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Tax values double and triple with reval

Green Arrow

Posted 10:04 pm, 01/28/2023

Find I just bet you do.


Posted 7:42 pm, 01/28/2023

A bribe is exchanging something for a favor. I would never bribe a public official. Im grateful for the job they do. In fact, so grateful. I always send them Christmas presents to show my gratitude. I never talk to them about how they do their job.


Posted 5:19 pm, 01/28/2023

Krazy you need to just worry about washing yours and the lap cats *** and not my social habits.

Green Arrow

Posted 1:32 pm, 01/28/2023

Dogmaybe I should set me up a still and make some real whiskey!!!Come to think of it my old neighbor on Mill Crrek was found of leaving his moonshine cans sitting around. One whiff of that and it was lala land. Now I know your problem you are a lush.. You know where that got old Reeves don't you?? No liver!!!


Posted 12:39 pm, 01/28/2023

spit, you surely do have shjt for brains.


Posted 11:18 am, 01/28/2023

Mo, the tax weasel might. His licker standards ain't much like your sources are not.


Posted 11:07 am, 01/28/2023

No one will come to your house and you pay them in cheap arse liquor Krazy. Your stature is no where near ours in the county.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:55 am, 01/28/2023

Wonder how many of the "good old boys club" are being bribed in Ashe County. Don't guess my theory of the conspiracy "putting me in my place" is quite as krazy as some claimed. I shall stock up.on booze in case any county official lowers himself to payment a visit.


Posted 3:28 pm, 01/27/2023

I went to the liquor store after lunch and got liquor for the appraiser and ran it by the court house and put it in his car for when I file my appeals. Should be a piece of cake.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:56 am, 01/27/2023

Fins are you now claiming to be BRIBING COUNTY OFFICIALS in Ashe. Please do tell us more. Considering dogs bragging of that CONSPIRACY that "put me in my place" I think I gave been proven right. Money talks bull**** walks in good old Ashe.


Posted 7:14 pm, 01/26/2023

So I hadn't bothered to look at any new assessments, because I know the county taxes are still cheap compared to other places. But after all the whining and crying, I decided to check. I saw one property went up about 25%, and another one isn't even up to half of what it would sell for. I don't know what all this pissing and moaning is about.

That $50 bottle of liquor for the assessor at Christmas is worth every penny. If any of the rest of you want to wise up, they like single barrel Jack.


Posted 6:56 pm, 01/26/2023

Good lord, krazy, you have the mental capacity of a 5y/o

Green Arrow

Posted 7:47 am, 01/26/2023

Fins its my understanding the county had already bought the swampland and had to turn around and buy more.Now please correct me if I am wrong , oh wait you will do that whether I am wrong or right won't you??


Posted 3:14 pm, 01/25/2023

No one has told the county to buy the property, krazy. You're jumping in on another topic that you don't know anything about

back on track

Posted 2:00 pm, 01/25/2023

*an* alligator farm
Where the hull is Buff?? You sleeping on the job, Doe?

Green Arrow

Posted 1:03 pm, 01/25/2023

Oohhh back to the name calling. Figure it out dog. It's not really that hard to know who I an just look up Christmas Mt since I suspect I am the only one sued and evicted, with a registered lease from the land owner , from something the corporation did not own. **** my story is in various places online. Let's not forget the don't know who in **** I was or what I was doing living on their father's land for 31 years. Actually the alligators were to insure no **** developer ever set foot in my swamp. I also planned on a large group of piranhas patrolling my moat!!!


Posted 12:45 pm, 01/25/2023

You dumb hag why are you using the screen name green arrow. I've seen your comments about a alligator farm.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:16 am, 01/25/2023

Dog it makes more sense than some of the name calling bs I have read here. Some days I think I got time warped back to kindergarden which come to think of it I never attended kindergarden but I have heard rumors. At least those on the other site are not afraid to let anyone know who they are. They aren't hiding behind phoney names.


Posted 7:45 am, 01/25/2023

Its amazing reading comments on the social media giant the utter stupidity of the few democrats in the county blaming the tax value increases on voting for republican commissioners. The most uneducated nit wits I have ever seen.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:42 am, 01/25/2023

It's my understanding that all the human hubbub is about APPRAISALS not the actual tax Bill's and yes Fins some have stated they plan to tell the county that if the appraisals stand the county can buy their property for that and they will move the **** out. I haven't yet found my swampland so God awful no developer would look at it for my alligator farm. Guess the county bought it all for the new school they could not build. Just think Ashe County might have had an alligator luggage and handbag factory. It's easy to spend taxpayer dollars then charge people more isn't it???

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