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Please Help!!


Posted 6:34 pm, 11/08/2019

Lol @ single family of 7. Why did you make poor life choices? Contraception is your friend. Not my fault you're a reckless breeder. It's getting cold out. Buy a coat, you'll need it.


Posted 8:20 pm, 11/06/2019

Check with Social Services, they might help you find something.

Joseph T.

Posted 6:34 pm, 11/06/2019

I just don't see any court forcing 5 kids out of a home this time of year.

jack rip her

Posted 5:14 am, 11/06/2019

I think the landlord is up to something fishy. In bankruptcy the owner of the property owes money on it and he will go to court and have all his payments cut so as he can make the payments and keep the property. You keep your butt out of it at the court level. He may be filing bankruptcy to keep from being foreclosed on so fast. Like fins told you calm down and look for somewhere to live as you have plenty of time.


Posted 11:11 pm, 11/05/2019

There is a court date tomorrow morning in Winston-Salem for the bankruptcy hearing. Should I go?


Posted 11:09 pm, 11/05/2019

It would still take the court about 30 days to actually evict. They may sell the house anyway, but couldn't force you out any quicker. Not saying to stay there, just you have more time if you can't find another option in two weeks.


Posted 11:00 pm, 11/05/2019

We have done received a written notice from my landlord (my aunt) but it's been 3 weeks now. Her bankruptcy lawyer said there was no lease filed for the year Pryor Which I did sign but wasn't given a copy of it or the new lease we signed the first of august for another year. The court has requested a copy of both documents but there is no records of either one!


Posted 10:45 pm, 11/05/2019

Calm down, they can't force you out that quickly. If they go to court to evict you, it will take at least 30 days.


Posted 9:44 pm, 11/05/2019

Single family of 7 in desperate need for home to rent ASAP!! I'm a father of 5 wonderful kids and accompanied with my fiancé. We have currently been placed in a very difficult situation in the past few weeks due to some very unfortunate and unexpected terms from our landlord. We have been made aware of the property that we have currently been renting is under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is up for auction sometime within the month of November 2019. It is currently November the 4th and are in order to vacate the property on November 15th. As of now me and my family are Homeless come November 15 and have nowhere to go. Please understand that this is an emergency and I would not be trying to reach out to the community like this if it wasn't! I'm not looking for a handout by know means. I'm just worried about my children having a sound roof over there heads and something warm for the winter months ahead of us. Please if anyone has any idea on anything that could help us please call me at 336-977-8821 my name is Cody and also 336-977-3244 my fiancé Brittany. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! God bless The Sheets Family

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