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New river brewery


Posted 8:39 pm, 01/14/2020

I've heard two different things. One is she is trying to reopen Park Vista and the second is she wants to do a food truck. Either one I will not entertain the thoughts of trying as long as she is in charge.


Posted 5:14 pm, 01/14/2020

It's definitely gone, but pointman is correct, it's in the process of applying for small business loans. Hopefully it gets turned down.


Posted 12:46 pm, 01/14/2020

Pointman, she's gone, and been gone at least a week. They finally took her off their website. She claims she is working on something else now.


Posted 10:53 am, 01/14/2020

When will this POS be gone. I would like to give the joint another try.


Posted 5:34 pm, 01/13/2020

Business will boom with that nasty trash gone. Don't know what the good Dr was thinking when he hired her but glad she's gone


Posted 3:49 pm, 01/07/2020

The last time I was in there, the only beer available was the brands brewed on premises. And.....not very good. They should try keeping some good ole Bud handy.

jack rip her

Posted 3:07 pm, 01/07/2020

Fins and I contacted the owner and had it taken care of.


Posted 10:44 am, 01/07/2020

Wow, this woman is really disliked by you folks! So what exactly did she do that got her fired?


Posted 9:41 am, 01/07/2020

Glad she gone to. Nothing but a trashy loud mouth women she is . She has no buisness dealing with public .


Posted 7:57 am, 01/07/2020

That's good to know. I predict they'll be more successful now than previously possible.


Posted 9:19 pm, 01/06/2020

That's fantastic news. She's the human form of metastatic cancer. Glad to see that one of her tumors has been removed. Seek help.


Posted 8:37 pm, 01/06/2020

I'm hoping not either. I hear menu changes are coming as well. Hopefully with it being such a new place and if the word gets out the Pigs do fly, then they can recoup!

jack rip her

Posted 8:30 pm, 01/06/2020

Hopefully the damage has not adversely affected the joint from recovery.


Posted 8:13 pm, 01/06/2020

So dreams do come true!! She is no longer employed at NRB!


Posted 6:05 pm, 01/06/2020

I predicted when the joint first opened that the crass loud mouth female would ruin the place. Why anyone trying to make a go of a new business would pick her is beyond me.


Posted 7:22 am, 01/06/2020

Ended up going there over the weekend anyway. Food was just OK, nothing special. Kind of a neat atmosphere though. Was kind of surprised that they don't have a liquor license, but I guess that's because they're a brewery and choose to focus on that. I only went because I was with a group that wanted to go, I won't go back on my own until I know the GM is gone for good.


Posted 8:13 pm, 01/05/2020

We took our holiday houseguests there for lunch last weekend and it was just ok. We've eaten at Pigs Fly too in the past and I never thought it was great either.

We really should have a good bbq joint in Ashe and I am not too fond of Smoky Mountain either, though the people that work there are very nice. Maybe if they fire this shrew of a woman, it may improve at NRB.


Posted 7:28 pm, 01/04/2020

Maybe it is just me but I never liked the food at Pigs fly. Couldn't figure the bbq out.


Posted 6:35 pm, 01/04/2020

She didn't do all the cooking at Pigs Fly either.


Posted 6:24 pm, 01/04/2020

Not sure if she's still there, but she designed the menu and most of the offerings are her own from Pigs Fly.

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