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Shatley Paving Sucks


Posted 11:03 pm, 08/09/2018

Well whoever is responsible for these milled out spots did a pitiful job. I don't care whether it was Shatley, Vannoy, Maymead, whoever. It's pitiful, even for this podunk county

jack rip her

Posted 8:06 pm, 08/07/2018

Looks like clodhopper has shut down all the excuses and lies. Not a word since his post.


Posted 6:29 pm, 08/07/2018

Thank you, Clod!


Posted 3:45 pm, 08/07/2018

My employer owns their own milling machines and also subs some of our milling out to Delta and Donegal. When we have a joint that has to be left, we either have the milling machine zero it out on the ends or if the cut is more than 1 1/2 we do a asphalt wedge to ease the transition...


Posted 10:07 am, 08/07/2018

Keep passing the buck and blaming someone else. And the taxpayers continue to get screwed.


Posted 9:14 am, 08/07/2018

Jimbob, you didn’t research anything. Stop lying.

As for their quality and price, many people are perfectly happy driving a lightly used honda all their life because they’ve never driven a BMW. You are happy with what Shatley did because you don’t know better

jack rip her

Posted 6:50 am, 08/07/2018

3rd. All Shatley Paving was doing was putting in paper joints to make the transition a little smoother until the final layer of asphalt is laid down.


Posted 10:24 pm, 08/06/2018

The bump issue isn't about what paving company did it. It's the fact that a lot of people have damaged their vehicles because of the milled out asphalt everything from broken belts in tires, busted shocks, struts, and more. I've heard of some vehicles having over a thousand dollars damage. The one responsible for this is DOT but if you report it to them they just pass it off to Vannoy Construction and someone from their office may call you and tell you they are not the ones that did it. They didn't do the milling leaving these bumps in the road for over a week their sub did Maynard but they only did what they were told to do by DOT so don't blame them either. Go for DOT it's their road and they call the shots and should be held responsible for all these vehicle repairs.


Posted 9:51 pm, 08/06/2018

So pointman...you are not interested in honesty and integrity, only your agenda (fueled by jealously).

Suggestion for anyone else who IS honestly interested in the facts and doesn't have an agenda: Call Vannoy/Maymead tomorrow and find out who is responsible for the "bump" in the road and the timeline associated with said "bump".

Spoiler alert: I actually did my research and found out that Shatley Paving is NOT responsible.

Full Disclosure: I am a former, very satisfied customer of Shatley Paving. They were highly recommended to me due to the quality of their work and their fee was reasonable. When I saw this thread, I was surprised and decided to see what the facts were. It took a couple of hours all in all and several phone calls along with being transferred to several different people, but I recommend it to anyone interested in FACTS.


Posted 9:12 pm, 08/06/2018

Again, I do NOT work for any paving company. Most regular posters on this site know my background. My observations come from common sense and basic engineering good practices. I favor no paving contractor. Clearly, you cannot boast the same. Fix your mess!


Posted 9:02 pm, 08/06/2018

pointman, in the interest of transparency and honesty, why don't you tell everyone else here which paving company you work for? I know. Jealously is the cancer of life. Fix your mess and you may get more business.


Posted 8:48 pm, 08/06/2018

And btw, Adolf Hitler was held as “Man of the Year”, and we all know how that played out. Fix your mess!


Posted 8:40 pm, 08/06/2018

It’s no joke that the paving is substandard and taxpayers demand better. Vote or no vote, milling machine or no, Shatley does the paving in a substandard way. Even if what you contend is true, a truly respectable company would not allow their name to be associated with such shameful practices. Fix this mess!

jack rip her

Posted 8:22 pm, 08/06/2018

I'm gald fins brought to light about the paving company of the year. Voted on by the good people of Ashe. I dont see how they could lose when the local radio station runs their ads and runs the voting for one company. What a joke.


Posted 8:19 pm, 08/06/2018


1- DELTA was contracted by Maymead to mill the butt joints (NOT Shatley)

2- Shatley does NOT even own/lease a milling machine

3- Shatley Paving was awarded THE PAVING COMPANY OF THE YEAR FOR 2017-2018

4- Shatley Paving has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Note: all of the above can be easily verified by anyone interested in the truth


Posted 8:15 pm, 08/06/2018

The more the Shatley flunked expound, the more the smoke screen is obvious. By your own admissions Shatley does the paving.... then get on with it in an engineering acceptable method. The unacceptable joints are self evident that a pi$$ poor job has been done. Stop making excuses and fix your mess!


Posted 8:13 pm, 08/06/2018

A. The people of Ashe don’t actually know squat about paving. And if it was one of those stupid public vote popularity contests, I’ve noticed the winners are always the companies that also buy a whole table st the awards banquet.

B. You can copy and paste all you want from the web, but it won’t change how useless the BBB is.


Posted 8:07 pm, 08/06/2018

Fins do please try and keep up.

Did jack let you out of the lot this evening?

who awarded them paving company of the year?
Well that would be the great people of Ashe county. They must be doing something right.

2nd. the BBB The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is an organization focused on advancing marketplace trust consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada Nearly 400,000 local businesses in North America support the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Businesses that affiliate with the BBB and adhere to its standards do so through industry self-regulation. To avoid bias, the BBB's policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing any specific business, product or service

This says a lot compared to ya'lls lies and B******!


Posted 7:57 pm, 08/06/2018

If anyone knows anything about the BBB they know that their ratings are really meaningless. They are only based on the feedback they get from a business’s customers. They don’t go out and survey customers either. So only if someone contacts the BBB and files a complaint do they put it on a report. And no one contacts the BBB anymore.

Second, who awarded them paving company of the year? Most of those awards are jokes.


Posted 7:45 pm, 08/06/2018

First of all jack, I have never stated one time that I work for Shatley ....you're running on your blown up ego on the assumption that I work for Shatley.

I just stated the facts of what Shatley did about the milled joints...that Shatley was ask to put in paper joints FOR Vannoy/Maymead . Delta is the company that was contracted do the milling, NOT Shatley.

Shatley was not even on the project the day of the milling.

Ya'll come on here running off at the mouth saying things that just isn't true. As of matter of fact Most of what has been posted on this thread is not true.

jack rip her
I copied earlier that Shatley was to pave the transitions of the milled joints.

I never started that Shatley was to pave the transitions. I stated that Shatley put in the paper joints to make the
transition a little smoother.

pointman, one of your locals on here stated that you were a upstanding educated professional and I find this very hard to beleive .

Most educated professional would not get on a form such as GA and run their mouth about Company that they know nothing about.

So, stop all the *****ing and crying because Maymead is paving on 221 and when its all said and done 221 will be a new roadway.
Stop spreading lies about Company's , unless you know the facts....its pretty clear that Most on GA have NO facts to back up the lies they are telling.

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