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Green Arrow

Posted 8:24 am, 09/29/2022

Only women are supposed to change their minds every 3 seconds.


Posted 4:06 pm, 09/28/2022

He may change his mind.

Green Arrow

Posted 2:57 pm, 09/28/2022

Oh really. I thought old Chendo was sending him right out.


Posted 2:38 pm, 09/28/2022

Hes not coming until you threaten the wrong person. First stop for you will be a insane asylum.

Green Arrow

Posted 11:43 am, 09/28/2022

Sure they are. Still waiting for that sheriff.


Posted 5:08 pm, 09/27/2022

They are coming before you trash the joint and that roof starts leaking.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:45 am, 09/27/2022

Dog sure he does. The incident with the communicating threats didn't occure that long ago . It occurred against the same s whn thought it appropriate to harrass elderly sick people. The Watauga county court threw it out and I doubt the law has changed that much. As I said go ahead and call that SHERIFF and I will welcome him in since we could have a lot to discuss. I have had a lot of family and friends drop by since I got out of that old run down popup and unlike some I have nothing to hide. I would not believe anything Chendo or you said as far as I could throw you and you definitely don't scare me, nor does the sheriff.


Posted 6:11 am, 09/27/2022

Krazy your digging up your old happenings under previous sheriffs has no bearing on today. You continue to live so far in the past. Chendo has this in your records.

Green Arrow

Posted 4:28 pm, 09/26/2022

Oh and since you claim to know what meds I am on list them . I am dying to see you prove what you claim you know all about. So put up or shut up .

Green Arrow

Posted 8:25 am, 09/26/2022

So unless someone claiming the moniker underdog or chendo shows up and identifies them as same to TRY to take something I have full title and ownership of I would say someone is flopping their gums to hear themselves yap. Chendo I hope you are ready to identify your real name to authorities because I have the right to face my accuser and I will insist on it

Green Arrow

Posted 7:58 am, 09/26/2022

Sure Chendo sure. The sheriffs office can't even recover my sons stolen motorcycle knowing exactly where it is and who stole it. They could not find my neighbors van on Mill Creek until I told them where it was. And yov think they are going to bother anyone for saying they will bother me for saying I will defend myself and my home??? I will not stand by and allow anyone to take whats mine ever again. If that makes me krazy so be it. I have a feeling people better be ready to defend whats theirs in the coming month. Now call the sheriff and your bs will be believed about as far as the claim my car had been stolen at old Rogers. But according to the sheriff and lawyers in Boone?and this case involved a supposed threat made by someone I know, you must specify WHO, WHAT, HOW, and WHEN. Also it has to be made in the hearing of the person threatened othewise it gets tossed by the judge. So by all means call the sheriff, since I am sure he could use a good laugh today!!!


Posted 8:56 pm, 09/25/2022

I thinkbthebsheriff will be visiting her soon. She is always talking about shooting someone. And with her mental irregularities, and the meds she is on, I think they should actually seriously consider taking her firearms away.

I may have to share the charts we have on her with law enforcement.


Posted 7:33 pm, 09/25/2022

You are now talking to yourself.

Green Arrow

Posted 3:46 pm, 09/25/2022

Dog noone is going to hook to anything of mine?and drag it anywhere and live to tell about it considering right now I am half the distance to a firearm as I was. Boo hoo guess I hit a nerve. Can dish it out but can't take it huh??? Just as I thought.


Posted 3:38 pm, 09/25/2022

Maybe one of them will hook up to your new joint and drag you across the border.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:29 am, 09/25/2022

Dog whats the matter are you jealous?????Or just scared you won't make you money on destroying the Mulatto before the real estate market crashes??? From what I hear another year of Biden and the democrats and everything is going to belong to illegal aliens.


Posted 7:39 am, 09/25/2022

Check in at daymark krazy, tell them you brought Jim, Roger. and the whole gang.

Green Arrow

Posted 5:18 pm, 09/24/2022

I am also no longer living in a cave under tarp and I have light from 3 skylights so I no longer feel like a mushrom.

Green Arrow

Posted 5:02 pm, 09/24/2022

Tabs nope keyboard changed itself on my phone and now its a pain in the *** much like dog.


Posted 10:17 am, 09/24/2022

Glad to see Green Arrow making fewer typos. Did you get a bigger keyboard or maybe glasses?

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