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Posted 7:19 am, 04/23/2023

button, try to keep up. Mo said he don't drink horse piss, he drinks Jak cause the trannies in them ads are hawter than the white feller on the Bud Light can.


Posted 6:32 am, 04/23/2023


Hello Lucky!!
If you were referring to me with the short bus comment
you are definitely wrong
When I went to school there were KNOW buses
I had to walk 10 miles one way
to get to school. And I did it every day!!
That is why I am in such great shape!!
How about you Lucky. What shape are you in??
From your old and molding posts you sound like you
couldnt pick up a can of Budweiser without help
Speaking of help where is your co-worker?
I guess someone has to make money while you spend your whole life
posting the same thing over and over on this site
You are the king of scum Lucky. Just a low life monkey with thumbs
that wears an extra small condom for a crown.
You and backoncrack must be related
I still love you even though you hate yourself!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!🍄


Posted 4:39 pm, 04/22/2023

The two that obviously rode the short bus to school are showing you why today.


Posted 2:58 pm, 04/22/2023

She was a lesson in graciousness when thanking you for correcting her mistake, even though you were being snarky.

She obviously mistyped. You constantly use words incorrectly or misspell them.

You've never thanked me for correcting you.


Posted 1:07 pm, 04/22/2023

You heard the feller, Doe. We don't care if your grammar and vocab sucks like Mo's does also so stfu about it all the dann time.


Posted 1:04 pm, 04/22/2023


Well, thank you for noticing.
Clearly a mistake on my behalf
Since everyone here is from an Ivy League School
Did you no know one cares when you correct people
I no I no hard to believe
Remember what the dormouse said
feed your head


Time for lunch 🍄


Posted 12:53 pm, 04/22/2023

*no* matter how stoned you were/are, button

Doe must be stoned also still missing all the easy low hanging fruit.


Posted 12:42 pm, 04/22/2023


I know today is just my future that I created in my past
Yours as well
But surely, surely surely I did not create this conversation
Know matter how stoned I was in my future

Are you ok?
You seem down
I will share a smile with you

I am still waiting on lunch


Posted 12:32 pm, 04/22/2023

A little advice for you, button. If you have to take a shower at your new writing class like my helicopter pilot does at his school be careful not to drop the soap. and don't make no stink or Mo the Law will for sure blame it on the trannies.


Posted 12:25 pm, 04/22/2023


Well, no.....
I asked that question in jest
I find it odd you answered
Enjoying your spring?
I am. I love all the wild flowers. Every day a new one seems to appear
Do you get out much?
Seems you dont seeing your average response time
Notice my sentences are getting longer?
I went to a writing class and found out I was writing lets say "different" than other posters
I am
having a problem adjusting but
I will get it
sometime soon
I am waiting for my lunch.
That is why i am responding


Posted 12:23 pm, 04/22/2023

Your stinking krazy is not bull**** in the least.


Posted 12:14 pm, 04/22/2023

How could I possibly be in your house, button? That new shroom has you a little paranoid now don't it?


Posted 11:49 am, 04/22/2023


You are welcome.

Hello my big a**hole friend
Just a different mushroom

Are you in my house?
How did you respond to me so fast?
The way I see it
It would have taken you at least 3 minutes to come up with
something so lame then {than....d**k}
at least 59 seconds to write something so lame
So that gave you 1 second to put down your second
double egg mcmuffin for the morning
Are you in my house?????

1.263,757 uneven so I will get it back to even

Green Arrow

Posted 11:35 am, 04/22/2023

Mental thank you.


Posted 11:28 am, 04/22/2023

easy, did you finally hook yourself a shroom daddy to be in such a empathetic and compassionate mood today?


Posted 11:24 am, 04/22/2023


Forever can be experienced
Only if you are able
To create your own time

Happy belated B-Day Arrow the Aries
I am glad it was a good one for you

Hope everyone has a great day!!🍄

Green Arrow

Posted 8:21 am, 04/22/2023

I just knew there had to be more bull****.


Posted 8:53 pm, 04/21/2023

I hope you took a bath and got your clothes washed.

Green Arrow

Posted 6:18 pm, 04/21/2023

Tabs , thank you. It was one of the best I ever had of course I am not big on birthdays. All I want is for my son to be happy with the lady he says he's going to marry. She seems to care a lot about him.


Posted 6:07 pm, 04/21/2023

Glad you had a nice birthday Green Arrow 😊

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