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Number of people in Ashe Co. That,are natives


Posted 10:50 am, 10/19/2022

Lol...desperate for my attention again...Poor middle management toady.

This guy wastes his retirement on this site nonstop, everyday. Uselessness is a way of life for this guy. At least when he worked, he had the "illusion" of usefulness.

His realty is depressing to him, so he tries to have some virtual fraternity with people who he thinks are politically aligned with him...but they want nothing to do with him either, because he is unimaginative and unoriginal, even his lies lack imagination.

neither refreshing, nor stimulating...mediocrity is a way of life for him


Posted 1:58 pm, 10/15/2022

Quit ragging 0n chen he's a proud high school (or was it pre-school?) drop out that made good. Just read his posts they will tell you just how smart he is.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:52 am, 09/14/2022

Justbecause, Ever stop to think that maybe I would not have in the words of old James such an INFERIORTY COMPLEX had people no put me down all my life from gradeschool on?? Did you ever stop to think that I would not now have POST TRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER. had old Jim not stalled and harassed **** out of mw for 2 years to get what he wanted. How would you or anyone else feel to be treated like I was?? Would you like for some jack*** to lie and court drag on you when you had done nothing except what his father allowed me to do for 31 years the last 26in a mobile home I bought and paid for??Would you like to be told one day someone had told a BANK what you would do or when you would do it when you had every legal right to live in something of your own?? Thats the problem with this country, people have no empathy for people being done ****y by people who think they are better because they has a house, a car, or a swimming pool So I chose not to spend whatever is left of my life not keeping up with anyone, living where I want to, and doing and saying what I wish. Well sue me for not being like everyone else and not being greedy. I am too **** old to change and I see no reason to do so.


Posted 9:40 am, 09/14/2022

You werent illegally evicted, krazy. Stop telling that lie. A judge told you to move. You didn't. So the sheriff came out to make sure the judges orders were carried out. You abandoned the place so the deputy let the property owner proceed with demolition

Green Arrow

Posted 9:40 am, 09/14/2022

Oh poor doggie. I hit a nerve with tge truth. Soooo saddd.


Posted 7:10 pm, 09/13/2022

Wow, maybe we should be asking number of people living in Ashe that are bat**** crazy ?


Posted 6:52 pm, 09/13/2022

You were an illegal squatter and you continue to be a squatter today.

Green Arrow

Posted 5:54 pm, 09/13/2022

Back some of my family have connections at the Sheriffs office. Soap, My names does not have to be Green Arrow. As far as I am aware there has only been one person ILLEGAL EVICTED by Christmas Mountain and its no big secret who they keep attacking over their monetery loss on that development. Also as far as I know I am the only one living in a popup camper on what used to be called Gum Ridge. Its no secret why some wish I woukd go away because I am a reminder of the corruption and lies this county and some will resort to to get another white collat criminal in this county. So its really no far reach for some to know who I am. Its all over tge Ashe County court records since I, as far as I know was also the only person in this county to be sued by a corporation whose president didn't know who in **** I was and had absolutely no legal right to attack me or drag me into court.


Posted 1:57 pm, 09/13/2022

Why, Buff? You got connects with Fill?


Posted 1:16 pm, 09/13/2022

let her go.

I want her to go to the sheriff.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:26 pm, 09/13/2022

Chendomy record of 10 years at Kmart with tge highest integrity rating of any associate speaks for itself. Retail stores do not entrust iff keys to theives or pilferers. Not to mention several associated hot themselves caught for stealing and reported by me. I was trusted with just about any register or area in that store. In fact I often closed registefs in several depts when the store was closed so I suggest you watch the defamation. I doubt Jason will protect you from your own mistakes. He won't risk his own legal safety to protect yours or dogs. So keep lying abd name calling cause you forget one thing. I do not have to waste time to try tovrefute your lies when the truth speaks for itself. If I were able I could got to any retail establishment and get a job and my integrity would never have myintegrity questioned.


Posted 12:19 pm, 09/13/2022

Unless your name is Green Arrow, your claim of slander is ridiculously wrong.
... and once again, please copy edit your ramblings. You'll come off sounding more educated.
You're welcome.


Posted 11:10 am, 09/13/2022

everyone knows you for a liar and a thief.

and krazy

Green Arrow

Posted 11:05 am, 09/13/2022

Chendo you are now entering into slander claiming I ever took anything from Kmart. Nor dit I ever try to PILFER aby land from L. Hal Heafner although I probably coukd have. You seem to forget what was mine, my one abd only home was STOLEN long before old Jim started his crap. So keep apoutibg the slander and I will be screenshotting the slanderous lies for future action with a lawyer.


Posted 10:26 am, 09/13/2022

Who cares... a man by that name lived and died in NC...James gang my are

If he was a thief, and if he was an ancestor of yours...justvgoes to show where you got your thieving instincts.

Trying to take an old man's land...pilfering from Kmart

Green Arrow

Posted 10:26 am, 09/13/2022

The surname ****** was first found in Glamorganshire (Welsh: Sir Forgannwg), a region of South Wales, anciently part of the Welsh kingdom of Glywysing, where they held a family seat from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects.

Green Arrow

Posted 10:18 am, 09/13/2022

John Wesley Cole
25 Aug 1858
Orange County, North Carolina, USA
28 Sep 1934 (aged 76)
Durham, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
Maplewood Cemetery
Durham, Durham County, North Carolina, USA
132774825 · View Source


Posted 10:08 am, 09/13/2022

Lol...caught in another lie and you backed all and go WAY off track. Plus, you don't know who you are talking to. Re-read the frkn posts and get your people straight. I never said anything about eas or west, stupid.
I said you are a liar for claiming your ancestor rode with the James gang.

You tried to use the name Cole as evidence...conflating the first name of a member of his gang with the last name of your inbred ancestor.

You got called out for a liar, so you change the subject.

Stupid, thieving liar

Green Arrow

Posted 9:38 am, 09/13/2022

Dog and fortunately I came from the side of the tree that DID FORK. The other side has so much incest its hard to tell who FATHERED WHO. And their intelligence definitely shows it. 3 am in the fricking morning and those s are screeching. Chendo do you not think horses can go from NC to the west??? Last I checked on the days of the James gang horses went where their riders wanted to go. But I am THRILLED to know that like my MEDICAL HISTORY you know so much about my ancestory. For someone who claims to know so much you actually know very little.


Posted 9:29 am, 09/13/2022


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