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Sand by truckload

Joseph T.

Posted 9:55 pm, 05/16/2018

If he gets it from the quarry it will be by weight.


Posted 8:43 pm, 05/16/2018

Are you ordering your sand by volume or weight? It will vary greatly depending on the proctor test. Make sure whoever you buy it from explains that days test for you.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:41 am, 05/16/2018

Sand will be the cheapest part of the pool


Posted 8:30 am, 05/16/2018

Thank you all for the responses.

I need the sand to fill a spot for a swimming pool. This will be the first time we've had a large semi perm pool.

I used a formula I found online to get my amount. I know sand is heavy and we assume if we don't get someone to haul on a dump it will take at least 3 loads on a full sized truck.

Again I very much appreciate all these names and I am spending my morning calling and getting quotes. I know it isn't going to be cheap but hopefully I'll not go broke on sand before I get to enjoy the pool ;)


Posted 10:14 pm, 05/15/2018

What kind of sand?


Posted 10:05 pm, 05/15/2018

I don't know if you have ever handled very much sand or not but it don't take a lot to weigh 5 tons. Also be cautious loading it because it don't take much to over load a pickup truck unless its a heavy duty.


Posted 9:17 pm, 05/15/2018

Red’s Home & Garden on 421 sells sand by the scoop. 336-973-5522


Posted 6:43 pm, 05/15/2018

tarheel sand & stone river road


Posted 4:35 pm, 05/15/2018

Thanks Joseph I will call them and get more info. I appreciate it

Joseph T.

Posted 4:25 pm, 05/15/2018

Cardinal stone in Ashe or Vulcan in Boone it is called screenings and is the rock dust left over from making wash stone. Cardinals will be wet but you can get dry screenings from Vulcan in Boone


Posted 3:44 pm, 05/15/2018

Where can I find sand? I am able to haul myself but would like it loaded with bucket if at all possible. Need 5 ton or a little more for swimming pool set up. Names and numbers would be appreciated. And Where in wilkea, Allegheny, or ashe would probably work Thanks

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