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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 7:51 pm, 12/12/2017

Sharpie and the truth can't get along.

jack rip her

Posted 3:57 pm, 12/12/2017

The case filed by Wbtv had multiple parties that were sued by WBTV. I highly doubt that only bufurt was let out of the suit. Try again to get the truth Chairman sharpie.


Posted 3:29 pm, 12/12/2017

I highly doubt the appeal got on the court calander yet. But given your history and proven lies, we will just leave it at that. The fact you don’t comprehend that civil and criminal aren’t the same thing shows there’s no reason to try to explain it to you


Posted 3:10 pm, 12/12/2017

A reliable source told me the following,

"...the case filed against him (Sheriff Buchanan ) by WBTV has been dismissed by a Judge out of Greensboro..."

Sorry to ruin your day GOBs.

Next will be the DA's case going down the tubes.

Truth and Justice rules.


Posted 6:51 pm, 12/08/2017

Sassy is almost afraid to post......ALMOST......The official select is a TOTAL waste of skin. He would not even do to cut up and make new a55holes. Plead while you still have time. I hear convicts treat LEO's poorly.


Posted 6:12 pm, 12/08/2017

Stop trying to dodge the issue. Clearly you are angry towards women


Posted 6:03 pm, 12/08/2017

why insufficient auto the needle is stuck on your record i believe.

jack rip her

Posted 5:50 pm, 12/08/2017

Timmy finally wore that clodhopper slam out.


Posted 4:40 pm, 12/08/2017

Why do you keep bashing women and putting them down?


Posted 3:58 pm, 12/08/2017

nancy impersonating a police officer is a crime so Sorry charlie starkist is looking for tuna that taste good not tuna with good taste


Posted 3:55 pm, 12/08/2017

nancy boi

Nancy Boi

Posted 3:53 pm, 12/08/2017

So now we know whybother is Terry. Fantastic.


Posted 3:31 pm, 12/08/2017

no where have i bashed any woman Sir! your so good with the websters look up oxymoron your picture is probably there. someone who has so little knowledge hiding behind the facade {

an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.] of knowledge


Posted 2:58 pm, 12/08/2017

Why do you bash women?


Posted 2:46 pm, 12/08/2017

is that why you're in defense of Mrs Ann Clark? I would say the town officers wife and Mrs Ann have more to fear from you than the Honorable Sheriff Terry Buchanan!


Posted 2:41 pm, 12/08/2017

Mr military i hope you do realize that's ineffective autos profile taken right off of here


Posted 2:34 pm, 12/08/2017

The difference in me and Harvey is I don’t have to force women. They come to me willingly. Don’t hate me because I’m better than you


Posted 2:31 pm, 12/08/2017

aFicloNadoS, Hope you understand that little things bother little minds. What the town cop said and done is really petty to us or any half-intelligent human being - but to a self-righteous narcissistic, paranoid freak, it was a tremendous blow. Of course he was going to get even with the officer, just as he went after anyone else that said anything about him that he didn't like. I feel sorry for his supporters. We both know that they only support him because they fear him. It's not like he was in this County long enough to earn anyone's respect. His letting people go and making up false crap to send the Sheriff training and standards should put him behind bars for several years..

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

Posted 10:30 pm, 12/06/2017

Can you believe the paranoid little Napoleon has such a fragile self esteem, that he tried to file a complaint against a town cop because the cop meant to tell his own wife not to trust Bufurt? It doesn’t get more petty and paranoid than that. He has no jurisdiction over the town cop, and the town cop did not make the statement publicly or in any official capacity. And Bufurt wants to get the town to reprimand the cop. He is absolutely unbelievable. He’s more dangerous than Hippo Hoppy ever was. Because on top of being a coward, Bufurt has a self esteem problem and a power trip with it. He thinks he should be able to get even with anyone that doesn’t follow lock step with him. If they don’t get him out of office, he’s going to kill someone.
btw, I’ve been chomping at the bit for the town cop thing to become public so it could be discussed. It’s been killing me.


Posted 2:21 pm, 12/08/2017

Wondering if Buchanas came on here, I read down through the post, which wasn't far by the way, there it was, right in front of me. A post that looked similar to Buchanas resume... That last line, "The dark is afraid of me" is a dead give away....


Posted 2:02 pm, 12/08/2017

I am everything you wish you could be.
I am who your wives and girlfriends fantasize about to get through servicing you.
Mathew McConauhey is only offered roles after I turn them down
My shirts never wrinkle.
Ladies night was created in my honor
I am left handed and right handed.
I am the only thing that Chuck Norris is afraid of.
Celebrities ask for my autograph.
My passport doesn't have to have a photo.
Dolphins want to swim with me.
The dark is afraid of me.


Posted 2:04 pm, 12/08/2017

finnious you are actually Harvey Weinstein

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