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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 6:05 pm, 08/18/2017



jack rip her

Posted 5:36 pm, 08/18/2017

Sharpie boy you better stick to guarding in the doors of the court house. If you are even qualified for that.


Posted 5:21 pm, 08/18/2017

9-63.922 - Limitation on Use of Section 844(e) (Bomb Threat)

Section 844(e) is a specific intent offense that prohibits the use of the mails, telephone, or other instruments of interstate or foreign commerce to make threats or convey false information. As amended by the Antiterrorism Act of 1996, § 724, 110 Stat. at 1300, section 844(e) also prohibits whoever, "in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce," makes false bomb or arson reports. Id.

The provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 844(e) should not be used unless a substantial Federal interest is involved. For example, section 844(e) should not be used in a situation involving a bomb threat by a student against a school, or by an employee of an organization other than the Federal government. These types of cases should be deferred to State or local authorities whenever possible. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been instructed to decline investigation of § 844(e) violations unless the identity of the offender is readily ascertainable or known, or a pattern or plan of these offenses appears to exist.

From The United States Attorney Manual. Guides and policies on prosecution decisions

leo(law enforcement officer)

Posted 5:00 pm, 08/18/2017

SharpestShootersWin (view profile)

Posted 11:23 pm, 08/17/2017

Bomb threats are automatically State and Federal jurisdictions, Dummy.

This is totally and completely false.


Posted 4:20 pm, 08/18/2017

So what y'all are saying is there hasn't been anybody charged with the bomb threats?? If that is the case then old Proud had a premature run off at the mouth. Or as everyone around here knows It as another LIE! Just make it up as you go big fella!!
Sharp if they are automatically state and federal jurisdiction why did the bomb threat under Williams and Absher get solved and charged by the detectives at the SO. I think I remember reading that the ones charged also pled guilty. Pretty tight case if they plea.


Posted 3:37 am, 08/18/2017

The FBI is the principle investigating agency if you make a bomb threat against federal property.
The SBI is the principle investigating agency if you make a bomb threat against state property.

Neither were present at the bomb threat I was at, the principle investigating agency was WJPD, the Sheriff's office was providing support to WJPD though but the principle investigator was WJPD.

The main mistake the perpetrator made was calling other businesses other than Wal Mart. WJPD had been trying for 2 weeks to get phone records from Wal Mart (their phone is controlled by their corp HQ in Little Rock not locally) trust me I've had to have Wal Mart pay on bills before and their corporate entity is slow, we'll be lucky if we have those phone records in 6 months.

By calling other businesses the perpetrator allowed local enforcement to get phone records more quickly and thus get enough probable cause evidence to arrest him.

Now sadly I do agree it appears he's going to get a slap on the wrist, but considering he made 11 calls in 2 weeks I think we should be charging him to the fullest extent (which would be to charge him with domestic terrorism, turn the investigation over to the FBI and have the feds prosecute him) but as pointed out the local people probably won't do that. Which means the moment he's out, he could do it again.


Posted 12:35 am, 08/18/2017

I wasn't referring to the bomb threats, Stupid. Like I said, have patience.


Posted 11:31 pm, 08/17/2017

"we'll screw them all."

This is his new title for this thread!


Posted 11:27 pm, 08/17/2017

Cows is what he calls the women in his life.


Posted 11:23 pm, 08/17/2017

Bomb threats are automatically State and Federal jurisdictions, Dummy.


Posted 6:26 pm, 08/17/2017

It seems the SBI is spending a lot of time in town lately


Posted 12:43 pm, 08/17/2017

Sharppooperswin... So the Sheriff has the SBI & FBI on it? Well, that's good nees. I knew he wasn't capable of doing his job without getting outside help. I figured that he would either get James Williams to help or turn to the FBI & SBI for assistance..


Posted 9:07 am, 08/17/2017

Sharpie, an old bull and a young bull were standing on top of a hill looking at a field full of cows at the bottom. The young bull got all excited and said "let's run down there and screw one of those cows!" The old bull calmly replied, "no, let's walk down there and screw them all"

Patience Sharpie, and we'll screw them all.

jack rip her

Posted 5:49 am, 08/17/2017

You just keep on dreaming that dream Sharpie.


Posted 10:45 pm, 08/16/2017

The more I lead you off the scent the more I get paid. Sweet deal. County is so good to me.


Posted 10:43 pm, 08/16/2017

Complaints? Show us one.


Posted 10:43 pm, 08/16/2017

Theat law group in DC you refer to are a bunch of retards and will get nothing.


Posted 10:41 pm, 08/16/2017

I am actually deeply embedded techno bot on the inside of the SO and feed youall truth from THE SOURCE as it comes forth. No need to guess any more on my ID.

jack rip her

Posted 8:46 pm, 08/16/2017

I would have thought the law group from DC had gotten someones attention. Maybe not.


Posted 7:56 pm, 08/16/2017

Who says that someone hasn't already filed complaints?

Yep, that might make things interesting.

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