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Posted 4:09 pm, 01/19/2022

it was proven years ago it was a 1986 mobile home. Yet you have it in that demented mind of yours it was a 1979. Doublewides were not even around here until the 80's.

Green Arrow

Posted 6:32 pm, 01/18/2022

Guess they had a really hard time finding an old 1979 breaker box to put in a 1986 mobile home. Must of had it just laying aroubd in the old garage huh??? That mobile home was a 1979. You might as well admit old Roger lied to that bank to try to get a loan on it. Took you a while to answer and your answer was bs.


Posted 6:16 pm, 01/18/2022

Its easy you dumb cluck, you looked at the patent date of the box. The box was not replaced , and you again prove how dumb you are when it comes to identifying a year of manufacture of a mobile home.

Green Arrow

Posted 1:49 pm, 01/18/2022

STILL WAITIN!!! Will probably die of old age before they can answer that question

Green Arrow

Posted 10:13 am, 01/18/2022

I am still waiting on that answeras to why ANYONE woukd replace a 1986 breaker boc with a 1979, or did someone get caught in a lie to a bank in this county to try to get financing for something it wasn't ???? Heres a himt since wgen the bank asked me I referred them to oleRoger Greer.

Green Arrow

Posted 1:01 pm, 01/17/2022

Dog you need to know what you are talking about. But prey tellme why someone woukd want to remove an electrical circuitbox and replace it with an older one?? As to any seals on that doublewide there were none. The only seal on it were at that fuse box. Has old Roget and Jim started walkin on water yet?? I expect it any day now.


Posted 10:59 am, 01/17/2022

You just proved my point, you know it all and you take the word of some goof ball like yourself instead of using the hud labels and the manufacturer label in the doublewide. It was up to you krazy to do your due diligence and a bank is not an attorney and cant make calls of a deeded right of way. You are lying like hades again Krazy.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:52 am, 01/17/2022

Oh yes and ole Roger thought it was hilarious to laugh 3 months in when he dropped the no deeded right of way. Bet he isn't laughing now, nor was he laughing when he watched the IRS take Hillview for back taxes he thought the employees wouldpay for him. Wasn't laughing when he wasliving in his deceased mothers oldmovile home on the back side of Havobs gap. Bet he wasn't laughing when he died andthedevil showed up with a pineapple either.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:48 am, 01/17/2022

Dog old Roger might have hoped it was a 1986 when he misrepresented the year to a bank but I gappebed to have known the people.who put it there and IT WAS A 1979 according to the grandson who lived with them. Nobody in their right mind is going to replace a newer breakerbox. I didn't my mobile home on the Mulatto was a 1969 and when I rewired the breakerbox I did not get s 1955 electrical box to replace it. I got the newest box on the market and replaced the old fuses with breakers. As I said you woukd say anything tomakeold Jim and old Roger look like Jesus Christ come back. They were SCAM ARTISTS and LYING CROOKS. Do the **** Google search its all there in black and white. You three have done all you could to defame, slander, libel. and degrade me to something less than a human being. It isn't working.


Posted 7:37 am, 01/17/2022

And btw Krazy we told you years ago had you gotten an attorney to do a title search on the property and done a deed with oner financing from Roger you wouldn't be on here screaming and suing and claiming a scam. But no you know all and wont listen to an attorney.


Posted 7:27 am, 01/17/2022

Krazy you better learn the laws of NC because the states that if you are stupid enough to landlock yourself you suffer your own consequences. Its not against the law to sell a landlocked piece of property in nc

There you go again with the year model of the double wide. It was a 1986 with wiring from that year. We looked it up as all mobile homes are listed that are manufactured in the USA.

Green Arrow

Posted 4:58 pm, 01/16/2022

FINS BULL****. Its on the court record from Rogerd own attorney it was a SCAM. I had that thing replumbed with the best water pipe made. Ireplaced the commode, I replaced the water heater twice. My daughter and I worked to earn thr 34 THOUSAND ild Roger too under false pretenses. He knew he coukd not kegally sell a landlocked property in NC. He played for 6 **** years without comibg up with a contract. Then the invisible contract for 6 years suddenly became VISABLE when his *** wound up in court. **** the famn thing didn't even have a heat source because ole Roger had pulled out the mo otor heater that was in it. Therefore I will never trust anyone named Greer or Heafner since they are thieves and crooks. Old Roger had a wild hair since a member of my family who paid off a property they bought from old Rog and he told them he wasn't giving them the deed. That resulted in old Roger bei g told this party would STOMP HIS *** then sue him if he didn't hand it over. Problem is you don'tknow what you claim you know, never did a d never will.


Posted 4:28 pm, 01/16/2022

That is a fact Snot, but it is how the law makes fellers accountable when they have legit crossed some lines they should not have also.


Posted 4:12 pm, 01/16/2022

It's how lazy people make money


Posted 3:43 pm, 01/16/2022

Again with the suing


Posted 3:16 pm, 01/16/2022

The damage done in that home was because of your actions

Green Arrow

Posted 3:09 pm, 01/16/2022

Dear I didn't do any electrical work in that dump. It should have been completely rewired before ANYONE ṃved in it. I am just wairimg for it to short out andburn the damb thibg down
My electrical work was done in themobile home old Jimmy boy trashed. It had a new breaker box installed by me with phone help from my dad who was down on Blueridges electician list for years. I can point out three houses he wired with no problem.I had no problems with the wiring in that mobile home and NO SEPTIC PROBLEM, nor WATER PROBLEM. That came in Rogers 60 thousabd dollar dump. Tryst mwme you don't want to go there in old Rogers 1986/1979 dump. Mever saw a 1986 mobile home with a 1979 fuse box. When one of his bathroom electrical receptivle burned our with the ground fault shorting burning my daughter badly and trashing a new vacumn cleaner I should have sued then. **** I can site numerous occassions old Roger should have been sued. I have always regretted not letting the **** thing burn the first time it caught fire in an electrical wall socket. But I figure gove it a couple years that is if anyone is still stupid enough to live there and it will burn down killing someone but it won't be me. Have you even realized that had my car not broken down causing me to miss a court date with the help of my sister. I woukd have cleaned old Roger out instead of the IRS.


Posted 2:55 pm, 01/16/2022

Yeah, we saw your electrical work in the last house you trashed.


Posted 2:54 pm, 01/16/2022

Yeah krazy, people like you will work your stinking butts off to avoid a real job and improving your lot in life. Then complain and blame everyone else for your own self imposed status.


Posted 2:50 pm, 01/16/2022

But you never did learn to take a bath….

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