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It's fixed again?::: Rick Clayton takes over Buchanan?


Posted 6:52 pm, 01/15/2018

To get quality installation on today's technological radios, it makes common sense to have the seller install them. Alot of radio manufactures will not warranty their radios if not installed by their trained techs. So sure send them out of county to have the work done is the obvious choice.


Posted 12:46 pm, 01/15/2018

Captain said a couple deputies used to install the radios in the vehicles. I wonder if they are still employed at the ACSO or if Buchanan or Clayton ran them off?

jack rip her

Posted 11:22 am, 01/15/2018

The fire department has remained silent on the matter of the funds he borrowed. Has he repaid the funds?


Posted 9:55 am, 01/15/2018

Was there ever an issue with Welch's work? The problem Im aware of was with his not bidding radio sales for the VFD and writing himself a check. This alone wouldnt have been much of an issue. But combined with his "loan" and "salary" from the VFD were the issues.


Posted 7:28 am, 01/15/2018

So what do you propose Captain, we let Welch and Winters start handing the county radio system again?


Posted 8:31 pm, 01/14/2018

Just goes to show you can not trust anything that comes from the ACSO these days.


Posted 8:28 pm, 01/14/2018

Frequencies don’t make a signal digital. Most frequencies can have both analog and digital signals overlapping without problem. When the digital TV sunset finally happened, the FCC auctioned off the analog licenses that they had just taken back from broadcasters. Interestingly enough, a large number of these licenses were bought by google for reasons they didn’t even know yet. They planned to most likely use these linceses for wiresless data. As far as I know, they’ve never done anything with these licenses.

But more on topic to local needs. Digital is not automatically better than analog. While digital signals result in a clear transmission if you get enough signal, the down side is if you don’t get enough over the threshold, you get no transmission. Also, analog signals travel farther. They also go around and through objects better.


Posted 7:55 pm, 01/14/2018

Newwin, I guess Ricky was in error when he said that "radios & system's burnt out" or that he was going to send the cars outside the County to get outfitted with lights & siren's as no one here is trained, insured or certified....

Tell that to those that work at AEV & Northwestern who install lights and sirens daily... Maybe Ricky overlooked these companies and people that like he overlooked the annual budget meeting?


Posted 7:52 pm, 01/14/2018

Jack of all, FYI - Williams got the county 8-10 Viper units to work with the state. Which is up to and exceeds the State standards. Analog is still standard. Some department's, like highway patrol have opted to switch entirely over to digital. If we are following these other counties, I wonder when Ricky d*** will be asking for a helicoptor?

jack rip her

Posted 7:35 pm, 01/14/2018

Not really pork chop. I would hope that it dont cost 30 grand to install radios in a few cars. If they are buying new radios and not using the new system mandated by the state shame on all the fools.


Posted 7:22 pm, 01/14/2018

Captain, you need to listen better. You are misrepresenting the discussion that took place


Posted 6:48 pm, 01/14/2018

Sorry Clod... I just have a hard time understanding stupid people.


Posted 6:46 pm, 01/14/2018

Clodhopper, your a freaking idiot. Do you not realize the difference between digital and analog radios?

The reason "we aren't up to par" is because our officer's operate radios within the 150-155 MHZ band range which obviously aren't the digital "digitally clear" frequencies.

Tell me 1 analog radio system in the Mountains that operate better than Ashe Counties..

Why don't we have digital radios? Probably because of having people like Buchanan, Ricky and Mickey who take our money outside the County. Oh, and of course, idiots like you that seem to think it's a good idea. Go figure.


Posted 5:20 pm, 01/14/2018

Sending the cars out of town to be outfitted with radios and such sounds like a excellent idea to me. Just listen to county communications now and it's plain to hear what they currently have and use isn't up to par.


Posted 3:59 pm, 01/14/2018

I watched the Commissioner's Meeting where Clayton was to talk about inmate population but ended up talking about the budget.. Requested 30,000. to be unfrozen. He said that he missed the County budget meeting because no one notified him about it. (idiot should have been paying better attention!)

He was also talking about how he needed several thousand to pay to have radios & equipment installed in vehicles. Unlike before where they had a couple of deputies install them (which saved the County thousands...)

This sounded all to familiar, Like Buchanan but with a different costume. Sounds to me like he wants to send the cars out of town because he doesn't think Ashe County resident's know how to install or outfit a vehicle. Same as Buchanan when he got those ugly, Hardee's stars put on the new patrol cars..

What a freaking Moron!!

Can't wait to see how he handles a grand jury indictment.


Posted 9:36 pm, 01/13/2018

He might set the record for least votes ever gotten in a primary election. If Bufurt is still eligible to file next month, it would be interesting to see which fool got the fewest votes.


Posted 9:23 pm, 01/13/2018

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Rose filed to run for sheriff next month.


Posted 9:21 pm, 01/13/2018

Surely, Rose must realize, he will never be elected to anything, ever again. Might lose the job he has now.


Posted 9:15 pm, 01/13/2018

I said all along that Rose used Bufurt so Rose could run for sheriff. The texts just confirmed this.


Posted 8:47 pm, 01/13/2018

Someone would have to pull his strings, he does not have the tools to do it himself. After reading through the texts again, I almost feel sorry for him, as he was led into this situation by Rose. If you put their 2 IQs together, they might not be measurable.

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