youngest son who has a family of his own to take care. I made it last 10 years. Know who gave me the Hayco, my brother, and both my sons. They paid for the refurbishment , a new floor and brought it out, then had the popup removed. It's a **** shame my family HAD to be the ones to help me after this county put me through the wringer over a **** development. I went through section 8 three times, nothing. This county did nothing the one time I asked for a couple 1 lbs containers of propane to keep from freezing to death I got NOTHING. Unlike some my family have never been made of money. My sons had their own Bill's to pay so I figure they did a **** of a lot more than this friggin county did.


Posted 11:44 am, 05/13/2023

lol...they let their mom live in a pop up for how many years!?

go 'head, gurl!!

Green Arrow

Posted 11:23 am, 05/13/2023

Chendo I got good grades myself in school. Only ever failed one course, Algebra, but the next year I took it again and made A's so why would I have spilled anyone who got good grades. I spent 6 weeks at ASU as part of the Upward Bound programs, one of the first 3 from ****S. Once again you think if you say a lie it becomes truth. You and dog have actually attacked everything about me and have even lied about my dog. You saying it does not make it truth. You have lied claiming I have no brain tumor, I was a thief, etc etc. What has,it gotten you??? **** you have even attacked my looks. What are you doing sneaking around parking in my windows?? Now you are back to attacking my son who in spite of his handicap has worked as a Mason for 30 years. I have news for you some of the fanciest houses in Banner Elk displays his quality work something I would bet neither you or dog could do if your lives depended on it. For those years as far as I know he has been off disability supporting himself. Yes I know like me according to you never paid any taxes. Both my sons support themselves and their family. I worked **** hard to make certain my sons could stand on their own so I have succeeded beyond my dreams. But that's just one more thing you chose to lie about thinking I give a **** what you think. Never have and never will.


Posted 11:01 am, 05/13/2023

Look at her go!


Posted 10:39 am, 05/13/2023

In school


Posted 10:22 am, 05/13/2023

Your tribe is an anomaly. Hateful and bitter against successful people .

Remember in schilling how you hated anybody who got good grades?


Posted 10:20 am, 05/13/2023

I didn't say I like or dislike anything. I said you're a twunt for wishing death and destruction on millions of people who have never done anything to you.

Oh yeah...your mental case blind contractor son went there and told you about it...thats gospel. He was just mad he got the clap from some crackhead hooked.

Most special ed people are sweet.. your tribe in an anomaly

Green Arrow

Posted 10:06 am, 05/13/2023

Oh and Chendo I do have the right to say or do as I please as long as it does not violate either misdeamnor or felony laws. I suggest if you like the modern day SODOM AND GOMMORAH so well you move there. From what I hear people are leaving there in droves.

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