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Posted 6:30 pm, 07/18/2021

John McCain was probably the last one on the right and peanut Jimmy on the left.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:16 am, 07/18/2021

The real question is is there a single politician who actually has the bedt interest of this country at heart or are the only in it for their own gain?? Before I say more I no longer consider any party as being for the common people. Since NC allowed corporation to be considered the same as a person this state and yes the whole country has gone downhill. My father until he died, and despite being poor, was a very smart man in a lot of ways said there would be a war in this country. Take a good look around it coming and not from without but from within. History shows that a house divided can't stand for long. I don't think anyone in political office actually gives a **** a out the little man persay. They are only interested in their pocketbooks. The bible, and I don't claim too muchbelief in things, says the root of all evil is money, and man's wish to have more and more of it. I don't like Trump and I absolutely despise the current administration. That being said I voted for Obama and it was one of the worse mistakes I ever made.This country is deep, deep trouble. Butas far as doing something to try to make things in America better I sat Trump at least tried to close the border and bring our factories back to give people jobs. Its not right and never has been to give housing to illegals over veterans but they are doing it. Its not right to try to force anyone to take an untested experimental vaccine and use people as lab rats but thats being done too.


Posted 6:36 am, 07/18/2021


AP Press Report:
Donald Trump Declares Victory Over George Washington

On Saturday Donald Trump declared victory over President elect George Washington.
Trump said," This election was rigged. It is fake just like Washington's teeth. Fake. It was a fake election".
When asked what he thinks of the British people Trump said

"When Britain sends it's people, they are not sending their best. They are not sending you. They are not sending you. They are sending people that have lots of problems,and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs. They are bringing crime. They are rapists. And some, I assume are good people.
But most are just future Americans living in quiet desperation".

When asked why he thought he is declared a loser once again Trump said

"Washington got all his slaves to cast multiple votes. He has a lot of slaves you know and he also has the hots for his friends wife. He is a bad person. Worst than Bill Clinton and Epstein. He had his slaves vote multiple times. We need more voting suppression like Texas has. Like Texas has. Washington also gave away free whiskey to anyone who voted for him. Who gives things away for free? I let anyone who voted for me touch my hair. Can Washington say that? Can Washington even say he has real hair? He is fake. Fake teeth, fake hair, fake votes... I will be on Mt. Rushmore. I will".

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


Posted 9:59 am, 07/16/2021

More and more of Trump's anti-social, anti-American behavior and rhetoric is being revealed on an almost daily basis and yet he's still playing golf down in Florida while his lackeys run down there to kiss his ring. After they receive his instructions they trot off back to DC to implement his orders to destroy our democracy. Why isn't this treacherous sun of a beache's arse in jail where he should be?

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