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Put your Biden signs back up


Posted 6:15 pm, 09/30/2021


First of all little bill if you are addressing me with your second hand meth smoke
you would be better off taking your hand off of that little crack pipe you call your manhood and have a conversation with it.

Second, you do know I was talking about dogs.
Dogs for hippies sake!!

Hope everyone has a great night!!


Posted 5:56 pm, 09/30/2021

I'm a director for Global Connections, and I can assure you, no one is settling near y'all. It's too dangerous. You can't even care for yourselves


Posted 5:56 pm, 09/30/2021

Ah, Billy is mad the AP sad he's wrong.

Time to go back in the bottle Billy. Drink your feelings away again


Posted 5:51 pm, 09/30/2021

Who cares? You have a gun. Kill them. Lil Phil will pardon you.


Posted 5:27 pm, 09/30/2021

Yeah they're erecting stables along 221 especially equipped for housing Bactrian Camels.


Posted 5:14 pm, 09/30/2021

Are you drunk again Billy?

North Carolina is expecting 1,169 Afghan refugees, in the coming month, according to the Associated Press,



Posted 3:47 pm, 09/30/2021

I don't know many people who put up signs or adorn their cars with poli stickers. Flags, either, that's a new phenomenon. Cults of personality are weird and sad.

Anyway, I actually work with a resettlement agency. The number you speak of is way high, but given the aging population and death count in Ashe, you'd stand to benefit from an influx of conservative religious fundamentalists.

Number is closer to 250 and they're being settled east. They've already experienced the Ashe "lifestyle."


Posted 8:14 am, 09/27/2021


It is spelled AFGHAN HOUND you walking fish kill.
WOW!! your friend Lucky sure is lucky!!

So Biden is letting 1000 AFGHAN HOUND dogs loose in NC.
Do you think any of them will make it to "the dog" or do you think most will run away from "the dog"?
He must be peeing all over thinking 1000 AFGHAN HOUNDS are going to be running loose throughout the state.
How the hello without the o did Biden find 1000 AFGHAN HOUND dogs? I have been looking for one for a long time now. I sure hope one comes my way. I think they are beautiful!!

And why should I put that Biden sign up? Oh is it like when a red helping hand was in someones window when I was younger? To let people know it was safe to go to that house if in trouble?

Are these Biden signs supposed to let the AFGHAN HOUNDS know it is safe to go to that house with the Biden sign?

So we have found that sleeping off your hangover has not given you any more intelligence has it?
It seems every time you open your anal fin you just prove who you are
2. Nf3

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Posted 6:39 am, 09/27/2021

Biden is dumping a 1000 afgans in NC and they have no where to go. btw all the illegals need a place to go also coming over the border in Texas.

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