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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town

proud native

Posted 10:20 am, 07/24/2017

I thought the whole point on here is to be anonymous so to 'call it' and identify anyone defeats that purpose.
So we should agree to stop ... and do better

The Humanist

Posted 9:35 am, 07/24/2017

Proud, I was not referring to you. But, I have already called at least one out: J.M. aka Tony Soprano, aka username35

Is he not employed at the SO as a deputy?

proud native

Posted 9:11 am, 07/24/2017

Humanist, since no one knows who is who on here, it has always been an assumption that pro Buchanan posters worked for the Sheriff's Office. Jack especially said this to try to stir things up.
I am not, never have been with the sheriff's Office.
And to say that any deputy would use their position is just plain wrong.
This is the kind of inflammatory statements that need to stop on here.

Please do better

jack rip her

Posted 9:09 am, 07/24/2017

Tranny you are like a dog chasing his tail. You really dont think I can do research back in the thread and post all the threats? Remember some of you have changed your user names along the way.

The Humanist

Posted 9:01 am, 07/24/2017

Good input from concerned citizens in Ashe. Appreciate you.

Proud, please stop... The bully thing is getting old, for we all know both sides were involved in heated discussions and name calling, although personally, I thought the attacks from pro-Terryons was much more threatening, because most have badges and from what I have seen, can arrest you for any reason without following protocol and they will violate rights.

So yes, more of a threat in my eyes.

proud native

Posted 8:28 am, 07/24/2017

Ok jack please name a threat that I made.
Your attacks on me have been personal because of my opinion, so you are saying that you can do that to me and the other people who support Buchanan but we cannot speak against you that don't?

And you seem to relish your bully stance on here

We should be better than this

jack rip her

Posted 7:53 am, 07/24/2017

Good job broker.

Tranny let me repeat myself one more time since you now want to take a new direction spinning bufurt. I dont appreciate being called a bully and you have characterized every person that speaks against bufurt a bully. Like I told you yesterday when you and your buddies tried threatening posters on the site you lost the .25% of respect I had for you. Not to mention all the lies you and your buddies have been caught in. Now you may want to try a new spin Tranny.


Posted 7:16 am, 07/24/2017

Shooter, I'll provide a rebuttal below so you may understand the majority's point of view.

1. Wants An Ashe County Native, born, raised, educated, spent all working life under a past sheriff, has a "resume" that might pass third grade level review for dog catcher.

I actually prefer and Ashe native to administer the ACSO. They understand the community, the geography, and the population, having been immersed in it throughout their life. Additionally, your character attacks against the previous administration are detrimental to the current sheriff, as the demonstrate the character of his support base.

2. Wants the jail to be run by insolent nincompoop dropouts previously employed by park service cleaning outhouses and fired once or twice from that one..

I'll refer to my character attack reference from above. The name calling only supports the vote for someone else. If you have valid arguments that can be demonstrated without the character attacks, you would do better.
3. Wants male and female inmates to commingle, wander around all day and night, in any open block in the jail they wish with everybody who gets in line.

This would be a good opportunity to bring up the jailer that was hired/fired/arrested for lewd acts and filming with inmates that was hired by the current administration. Were those filmed on the iPads purchased for the inmates by the current administration?

4. Wants smoking everywhere.

No one cares.

5. Wants vending machines in every room.

No one cares.

6. Wants no Trustee program supervision.

This might be a good time to bring up the use of trustees by the current administration to clean up a private organization's outdoor recreational area, as was done by the current administration. Although I am unsure if this is covered by statute, it is at the least unethical.

7. Wants no modernized work release program.

This has little to no impact on voters, unless violating state statutes, as referenced above.

8. Wants a Chief Deputy, also an Ashe native as in (1.), who is so little motivated and of such limited intelligence that he worked 35 years at the same SO.

Once again, your character attacks are detrimental to your cause. I actually prefer someone with the loyalty to stay with an organization for that length of time. Additionally, that individual likely has vast knowledge of the county and the experience necessary to succeed in that position. Chief Deputy is a successful job in Ashe, so what would be the motivation to leave? Your point and character attack is weak here.

9. Wants rogue untrained Deputies who shoot first then investigate, and draw down huge lawsuits on the county.

Were the shootings tragic? Yes. Will the county likely face lawsuit payouts? Yes. But projecting the wishes of the previous administration mutes the point you are trying to make. No one wants "rogue, untrained deputies." Another character attack that weakens and invalidates the argument you were trying to make. The deputies had the required training, as demonstrated with the SBI investigation of the first incident. Invalid argument due to projection.

10. Wants the SO to be a laughing Stock star of a reality TV show, while working on the county payroll.

Complete opinion on your part. I, for one, have no opinion on the matter and welcome the additional income brought to the county.

11. Wants one Deputy on patrol at night in the entire county.

Combined with the SHP and municipal departments, I'm okay with one deputy patrolling and one on call, particularly through the week. It's not like as is experiencing a vast amount of violent crime through the work week.

12. Wants sloppy incomplete training records for all staff.

Once again, projection on your part with "wants." I've worked with and in some extremely proficient and effective organizations who were lax on keeping track of their training records. Additionally, this only becomes an issue when it violates state policy or during SBI investigations, like the one which cleared the deputy involved in the shooting.

13. Wants limited cooperation in arson investigations, between the SO and fire depts.

Fire departments are, by law, responsible for arson investigations due to safety and training. The ACSO is not involved in everything in the county and needs to stay within its limits. A good example of arson cooperation would be the arson investigation of the church in Beaver Creek, which occurred under the previous administration.

14. Wants the evidence locker open to nearly anyone with a pulse and records missing and full of errors.

Once again, no one cares unless it violates statute, and once again you are projecting. This is a non-issue with me as a citizen and voter unless it violates law. Additionally, I can't imagine the ACSO evidence room being packed with lots of sensitive evidence. If it's a high-profile case, the SBI will cover it.

15. Wants SO spending to go unaudited for years.

I, as a voter, am okay with this as long as the department is effective at serving the people of Ashe, and they act in a professional and courteous manner, unless it is a requirement that has not been met. The previous administration was able to operate within the allotted budget. This administration has already requested additional funding, not to mention the sheriff requesting a pay raise within weeks of appointment. The sheriff, who had just negotiated his own salary, went back and requested more without proven job performance. He should have waited until his next election, which will now, based on my assessment, never happen. It really hurt his credibility with the voters of Ashe.

16. Wants a County Commissioner to work INSIDE the SO and skim off extra budget and perks regularly.

I am completely okay with this, as that individual was a volunteer. As an administrator, I would gladly trade some relatively inexpensive "perks" to a volunteer rather than pay the full salary and benefits for a deputy, even part time. It is being a good steward of your resources, which this administration has demonstrated it cannot do.

17. Wants to hire only Ashe natives (see 1.) for all positions in the SO.

I support this 110%, to the extent possible. Ashe citizens know the county, know the community, and know the people. It also provides a solid job opportunity for those willing to work for it in an area where a lot of good, steady jobs are not available. The firing or resignation of multiple local individuals since the new sheriff was appointed is the greatest reason neither I, nor many of my friends and colleagues, will support the new administration. These are people of our communities, people we grew up with, attend church with, and our children play sports and attend school together. Nearly everyone in the county is only once or twice removed from a former member of the ACSO. Poor leadership is the only excuse for such a high turnover rate in such a short period. My utmost sympathy and respect goes out to those former members who chose the high road, and the tough right over the easy wrong. They all still have their self-respect.

18. Wants the Sheriff and Deputies to stay away from the public or public accountability, ie no Coffee with a cop type events.

One of my favorite quotes is "speak softly, but carry a big stick." I actually prefer those quiet professionals who serve the community, but look for no recognition or praise. Those who are approachable, friendly, and competent. Those who are present without being overbearing. I felt I could approach former ACSO to chat or discuss certain things when met on the street. My children would engage deputies in public to be met with warm smiles and "high fives." With all of the turnover and change, I don't feel that way anymore, which goes back to having competent locals serving in the department. The last thing I want is a media focused administration briefing at public events, such as the VFW and Wildlife Club to gain "face time." I want a sheriff that can competently run the department with a profession, courteous staff serving the people of Ashe County.
19. Wants the SO to be a GODless environment.

Few care. This comment was meant to ignite religious divisions. I personally do not care if the sheriff is Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish. atheist, or any other religion/non-religion. I want an effective administrator who is competent, courteous, and effective. Your attempt at religious divide is unwarranted and weak.
20. Wants the Sheriff to act always in ways favorable to the "up-county" hillbilly tribes, first and always. All favors accepted there, always.

You have just demonstrated the second most popular reason that the current sheriff will not receive mine, nor many other's, votes. Your comment needs some further elaboration to clarify, but I'll attempt to answer as I've understood it. I am assuming you are referencing Creston/White Top/Pond Mt. areas. Your reference to those citizens as "the "up-county" hillbilly tribes" is astounding. Astounding that you would reference any of Ashe County's citizens in such a manner. I have friends who live there, grew up there. To classify those individuals as anything other than citizens of Ashe demonstrates just how bigoted you are. As a solid supporter of the current sheriff, this goes on to further demonstrate why he receives such disdain from many in the community. Your classification of one group of citizens less than another by geographical location is laughable.

In closing, thank you, Shooter, for displaying the true character of those supporting the current sheriff. You have further demonstrated, through your post, the need for someone with common ground and understanding to fill the office. Your derision does nothing more than push people away from the current administration. You should get out of your bubble and talk to random people in the community outside of your comfort zone. You'll be surprised what you learn.


Posted 7:07 am, 07/24/2017

I have a problem with point #8. Are you trying to say Bucky is less respectable because he devoted 35 years of his life and has 35 years of ACTUAL law enforcement experience at the same facility? To me this shows how commited Bucky is to the county and to the SO. He worked under administrations that were affiliated with the opposing party and he still kept getting promoted. He worked his way up through the ranks the correct way which cannot be said for our current sheriff. With less than 5 years or so of actual law enforcement experience, he wanted to be at the top from day 1. This is why he tried to record and frame his superiors to move up in rank quicker. This shows a lack of professional ethics, a lack of honesty because he continues to lie about it, and a lack of respect for his colleagues which is probably why so many of our experienced officers are now gone. That's just a rebuttal to point #8. If I didn't have a job, I could potentially write an entry longer than Bufurts joke of a resume to refute all your points. Have a nice day.

proud native

Posted 7:06 am, 07/24/2017

More than one way, I appreciate what you say, but concerned that you don't see the contradictions in your statements.
So Williams also hired outsiders? Then why is it a problems that Buchanan does.
Williams asked for additional money from the commissioners too? Why can't Buchanan?
You say our local men and women know most citizens of the county and welcome outsiders as long as they aren't arrogant a-holes trying to change us? There is little evidence on this thread that is true..most of the posters here have made it clear they do NOT want outsiders here at all. Also, knowing the local people and the area is something that can be learned.. even a local hired would need to learn some things as well.

Ashe County should show they are better than the abusive, bullying posters on this site. Let's be better.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 5:00 am, 07/24/2017

Sheriff Williams didn't just give the locals a chance but anyone that was wanting to work in the SO. His roster proved that...while he had mainly locals working for him... he had people that wanted the opportunity to serve this county. He gave that opportunity to Terry Blaine as well. A republican never had to worry about being canned because of political parties.
I do believe "in God we trust" was on the ACSD vehicles long before Terry.
As for the hillbillies...be careful of the feet you step on today because they may be attached to the hind end you have to kiss tomorrow.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 4:22 am, 07/24/2017

About the reality tv show...at least Sheriff Williams was trying to bring in money and not cost the county. What a smoothie compared to this Buchanan bull shooter mess.
Sheriff Williams went to the commissioners and ask for money to add more deputies but had at least 3 per night shift...Only on a few occasions has there been 2.
The state comes in to check training files at least once a year and I have never known of any great concerns if any concerns.
Have known Terry to have issues with our fire departments but not any other Sheriff.
Again Commissioner Sands is a respectable man. Terry only wishes he could be the man Commissioner Sands is. Sands volunteered at the SO to have them hold his certification. No more no less. Roark on the other hand...well that is another time and place.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 4:00 am, 07/24/2017

The shootings was investigated by the SBI... Deputies not in question was cleared and released to return to work and carry on their duties. This should speak volume. Sorry, not a whole lot can be discussed in detail due to the fact one incident has not gone to trial.
They had the same training if not more than Terry himself and all other law enforcement personnel.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 3:18 am, 07/24/2017

Only smoking I have ever seen was the proof K. Miller had of it taking place in the breezeway under Terry's administration. As I have explained earlier...I don't know Bucky personally but he was a local who was dedicated for all those years and seem to do a good job at it or "all" the other "real" Sheriffs would have noticed and Terry would not have been the only one to have a issue with him.

more ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 3:01 am, 07/24/2017

Get a grip...your 20 points are worthless to folks of Ashe County since we have witnessed the "old" administration vs the "Terry" administration.
At least our local men and women know most citizens of the county and they welcome those visiting and/or moving here as long as they are not complete obnoxious arrogant know it all A holes trying to change what has made Ashe County great and brought in tourism.
Seriously...you are going there...going after the old jail administration after what actually did take place between Terry's girl and the inmate...


Posted 12:02 am, 07/24/2017

So, the Dimwitts have had 6 hours to contradict my 20 points, and not surprising, nothing but sewer gas.

The truth hurts, when you're on the wrong side!!!!!!

Come on <Aflicker = Ripher=inHumanist=Clod=antiBuchanan> give us something - What is it you want that I haven't already stated plainly for you.

Shady Grady

Posted 11:17 pm, 07/23/2017

I missed Mickey's threat. Did he threaten you because he called you by your real name? How were you threatened? Please tell. Or better yet, go report it to the Sheriffs office. That's what the rules say to do.


Posted 11:00 pm, 07/23/2017

Exactly what laws have been broken? It's a simple question...

Or could it be that no actual laws have been broken, and y'all are just upset over the commissioners choice?

The Humanist

Posted 9:39 pm, 07/23/2017

lol, can't even watch a movie with my family without someone trying to call me out.

Look, read through the threads. I think we all have repeated ourselves over and over and over again.

The other stuff will be coming out. I know you will twist this to say I have nothing, but can not give Terry the opportunity to prepare for a defense and have promised others I would not mention certain information.

Guess you will just have to wait...

Nancy Boi

Posted 9:29 pm, 07/23/2017


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