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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 8:24 am, 09/25/2017

Yes, sometimes things get out of hand. It involved a lot of expense, human lives, and continued civil unrest to get rid of Daddy's Saddam mistake. Britches got too big. Iraq was possibly a better place under that iron fist, but this ain't Iraq. Ashe would be a good place to quietly enjoy a law enforcement career, as in the past and as in most other counties. Good old tax-supported jobs with good benefits and early retirement. Beats most daily grinds.

If someone is really dedicated to law enforcement, and is one of the best, major metro and other areas with much worse problems than Ashe could use some help. This sounds like a Special Forces soldier deciding to transfer to administrative clerk. Well, except no one checked up on the Special Forces claim, or apparently any others in that non-resume.

Politics is politics, from the lowest level to the highest. Depressing. I appreciate every day having lived in the heyday and beginning slide of an Empire in decline. Young people today do not have the opportunities I had outside of a tax-supported career and benefits. Fight for those gov't jobs!

Post somewhat in jest.

The Humanist

Posted 8:10 am, 09/25/2017

Call us what you will, because the truth will prevail. The reign of tyranny is coming to a close. I will love it when this thread, Terry, his minions and his cult are finished.

Keep pushing Ashe. As the saying goes, "cut off the head of the snake and the body dies".


Posted 11:58 pm, 09/24/2017

What a bunch of stupid pricks. I confidently predict youall will continue to reveal yourselves as such tomorrow night.


Posted 10:58 pm, 09/24/2017

The original title of this thread was "Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town" . Well guess what, we got one. So why is this thread still going on?


Posted 8:02 pm, 09/24/2017

Blanch, you've been wrong about everything, especially about me. But keep trolling. It's all you can do.

proud native

Posted 5:17 pm, 09/24/2017

Considering how much reposting of unoriginal thought is on this site... geez.

The Humanist

Posted 5:03 pm, 09/24/2017

Thank you Proud for quoting and reposting so many times. How original I see you still are. One more time so we all get it 100%...lol

"Why argue with you?? You are never going to change. You will always be a miserable know-it-all with little respect for anyone other than those who serve you. You spread your poison and hate on those who do not agree. You take and take and can't see pass your own hand. You are a disease that has inflicted us. But, no worries. The cure is coming and you SIR, are a waste of time."

Although I know you would love for this to be about Fins, it is clearly about Terry and Terry's delusional cult followers. Sorry...

Please just and stop beating the dead horse. We all make mistakes. It takes a heck of a person just to admit it. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

proud native

Posted 4:40 pm, 09/24/2017

And Indiana, I haven't been wrong about you..

proud native

Posted 4:30 pm, 09/24/2017

Jerk, taping?? Haha
And being the wheezing old fat man you are, you couldn't "tape" anyone.. the O2 tank would be in the way..
And we know how you like men so no wonder you are obsessed with me.


Posted 4:27 pm, 09/24/2017

Quit dodging the question Blanch. What have I been incorrect about? You have been wrong about everything

jack rip her

Posted 4:16 pm, 09/24/2017

The only one spreading poison is you blanch. You have always hated fins, so nothing new. Are you still mad at me for not taping you?

proud native

Posted 4:04 pm, 09/24/2017

Oh, Indiana, you just keep fluffing your feathers.. here, read this apt description of you:

Why argue with you?? You are never going to change. You will always be a miserable know-it-all with little respect for anyone other than those who serve you. You spread your poison and hate on those who do not agree. You take and take and can't see pass your own hand. You are a disease that has inflicted us. But, no worries. The cure is coming and you SIR, are a waste of time.


Posted 3:35 pm, 09/24/2017

Blanch, you still haven't been able to dispute anything I say because I speak the truth.

The Humanist

Posted 2:14 pm, 09/24/2017

Commissioners hosting open special public hearing TOMORROW at 6:30 at the Courthouse

I do hope to see the 30 plus employees that have lost their jobs, Williams and Bucky, too. It is time to take back our county!

If you have something to say, say it now. It will NOT go on deaf ears. Help protect our county as your own family, because we are all family in this county, whether we like each other or not, agree to disagree. It is now about finding solutions, Terry's removal (be it temporary pending the investigation, removal by a judge or him resigning), the commissioners that have turned a blind eye to the citizens of Ashe and refuse to represent the majority or even address the elephant in the room, our party that has their head up their A** and anything else you want to get off your chest. The time is now! Don't let your voice go unheard.

"Either we heal as a team or we’re gonna crumble, inch by inch, play by play, till we’re finished. We’re in **** right now, gentlemen, believe me. And we can stay here and get the $&#@ kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of ****, one inch at a time."

Al Pacino: "Inch by Inch" (1999)

proud native

Posted 1:57 pm, 09/24/2017

Oh Indiana, please read that description again and look in the mirror pal
It describes you to a T


Posted 1:42 pm, 09/24/2017

Tell another lie, Blanch. Try just once to admit the truth. Nothing that I've told has been wrong. None of you Bufurt defenders have been able to dispute the information I've brought to light. The man is dangerous and deranged. He is the poison. I bring the truth. You bring lies and deceit.

Proud native

Posted 1:02 pm, 09/24/2017

I'm glad you agree with me Indiana. it is true of the anti-buchananites


Posted 12:42 pm, 09/24/2017

Blanch, it's hardly poison when it's true.

The Humanist

Posted 12:04 pm, 09/24/2017

Proud, stop projecting.. Although comical, it is pathetic and desperate.

Jack, since no one can seem to answer your question, this may help. I had asked this question awhile back and someone was actually kind enough to give an answer. Something I wish our commissioners would learn to do.

"The reason is the party wants the sheriff's office. Pure politics. They don't like the other party holding elected offices. They thought by getting an appointed republican they can win the office in 2018. They knew if Bucky was handed the job, no one could beat him in an election. I think Larry Ward is the Ashe party chair. Not sure who else is on the committee. Check the newspapers for the executive officers.

Legally, they “commissioners” had a choice. They could have ignored the party's nominee and went with their own choice. In other offices (like clerk or register) that rarely happens. But in the case of sheriff where disrupting the entire county legal enforcement could come into play, is a different story. If they turn down the chief deputy, they usually work out a good plan to keep order to the office. In this case, they didn't think to put restrictions on Terry before agreeing to give him the job.”

In other words, they all failed us BIG TIME! Thank you for your incompetence. It didn’t have to be Bucky, but sure as heck should have been someone qualified, caring of the citizens and capable. It was clear from the beginning what H*** Terry was going to bring onto Ashe and all of you decided to let him have free reign to do whatever he wanted, all for your OWN self serving agenda. What a disappointment you have all become.

proud native

Posted 12:01 pm, 09/24/2017

No, jerk, I don't have a comment.

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