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rent to own


Posted 6:43 am, 08/11/2013

Shelby honey I hope you are a hot teacher cause obviously you have no credit, have lived like a gypsy, and have no down payment. Were you to have something so to say in trade the dog may can help you out otherwise you need to build you some credit so one day you may get a loan. Just to let you know if you are leasing to own or you are given a contract for a deed you may have animals. You want get much over a single wide trailer for 400 month you might want to double that.


Posted 6:28 am, 08/11/2013

Another of the Something For Nothing Club. Talk a good game today, trash what is there, move out is six months leaving two months back rent unpaid and no forwarding address. There aren't many property owners who would fall for this one.


Posted 4:42 am, 08/11/2013

Why don't you work on building your credit so you can get a real home loan? Plus, hate to break it to ya, but your not gonna find a place for $400 month that allows pets that offers owner financing.


Posted 2:16 am, 08/11/2013

I know what you meant. I read very well. I suspect dog will have an answer for you in the morning.


Posted 2:11 am, 08/11/2013

I meant somewhere that will allow animals and the payments around 400 a month


Posted 2:09 am, 08/11/2013

I'll leave this one for dog


Posted 1:56 am, 08/11/2013

im looking for a rent to own house 2-3 bedrooms preferably not anywhere near the road. somewhere that will allow animal payments around 400 a month. ive been renting places for a few years now but I would like a permanent home if anyone could help me out or has a place they would rent to own

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