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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 8:36 am, 10/16/2017

Don’t you idiots ever get tired of lying trying to cover up for Bufurt?

proud native

Posted 6:53 am, 10/16/2017

Conspiracies abound.


Posted 12:09 am, 10/16/2017

Mon Kapitan, "The SBI investigation is ongoing Sasquatch... lol. Two weeks ago Friday, you lied. You said that they finished and didn't find anything. Wrong. WBTV also said that your Bufurt still hasn't produced.... 2017 is almost over..... Your Sheriff (not mine) is going down. Bufurds days in office are officially numbered..."

A conspiracy is what is being reported.
First one to guess right wins the lollypop.


Posted 9:21 pm, 10/15/2017

Yeah, you boys did. That was your big justification for him going. You claimed each deputy didn’t have to go, just him and he would then teach them. Now, as usual, you are changing your story.

proud native

Posted 9:18 pm, 10/15/2017

Liar.. nobody said he would be the instructor. You have to go to instructor training for that.
Emergency Management is suppose to do that!


Posted 9:15 pm, 10/15/2017

When Ricky went off to Texas and people criticized the expense of traveling that far for training, you Bufurt defenders said he had to go so he could teach the untrained Barneys what to do in hazard materials situations. Now you say that’s not the case. You boys change stories more than a mother with a new born changes diapers.


Posted 9:14 pm, 10/15/2017

Proud I hope you pal Rick is an instructor in haz mat, when we paid for airline tickets and a hotel for a week in Texas. If he wanted awareness level he chould have went to Wilkes Comm for that. It's not emergency management job to have deputies trained its burfurts. I wish you read as good as you lie, because I said the transport company's dispatch told the deputy what to do. They are trained in haz mat as they are a haz mat carrier. Bigfoot you are confused as earlier you said it wasn't a dangerous material that could be just diluted and pour in sink but now you say it's dangerous and has to be in lead box to protect the driver. Take that Bigfoot out of your mouth and decide safe or unsafe?

Sasquatch in Creston

Posted 8:34 pm, 10/15/2017

Well Concerned I wasn't there - were you ? Trooper or Jefferson PD - no deputy was taking over any accident. Just because the accident involved hazardous material doesn't make it a Haz Mat incident. Any leakage ? Yes I hope the container was lead lined because the driver sits with that crap ALL day five days a week. A single exposure - which apparently there was not even the slightest one - because the container he took was EMPTY - would be about the same as an xray. Remember - they inject that crap into people for heaven sake. You must work for those numbnuts at Emergency Management - go dial up some more alerts.

proud native

Posted 8:32 pm, 10/15/2017

And why wasn’t the container marked? If there was radioactive material inside it HAD to be labeled per DOT.

proud native

Posted 8:24 pm, 10/15/2017

Wow citizen, your rambling shows your confusion.
If the accident happened in Jefferson, then Jefferson PD should have been called out.
Just because the Chief Deputy went to HazMat training doesn’t make him an instructor.
Ashe County Emergency Management should be training, and keeping up with who needs training in emergency procedures like HazMat
And now you are saying that dispatch told the deputy what to do? Are they trained in HazMat protocol?
Your watch only has tritium as the illumination for the dial and in minute amounts.. so no lead required..
Just like most nuclear medicines, the quantities are very low and the radiation levels on the outside of the package doesn’t meet federal requirements for lead shielding.


Posted 8:05 pm, 10/15/2017

First sharp my timex never came in a lead box. Second proud there is protocol, the deputies go though haz mat training ever year. They are taught to handle situations by the book that the government puts out and is required in all patrol cars by OSHA. If they aren't trained why did the county send Rick to Texas for a week for haz mat training. Didn't he train his deputies about haz mat. Then Bigfoot you need to get the facts straight, the deputy was first on scene as the wreck was in Jefferson and the officer had to be called out. It was no trooper involved so you lie. The driver was taken to the hospital but before he left the scene he called his dispatch who told the deputy what to do. It was not to take the containers to hospital. Then as for emergency management, they were never called till the hospital did the next day to complain. Once again guys if stuff was dangerous why was it in special lead container and with a special unmarked carrier?


Posted 7:44 pm, 10/15/2017

I removed a few posts that were off topic and/or trolling.


Posted 5:57 pm, 10/15/2017

The SBI investigation is ongoing Sasquatch... lol. Two weeks ago Friday, you lied. You said that they finished and didn't find anything. Wrong. WBTV also said that your Bufurt still hasn't produced.... 2017 is almost over..... Your Sheriff (not mine) is going down. Bufurds days in office are officially numbered...

proud native

Posted 12:01 pm, 10/15/2017

FairPlay, you are so wrong!
First the driver was in a wreck! He did have to stay with the nuclear medicine packages with something in them. And against his company’s protocol and DOT license, he asked the deputy to take the empty container to the hospital. You would have to ask the driver why.
Second what kind of language are you quoting? Nonsense.


Posted 11:34 am, 10/15/2017

Sasquatch makes no sense at all. Why would the driver ask for anyone to take an empty container anywhere, when he is going there himself? And it is some radiologics do not have to be placarded.


Posted 11:01 am, 10/15/2017

I go out of pocket for s couple days and the place falls apart. Bigfoot Dimwit and Transplant can’t even tell half a truth. DD214’s are public record. Non related individuals can’t obtain everything in a DD214, but much of it is under the FOIA. Information like time in service, job if not classified, rank, and type of discharge can be obtained. I also know how to obtain one, and how to get the information that is needed to obtain one.

As for the SBI, you three haven’t told the truth once regarding the investigation. You denied and denied and denied that they were even in town. You were proven wrong. then you denied they were investigating Bufurt. The SBI confirmed you are wrong. Then you denied they were still in town investigating. Well, I again proved you wrong last week.

Even if Bufurt gets cleared, there’s enough come out that people want him gone. If he won’t even tell the VFW about his military career, he has something he is ashamed of.

Sasquatch in Creston

Posted 8:17 am, 10/15/2017

Concerned is telling half truths like most of you on this board. In no shape or manner did the Sheriffs deputies take over any traffic accident. From what I hear apparently a deputy was at the scene helping the Trooper. The driver of the medical transport asked the deputy to take his empty container up to the Hospital while he waited to move the full container himself. I bet the Deputy thought he was doing the guy a favor. The driver probably violated this company protocol.

Medical Nuclear medicine transports do not have to be placarded per DOT. Doing some GoogIe research I bet the contents were tc99m which is a very small amount of a gamma liquid. It has a half life of 6 hours per Wikipedia. The only danger to anyone is to ingest it. The disposal method listed by the National Institute of Health website is" Dilution and dispersion " - which means I bet they dumped what is left in toilet.

Once again our under trained Emergency Management zealots forgetting their job. By definition they are a "resource management" not an enforcement agency of any sort. Once again the good old boy network put those people in those positions with no background. Time for a change.

Once again - there is more going on in this county than whats going on at the Sheriffs Department - get a grip people


Posted 8:00 am, 10/15/2017

Jackie you and the rest of the gossip crew, why don't you tell us how many times the Sheriff and his deputies crapped this week, and which ones ate corn or didn't. Y'all claim to know so much, i'm sure your crack investigation team should have a answer..

proud native

Posted 6:47 am, 10/15/2017

And we have a winner!!
Jack, that was a fine example of a half truth, or an outright lie!

jack rip her

Posted 6:08 am, 10/15/2017

The highway patrol is in charge of wreck scenes along with trained personnel of the fire departments. So Clayton is trying to take over wreck scenes and investigations? I would think they have enough to worry about back at the sheriffs office.

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