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So when is Elmer Fudd resigning from commissioner?


Posted 10:49 am, 12/08/2017

It's a good question. however with the board equally split I don' t think he'll be replaced by the board itself. Most likely it will come down to Pam Barlow to appoint a new person.


Posted 5:57 am, 12/08/2017

Who will replace Gary Roark on the commission board?


Posted 3:39 am, 12/06/2017

Roark should have resigned the moment he took the County Maintenance job. He was in violation of the law holding both.

DAs don't investigate, they prosecute. They wait for recommendations from the investigating parties and then take it to a Grand Jury and ask for an indictment.....

Whether the DA or the Judge or someone else finally convinced Roark he could be charged and tried for holding both jobs, it's good that he's resigned finally.

I fully believe Rose is also in violation and should resign.

jack rip her

Posted 5:33 pm, 12/05/2017

Its been over an hour and like the last several months pork chop has no answer. Not one peep.


Posted 4:19 pm, 12/05/2017

Let’s hear how I’m wrong then. I’ve always given you GOB’s a chance to defend your claims.

jack rip her

Posted 4:12 pm, 12/05/2017

Drinking and concubines are the better things in life for me. Do you have any lonely, anxious to please women in the fold?


Posted 3:53 pm, 12/05/2017

Obviously you want this to be true so whatever. But you are wrong.
And I do think I have much better things to do with my time than dealing with you!


Posted 2:56 pm, 12/05/2017

Youve got the same figures of speech, the same grammatical errors, and the same whining rants. Sure, you arent the same.

Donnie has been wrong at every turn and Ive been correct at every one.

jack rip her

Posted 2:44 pm, 12/05/2017

You are indeed pork chop. I do like it you think we are crude and rude. I am in no friends making contest on this site. I have to first care----I dont care.


Posted 2:18 pm, 12/05/2017

Jack I not the one you’ve been insulting with the pork chop reference but regardless of your crude attempt at humor and insults, you obviously don’t know who demanded (inappropriately) that Mr Roark resign.
But Mr Nelson was spot on.

You sir need a lesson in winning friends and influencing people - calling them names is not an effective method

jack rip her

Posted 1:01 pm, 12/05/2017

Pork Chop, his guessing has rung true each time.


Posted 12:46 pm, 12/05/2017

You are blowing smoke. You mean with all of your source you don’t know why Roark resign?
I can’t believe these people believe all of your guessing and rumors


Posted 11:56 am, 12/05/2017

Donnie is a proven idiot. I quit listening to what he says a long time ago. He’s tried to blame the DA time and time again, which in itself makes no sense. But he also forgets that the SBI is who has conducted the investigation into all of these individuals, not the DA. And it was the judge who suspended Bufurt, and from what I’ve heard, told Elmer Fudd to resign. But the fact is, blaming the DA, the SBI, or the judge is like a drunk blaming the cop for his DUI.


Posted 11:32 am, 12/05/2017

I want to know what mistakes Donnie thinks the DA has made?

jack rip her

Posted 11:11 am, 12/05/2017

Did anyone listen to Donnie Nelsons public comment Monday? He blames the DA on Elmers Fudds resignation. Donnie claims to be shocked at Elmers resignation. So where did he get his reason? Hardees?

jack rip her

Posted 10:11 am, 12/05/2017

Her defense rant for bufurt should have told it all. I do think at this time though Poe has her beat in the idiot department.


Posted 9:52 am, 12/05/2017

I’ve noticed how Paula Perry thanks everyone who speaks but Rose Price at the meetings.


Posted 4:08 am, 12/05/2017

Jack that might be but for all the media hype he's actually acted far more within the Constitutional bounds of the presidency than his 5 predecessors. Folks think the Federal government should work like a fined tuned piano, but it was never designed to work that way, in fact it was designed to ensure it would do the least possible. That's why it's so hard to pass things. Now we just need to learn that the two parties are not for us, and get some more parties, in a country of 330 million souls surely to God we could get 5 or 6 major parties and end this monopoly held by the Ds and Rs.


Posted 10:03 pm, 12/04/2017

No......if the four can not agree.....Pam Barlow will appoint the next commissioner. That would be best anyway.


Posted 9:31 pm, 12/04/2017

With Rose and Perry doing what they are told, and Sands and Rhodes voting their consciences, the seat may be vacant until the election.

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