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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 10:04 am, 05/25/2017

Broker, I think you covered everything except the school superintendent and Buchanan wanting to waste money on a drug program that's been proven to not work.


Posted 9:56 am, 05/25/2017

In the next election, I will not be voting for Sheriff Buchanan, whether it be in the primary or the general election, if he is able to make it that far. Here's why:

1. His resume is horribly weak. It doesn't meet the professional standards of a resume, lists no dates associated with each work experience, and is overall a weak example of a resume produced for a professional, administrative position, particularly from someone who achieved a Bachelor's degree and should know better.

2. In my opinion, there has been too much turnover at the department since his taking office. From a long time management perspective, this makes absolutely no sense. The longstanding knowledge and support given to the community by many of these members was lost, with many of them being life-long Ashe residents. This doesn't meet my opinion of a common sense approach. Retrain, reassign, and rehabilitate. The experience could have been retained. I'd think that his brief stint in the military would have taught him that. Additionally, a release of a redacted DD214 would have helped his cause.

3. The Sheriff is trying too hard. I don't want a Sheriff that's trying to impress the county, whether it be with training articles in the JP, a fancy web page, or overbearing changes in personnel after accusations against the previous administration. I want an administrator who is able to retain and train the best and brightest deputies, investigators, and support personnel available, while providing jobs for the local economy. Which brings me to my next point.

4. There were too many outsiders brought in to replace those who were fired or chose to leave the department. When I watched the video of the commissioners meeting, the first thing I noticed was the age and physical condition of those introduced to the board by Buchanan, and then I just shook my head. Young, energetic locals would have been great to be brought in as young deputies, while promoting those from within with experience in the department and county. Taking away the livelihood of individuals from the community did not bode well with me.

5. Sheriff Buchanan's Blackwater time. I've worked with Blackwater and similar contractors before. Unless assigned to a high-level, special security detail, they are mostly low- to mid-career military individuals who ended their military service and found a high paying security contracting job. Mostly, they trained foreign security forces on the most basic of the basics. Mostly marksmanship, weapons handling, personnel and vehicle search, and such. Great for a law enforcement trainer. So/so for a sheriff. In my opinion, too much focus was placed on this experience for the Sheriff position.

6. From what I've seen, the Sheriff seems to have the support of the local Tea Partiers. I've been a Republican all of my life, vote Republican for most positions, but I'm taken aback by the Tea Party in Ashe County. If they are supporting a candidate, as seen in the past commissioners, I probably will avoid them.

7. There's too much drama associated with the current Sheriff. At this point, I'm done trying to figure out fact from fiction and honestly don't really care. I prefer to think of Ashe as the "sleepy little county" where not much happens in the news and internal politics are not in the press. That's not happening with the current situation, from the contentious appointment of Buchanan, to the internal firings/hirings/resignations, to the dispute with the Clerk's office. Not what I want to see from my current/future sheriff.

jack rip her

Posted 8:15 am, 05/25/2017

Pooky you dont have one iota of all that takes place out of bufurts office. You only know what he wants you to know. Most of the persons that are commenting and bringing forth facts on this site are getting the facts from multiple sources. I notice no one is commenting on the Shatley lawsuit. Other social media outlets have blown up with comments.

Come on Pooky, tell us who you all fired 2 days ago.


Posted 12:09 am, 05/25/2017

Pooky, you've failed to post any positive actions that Bufurt has made. You've made some accusations and talked in generalities, but they are all fantasies in your head. All he has done is destroy a law enforcement department to the point that there isn't anyone in it left that knows how to even write a ticket for littering, let alone work a real case or incident. As one experienced deputy in a neighboring county said, it would take 3 years for them to catch up on any ongoing investigations.


Posted 11:25 pm, 05/24/2017

Bufurt says he was "a cold war warrior". Did all of those paper cuts make him think he was a warrior?


Posted 11:19 pm, 05/24/2017

No need for speculation tofu, all we need to see is his DD214? Provide us with the proper paper work Terry, what are you trying to hide? Were you a walking Closter F _ _k? Did you shoot one of the US troops because they disagreed with you? All the other lies he's been caught in, I seriously doubt he even served our country period! LMAO


Posted 10:24 pm, 05/24/2017

Does Candidate 3 know when he served in Iraq? Can he provide details​? Terry fought valiantly in The Cold War, an oxymoron yes, but whatever. That's a long window for service though, and he "attended" college online, long after that BRUTAL CONFLICT concluded, so he spent a good 30-40 years as an E1?

More ways than one to skin a cat

Posted 10:02 pm, 05/24/2017

Down in Flames said it best when he said that Terry Buchanan's theme song would be "Ring of Fire". Time will tell... sooner rather than later. Terry Buchanan is nothing more than a snake in the grass crawling on his belly under the fence. Beware Ashe County Citizens...this is the form the devil appeared to Eve.


Posted 9:52 pm, 05/24/2017

Not a single date listed on the "resume". Just words, and no, they're not bigly words.


Posted 9:48 pm, 05/24/2017

Apo, what a joke you are! LMAO tell Terry to ask for you a raise next commissioners meeting. You and your knees deserve it! LMAO


Posted 9:48 pm, 05/24/2017

When is the next pubic COFFEE WITH A COP? Is it hosted at Sweet and Savory one day next week?


Posted 9:41 pm, 05/24/2017

So far I see no credible rebuttal to my statement on the Sheriff's positive actions.

Dumb Generalities don't count.


Posted 9:40 pm, 05/24/2017

Well there you have it. Only Jason knows his real identity, but it appears psycho just outed itself.


Posted 9:39 pm, 05/24/2017

Pooky, I'm an expert on many things, but no, I won't claim that resumes are one of them. But I did pay attention in high school English class enough to learn how to write a basic resume. In business classes I did up my skills. However, since you don't believe me, how about take the word from Georgetown.



Posted 9:33 pm, 05/24/2017

Another concerned Citizen - "nothing like a good old Ashe County redneck beating your going to get. Remember I warned you."

Tell you what assO - Anyone makes one move on me and he's a dead man, guaranteed.
Don't even think about hurting me or anyone else for that matter.
I'm more prepared, willing and able than anyone you can imagine.
I'll win and I'll walk tall.
As I said, FU for daring to move the needle in this direction.
As you said, fair warning.

You guys are just plain evil incarnations of the Devil.


Posted 9:18 pm, 05/24/2017

Recall Apo's foray into GoAshe, just scroll back - 9 maybe 10 consecutive drunken ramblings after midnight. Don't discount the username. We've all seen the film and/or read Joseph Conrad's book - a psychopathic "leader", rejected by his peers, runs off to the hinterlands with a small band of loyalists to make his last stand.

Hope Karma Comes Soon

Posted 9:14 pm, 05/24/2017

If you think the only people who are concerned about what's happening are those on this site then you are way out of touch with this community. Several people that I know who just recently moved here have been asking me what's going on at the sheriff's office because they' be been hearing and reading about the high turnover and ongoing controversy over the appointment. This appointment has literally torn the fabric of this county apart and we aren't likely to forget nor forgive.


Posted 9:13 pm, 05/24/2017

Framer, I'm sure the third candidate would have been a much better choice than the one we are stuck with now.


Posted 9:05 pm, 05/24/2017

And as for the third candidate, he's a veteran who served in Iraq and is no way off the wall.

Down in Flames

Posted 9:02 pm, 05/24/2017

This is gonna be Buchanan's theme song soon. "I' fell into a burning ring of fire. I went down down down and the flames went higher" Things are fixing to heat up and he's gonna get burned.

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