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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town


Posted 7:42 am, 02/24/2018

Yes, Rose is the poster boy for corruption Ashe County government.

jack rip her

Posted 8:05 pm, 02/23/2018

I'm sure stevie Mooch wanted it to stay quiet he was now under the watchful eye of Rose. What a role model.


Posted 5:34 pm, 02/23/2018

Being a known associate of Rose can often lead to career ending events.....if the past 6 months are any kind of indicator.


Posted 5:30 pm, 02/23/2018

So he went from the Bufurt administration straight over to Rose. That ought to get him lots of votes.

jack rip her

Posted 5:27 pm, 02/23/2018

So stevie the mooch is working for Rose in West jefferson. Now isn't that just cozy?


Posted 10:58 pm, 02/22/2018

He has not yet filed according to the county board of elections website.


Posted 9:13 pm, 02/22/2018

Has Rose filed? I doubt he has the courage to face an angry electorate. The citizens of Ashe have no further use for him. His selfish decisions are known to all.

proud native

Posted 9:00 pm, 02/22/2018

So far no one running is very interesting.. just same old same old


Posted 8:50 pm, 02/22/2018

Your lies fool no one......watch the election results......better yet....watch the election filings.

proud native

Posted 8:42 pm, 02/22/2018

Wow y’all are just a broken record.
There are plenty of people out there that feel the lynch mob is to blame for all of this.
Yes I want change, but not the vendetta, hatefilled type of vengeance you have always proposed.

So every time you and the lynch mob post, you gain more enemies, more people who want to distance themselves from the likes of you.


Posted 8:18 pm, 02/22/2018

Proud, you can post anything you want. It will not change the fact that the citizens of Ashe are pissed off at Rose, Perry, Yearick, and that worthless Roark. You can say whatever, spin it any way you want to. It does change he fact that we have an angry electorate. And know this ......every time you post......they are mad at you. Why ......because you try to defend the very people that pissed them off in the first place. Every post you make scores more points for Sands, Rhodes, McNeill, and possibly ......Democrats. Because....right now in Ashe, any position is preferable to yours.


Posted 8:17 pm, 02/22/2018

It has nothing to do with you having different views. You are disliked because you are a liar. A confirmed and proven liar.

proud native

Posted 8:03 pm, 02/22/2018

And because the lynch mob must have a villain to hate, now they chose me.. and I only disagree with their views and their lack of morals.
Careful Ashe County... you may be next


Posted 7:55 pm, 02/22/2018

Good evening SOB's Can't help but notice y'all still beating this dead horse..

proud native

Posted 7:43 pm, 02/22/2018

Whew sassy, you are really scary


Posted 7:29 pm, 02/22/2018

Yes......it literally is the truth. Thank you, Proud, for finally agreeing that we are right and you have lied.

proud native

Posted 7:23 pm, 02/22/2018

Well hello captain literal


Posted 7:22 pm, 02/22/2018

Proud, post us a list of voters who want to be lied too. Post us a list of voters that want our county officials to make decicisions based on the needs of the official instead of what is best for the county as a whole. Go ahead, Proud, show us this base of yours that wants corruption.


Posted 6:43 pm, 02/22/2018

No, I call you liar because you are. Just like below where you are lying about what sassy said. She never said anything about talking to 99% of the people. But you can’t dispute her statement so you lie. You are a waste of flesh. The world would be better off without you

proud native

Posted 6:35 pm, 02/22/2018

So you have talked to 99.9% of Ashe County? Who’s lying now Sassy?

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