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Lets examine the form 990 of bremco and see what we are paying for with our rates.

jack rip her

Posted 12:24 pm, 02/11/2019

It just doesnt pass the smell test for Vannoy to have over 6 million in one year. My main concern comparing several other NC co-ops is the shear amount bremco is spending on new buildings. I did notice one co-op had spent a few million building lines and substations. Buildings dont provide power to us.

I will say this, our linemen and service techs are second to none. Given our weather and terrain they do a job very well.


Posted 6:44 am, 02/11/2019

Having done business in the High Country for 20+ years and soliciting bids for a number of very large projects, I've found that Vannoy was generally the low bidder on the job. I did have an occasion where Vannoy was out bid, by a very small margin, for the work by a company from off the mountain. At the time the winner bidder had jobs going in the area and their mobilization charge fell in line with Vannoy's.

jack rip her

Posted 9:32 am, 02/10/2019

Only, I looked at two other co-ops in the state that were larger and the ceo pay was half as much as dougies. I looked also at Surry Yadkin which is smaller but the ceo pay is in comparison and adjustment for size is much lower.

Only, I question the bidding process. There is one other contractor on the list at 1.6 million out of Boone.

None of the 4 I looked at had a single contractor over 100K.

Our problem along with all other co-ops in NC is the perpetual boards letting the co-op run wild with the money.


Posted 8:52 am, 02/10/2019

Jack, how do the other co-ops compare in size to Blue Ridge based on size of territory, number of subscribers and Gross Revenue?

For a similar sized co-op, based on the metrics above, what is the average spend on outside contracting?

Are you implying that Blue ridge does not follow some sort of procurement policy which requires bidding for construction projects?

jack rip her

Posted 7:31 am, 02/10/2019

You are all missing the point of the thread. Compare Dougies salary to other co-ops and you will find his is atrociously higher. Compare the top 5 companies paid by co-ops and you find that Bremco is paying Vannoy an atrocious amount for construction.


Posted 8:01 pm, 02/09/2019

I saw a10,000 amp 7,200 volt underground cable short out years ago at a facility. Quite the show as the ground looked like it was being invaded by a bunch of giant explosive moles.

jack rip her

Posted 7:35 pm, 02/09/2019

co-ops have been burying lines for years at the coast.

Did you notice Dougies pay?


Posted 5:50 pm, 02/09/2019

jack rip her

Posted 10:33 am, 02/09/2019

Scroll through until you reach the top 5 companies paid by bremco. We have paid for the year 2016 over 7 million in construction of buildings. Vannoy is getting rich off Bremco building new buildings. Could we not start burying power lines when we are paying out over 4 million a year to cut trees?

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