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Russell cosponsors medicaid expansion

jack rip her

Posted 2:41 pm, 02/16/2019

He can get all those non NC student citizens at ASU to pony up the cost.


Posted 2:22 pm, 02/16/2019

In a Feb. 14 ACL article Russell says Medicaid expansion would be paid for without requiring any new taxes on N.C. citizens.

How can that be?


Posted 4:26 am, 02/09/2019

It is important to remember that the government has no money. Every single penny they have ever had, or will have, came from a taxpayer. To say ".... well it is federal money, it cost us nothing", is a display of ignorance.


Posted 10:44 pm, 02/08/2019

The Medicaid expansion is mostly another government funded free hand out. Able bodied people need to work for their food, housing, and insurance. Free hand outs should have time limitations for people able to work. Do not reward irresponsible breeding or drug addicts with free hand outs. People living on government funded programs should forfeit their tax returns to repay the hand outs they received for free.


Posted 12:28 am, 02/07/2019

Federal Money comes from you too......the Feds get their money through taxing you....so trying to say it's partly Fed money and partly State money is just ignorance, it's taxpayer money. None of the government programs are sustainable by themselves, economically combining them into one system is the best way to go.

Joseph T.

Posted 1:51 am, 02/04/2019

I don't remember when he told me that but I do remember it was the last time I saw him. I was at his house repairing his garage door and he was telling my FIL and I about it.


Posted 9:47 pm, 02/03/2019

When did he say that? I don’t ever remember it getting to that point.

Joseph T.

Posted 8:44 pm, 02/03/2019

Old Paul himself told me that the BOC stop walmart although I really don't know if they would have made it over there I just cant see enough business to keep a store open.


Posted 8:02 pm, 02/03/2019

I think that’s a rumor. I don’t think Walmart ever was interested in building there. One of those men that bailed out the hospital owned the property that Walmart bought in Boone. He had a piece of property in Mountain City he tried to sell Walmart. The area wasn’t big enough and they already felt they have the market captured.

Joseph T.

Posted 7:27 pm, 02/03/2019

They also put a stop to a walmart as well citing fears it would put local places out of business never mind a lot of them drive to Boone to work or shop. The ones I have talk to are not happy about it or the way the whole thing as been handled


Posted 7:21 pm, 02/03/2019

Joe, to be fair the people of mountain city would complain if the Lord himself came down and blessed them with the ability to crap solid gold turds. They would say they should be silver because the gold weighs too much to fish out of the toilet. They had two successful men buy their hospital out of bankruptcy, buy back all the equipment, then handed it all back over to the county along with cash to run it. But their 20 county commissioners (yes, they have 20 commissioners) voted to shut it down, spend money to build a new emergency clinic and hand it all over to Johnson City Medical to run. So they got what they asked for. I wouldn’t use them for an example of anything.


Posted 7:13 pm, 02/03/2019

Meidcaid expansion would only help AMH.

Thererfore real conservatives should be against it and return to the old ways of handling illness - death. It's cheaper.


Posted 5:34 pm, 02/03/2019

We are already paying for this, we are not getting the benefits from it. It's not going away either. Also, this has implications on small hospitals. We are either going to have to subsidize hospitals or provide insurance. Either way, our tax dollars will be used for Healthcare. There's no way to profit from taking care of the sick and poor, if you could we would not be having this conversation.


Posted 4:30 pm, 02/03/2019


Posted 9:21 am, 02/03/2019

The original expansion legislation had the Federal match equal to 100% of the increased cost of coverage for the additional individuals provided coverage, that match has now been reduced to the standard match for the particular state in question. the North Carolina match is approximately 70/30, 70% Federal money 30% State funds.

Onlyinashe, are you sure about the Federal match being 70% now?
Everything I find says the federal amount will only drop to 90% in 2020.

I was totally against Medicaid expansion to begin with, but now I'm not so sure. N.C. is one of only 14 states which still hasn't expanded. Since this expansion is being paid primarily with Federal tax money N.C. workers are subsidizing Medicaid for other states while our own residents don't receive it.

Many of those who would benefit from expansion are working people making too much for traditional Medicaid and too little to be able to buy insurance on the ACA exchange and receive a subsidy......so they have no insurance.

I can see how this might help our local hospital as they are required to provide some services regardless of whether they get paid.

I'm not sure if all the studies on all this are trustworthy or slanted to reflect the agencies political beliefs.
I can say that if we do expand here we should add a work requirement to all able bodied Medicaid recipients.

The Mole

Posted 2:55 pm, 02/03/2019

I think every elected official should have to take a math class before they can vote on any bill. If the bill provides health care for 500,000 people and it costs the state $1,000 per person per year, that's $500,000,000 per year. Where's the money going to come from to pay for this? I can tell you, the average working stiff because the poor don't pay taxes and the rich can declare their residence in states that don't have taxes.

Joseph T.

Posted 2:17 pm, 02/03/2019

We don't need to close the Hospital that is the D.u.m.b.e.s.t Thing I have heard lately. If you wan to live somewhere without a Hospital try Mtn. City. Go talk to the people who live there and see how they like not having one.


Posted 1:39 pm, 02/03/2019

We need to end Medicaid and close the Hospital


Posted 10:23 am, 02/03/2019

Jack, I think it takes only 30 days to then declare residency. But if you live in more than one place, the one you are at the most is supposed to legally be your residence. I thought though your voter registration and drivers license were supposed to match. And many students keep their parents address on their drivers license because they are still on their insurance.


Posted 9:21 am, 02/03/2019

Medicaid expansion states have seen their economy and subsequent tax revenues increase at a great rate than non-expansion states. The original expansion legislation had the Federal match equal to 100% of the increased cost of coverage for the additional individuals provided coverage, that match has now been reduced to the standard match for the particular state in question. the North Carolina match is approximately 70/30, 70% Federal money 30% State funds. https://www.kff.org/...arch-2018/

jack rip her

Posted 6:57 am, 02/03/2019

Lurker2 (view profile)

Posted 8:58 pm, 02/02/2019

If you make owning a home and paying a poll tax part of voting you can get rid of many "undesirables" from the local voting rolls.

I really thought in NC to establish resident you had to live there 6 continuous months. Regardless a college full of liberal snot nosed kids should not be able to control a local election.

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